How to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side Gig

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How to Make Candles At Home To Sell

Making candles from home is a great skill to master that could eventually become a great source of income.

Over the years, many people have mastered this craft and continue to reap the benefits of learning how to make candles at home to sell.

Is candle-making profitable?

Making candles at home to sell can be an extremely lucrative side hustle, and could even be transitioned into an income-replacing job. New candle makers should expect their earnings to reflect their output – but this can be scaled relatively easily. Also, gross profit margins of 50% upwards can be enjoyed, and this can be further increased as you increase bulk orders of supplies.

When it comes to candle-making, there are different aspects you need to keep in mind. Doing this will set you up for success and give you the best chance of succeeding financially.

Candle Making for Beginners Course 

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How to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side Gig

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the different factors involved with producing homemade candles and selling them for profit. Let’s get straight into it.

Making Candles to Sell For Profit 

If you’re looking for a new business venture to get into, then the candle-making game is a great option. It is quite appealing given that it doesn’t require a huge investment when getting started.

Additionally, this business features great profit-making potential that you can easily tap into. The candle-making business makes it possible for you to work with low production costs and also start with very low initial investment capital requirements.

To start reaping the full rewards of your candle business, you need to ensure that you have the right measures in place. The only way to get your product accepted in the market and to perform outstandingly well is by providing quality.

You need to ensure that your homemade candles feature great quality raw materials that enhance their performance. Once you have your quality in check, you can trust that you are in for incredible profits.

Granted, other factors that we’ll discuss in this post also play a part in the performance of your candles in the market. However, once you take your time to get everything right, you’ll perform well and be able to scale your operations to greater heights. 

Why Should You Sell Candles? 

Why Should You Sell Candles?

According to the National Candle Association (NCA), candle sales in the US are estimated at approximately $3.14 billion annually. Different consumers invest in candles for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most popular ones according to the NCA include aromatherapy and home decor. When it comes to homemade candles, Google trends show that there’s a steady increase in customers actively searching for brands to buy from.

Additionally, the trends also show that more consumers are interested in investing in eco-friendly candle options. These are mostly vegan candles like soy candles and other environmentally friendly options. 

The European Union (EU) produced candles worth €1.5 billion in 2019, which represents a 6% increase in value compared with 2013.

Types of Candles You Can Sell 

With the candle-making business, you have different options for what you can invest in and bring into the market. There are different types of candles that you can choose to make and market to your target audience. Some of the most popular types of candles in the market today include:

Scented/ Aromatherapy Candles

Over the years, people have continued to embrace the effects that aromatherapy has on their lives. This is why the need for aromatherapy candles continues to grow with more brands taking advantage of this fact.

These candles come in handy for different groups of people to achieve a variety of goals. Some use the scented candles in their homes to bring a beautiful scent to the environment.

On the other hand, the candles can also be used to set the mood for a relaxing spa day either in your own home or at the parlor. The best thing about these candles is that they can be produced with a multitude of varying scents, making it possible for anyone to find one that works for them. 

Most of the scented candles you’ll find in the market are made using essential oils to bring out that potent smell. Using these oils brings out the intoxicating candle fragrance that covers the room and leaves the place smelling beautiful.

Working on your homemade candles is an easy process and will result in quality products. All you need to do is have all your basics down and gather the right raw materials and information. Working with such quality scented candles, you’ll find that they can be designed to offer certain benefits depending on the chosen scent.

Soy & Vegan Candles

There’s a growing demand for high-quality vegan candles in the market to cater to consumers who are mindful of the products they use. Vegan candles are developed to cater to those who prefer to work with products that don’t feature any animal products. 

Most candles you’ll find for sale use animal products such as beeswax or stearic acid that go against a vegan lifestyle. One of the most popular vegan candles is the soy wax variety developed with the use of soy wax.

Soy wax is used in place of wax made from paraffin and other oils. It is made from soybean making it a great vegan candle option that appeals to the right group of customers.

The best part about these candles is that they use a clean source of fuel which allows them to burn for longer without any repercussions to the environment.

They are one of the best options especially when it comes to developing long-lasting candle options for your clientele. Additionally, you can decide to improve the candle’s appeal and use fragrance oils to help improve the scent of the burning candle. 

Paraffin Candles

Paraffin candles are the most popular type and feature the least amount of investment when it comes to the costs of raw ingredients. These candles are made of a base of paraffin wax that comes in a white or colorless soft solid form.

The paraffin wax that is used in most of these candles is usually food-grade which ensures that it doesn’t cause any harm to you or the environment. Some claims have been made of the fact that when the paraffin wax is burned it does release some organic elements.

However, this is not something to alarm you given that the candles are safe to use. Additionally, when it comes to the use of fragrance oils and essential oils, these candles are the best to use.

Paraffin wax is currently the best to use when it comes to working with scented candles. Different brands, including well-established ones, keep using paraffin wax, and the candles they produce carry their scents quite well.

Paraffin candles are for sure the least expensive option when it comes to the various options available.

Decorative Candles

Home decorations continue to be embraced by people around the world, with beautiful items being featured in their homes. One of the most used items is the decorative candle, a mainstay feature often found in homeware retail stores.

Candles are designed for the specific purpose of standing out and being pretty when used in a certain space. These candles are not designed to feature any fragrance or additional aspects found in other candles.

They are mostly designed with complicated and beautiful designs and may feature a variety of colors for you to choose from. Additionally, some of these decorative candles do not feature the ability to burn as other candles do.

Some are designed to use batteries to produce the pretty light that you see illuminating from them. These candles include tea light candles and LED’s; which are created to be more aesthetically pleasing rather than functional.

They offer a transformative look to any space when they are used and have become a great option to have in the market. 

WoodWick Crackling Candles

Woodwick crackling candles are designed to produce a crackling sound as they burn. They are designed to feature wicks made of wood as opposed to the traditional ones made of cotton strings.

When the wooden wick burns, it tends to produce a crackling sound similar to the one produced when burning firewood. Most Woodwick crackling candle users claim that using these candles brings a much-desired sense of calmness.

The sounds offer an appealing allure that resonates with a lot of users. Woodwick candles have a magical way of lifting the architectural nuance of any home and create a fantastically relaxing atmosphere.

How to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side GigHow to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side Gig

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Required Candle Making Ingredients

Required Candle Making Ingredients

When getting into the candle-making business, you need to familiarize yourself with the candle-making ingredients. Paying attention to these ingredients gives you a better chance at working on developing a product that will sell.

Candle Making Wax (Soy)

There are different kinds of candle-making waxes that you can consider working with when creating your homemade candles. Some of them include paraffin, beeswax, palm, granulated, and gel wax among others.

All these candle wax options will work great for your venture and ensure that your candles are of great quality. However, one of the most used and preferred candle wax by most creators is soy candle wax.

Soy wax is designed to be 100% all-natural and does not feature any animal products. It is made of hydrogenated soybeans and comes in different forms including soy wax flakes. The wax is best used in container candles seeing as it performs quite well and lasts longer compared to other options.

Companies have continued to refine their soy wax in recent years to offer great scent translations. This assures you that if you need to incorporate scent, the soy wax will work great. 

Candle Wicks

Candle wicks play a big role when it comes to the creation of high-quality candles to sell to potential clients. The wick is used to deliver fuel or wax to the flame to facilitate its burning and keep the flame for longer.

When working with candle wicks, the trick is to invest in the right type and size. They are designed to offer distinct features when in use which makes it important to ensure that you are well versed with the kind of wick you want. There are different types of wicks that you can consider investing in. Some of them include:

  • Flat Wicks

These wicks are among the most common and most used wicks by candle makers around the world. These wicks feature a flat plaited design using different bundles of fiber material.

This allows them to burn consistently making them a great option seeing that they won’t fail your customers. Additionally, the wicks also feature the ability to curl and add a self-trimming effect. 

  • Square Wicks

The square wicks feature a lot of the flat wicks defining aspects aside from the fact that they are more rounded. Their shape allows them to come in robust sizes which is especially useful when working with beeswax. 

  • Cored Wicks

The cored wicks also feature a knitted design but come with additional materials that play a big role in their performance. These core materials are designed to offer stiffness that ensures the wicks stay upright. Some of the core materials that are usually used in these wicks include tin, paper, cotton, or zinc. 

  • Wooden Wicks

As discussed earlier, these wicks are mostly used in the Woodwick crackling candles and are featured in different types. The wooden wick comes as single-ply or with a distinct decorative shape that allows the candle to stand out. The wooden wick is the perfect option when it comes to working with an aesthetic look.  

When it comes down to choosing the right candle wick to work with for your candle-making business, there are a few things you need to consider.

These things will ensure that you invest in candle wicks that will best work for your specific candles:

  • The diameter of the candles you will be creating

If you’ll be working with smaller jars, then the wick you should aim for should be short and slightly thin. The vice versa applies when working with bigger candle jars where the diameter is increased. 

  • Fragrance and color requirement

The more fragrance and color you need to use in your candle-making process, the thicker the choice of the wick should be. This will help easily deliver the scents and give your candles more character. 

  • The type of wax you’ll use

There are different types of wax options that will also feature different requirements when it comes to the wicks you use. 

  • Your candle’s burn time

Depending on the candle wax you choose to use, you’ll find that some of them will burn longer and slower compared to others. Factor this in to ensure you invest in the right candlewick. 

All these aspects play a big part and will influence the choice of wick you’ll invest in. Take your time to ensure that you get this right to help set your business up for success. 

Double Boiler

A double boiler is an important aspect of the candle-making process and is used to help easily melt the wax you’ll be using. Getting a professional double boiler is a great choice given that you’ll be working with materials that are designed to withstand high temperatures. 

However, this is also something you can recreate for yourself with some of the things found in your home kitchen. All you’ll need is a stovetop or reliable source of heat, a pot, water, and a pouring jug or pot.

The double boiler is easy to recreate given that it employs aspects that you can easily handle. It involves bringing a pot of water to boil and having a jug inside the pot where you can have your wax. Once the water is hot enough it will easily melt the wax and allow you to start working on your candle-making process. 

Fragrance Oil

Fragrance oils are used in the candle-making business to bring a unique smell to the candles being produced. And if there’s one great selling point for any candle – it’s how the thing smells!

These fragrance oils come in different types mainly because they offer a variety of scents. This allows them to cater to the different tastes of candle users. 

When it comes to working with scented candles, you have the option of either using fragrance oils or essential oils. However, most candle-making businesses lean towards using fragrance oils given that they offer better scents. Fragrance oils perform better mainly because they feature a combination of three notes of the scent. These notes include:

  • Top notes

These notes make up at least 15-25% of the fragrance oil you are working with. They are also referred to as headnotes and are usually what you smell first.

They are designed to be the enticing fragrance that reels you in but also evaporates quicker than other notes. 

  • Middle notes

The middle notes make up 30-40% of the fragrance oils and often come in when the scent of the top notes has faded. 

  • Base notes

The base notes refer to scents that are usually there to stay. These base notes take up the largest part of the fragrance oils covering 40-55%. The base note plays the most significant role when working on scented candles.


In the candle-making business, you find that different people will use a variety of options to color their candles. One of the best and most preferred coloring options is the use of candle dyes.

These dyes are designed to work specifically with candle wax and translate the colors being used accurately. They are easy to use and make the bonding of colors even easier. These candle dyes are usually water-soluble unlike other color options and also come in three different types. These types include:

  • Candle Dye Blocks

Color die blocks come in bars that resemble chocolate and are great when working on coloring your candles. These blocks come in a variety of colors that can be featured on your candles.

They are non-toxic options and also non-staining which makes them a great option. If you happen to get the dye onto a piece of cloth or surface, you can easily wash it away leaving no traces. 

  • Candle Liquid Dye

Candle liquid dye is made up of concentrated oil that makes it easy to achieve deep, bold, and bright colors. The candle dyes are designed to enhance your color saturation to ensure that your candles pop. With the candle liquid dye, all you need to get the best results is a few drops of the dye into your melted wax. 

  • Candle Dye Chips

Candle dye chips are also used to bring out amazing color saturation. They feature the use of wax to make them perfect for candle production and are also non-toxic; which can be a great additional selling point to promote. 


In the candle-making process, you’ll need to stir a few things to ensure that they are mixed in well and that the result is exactly what you expect. Mixing the wax with the fragrance oils and color will require the use of the right tool.

However, the stirring in this situation is only possible when the candle wax has been melted. This means that you need to use something that will be robust and allow you to stir. There are different recommendations out there but most people use a spatula to get this done.

The thing you have to pay attention to is the material of the spatula you’ll be using. Ensure that it is not metal to avoid transferring the heat from the wax to your hands to avoid getting burned.

You have the option of using wood which is perfect for such a scenario. It is strong and will not conduct heat or affect you in any way. You can easily stir the wax and get your desired outcome. 

Container/ Mason Jar

When working on your candles, you have the option of creating container candles that are aesthetically pleasing for your target market.

There are different containers available for you to consider giving you great variety. However, when choosing your containers, you first need to consider a few key aspects. 

  • Ensure that the mason jar won’t leak

Having melted wax all over your surfaces is not an appealing sight. It is quite frustrating and could lead to a loss of amazing clients. Additionally, leaking wax is a fire hazard that may affect the homes of your customers.

This is because depending on the rate of the leak, the wick will continue burning more and produce a big flame. Use jars that won’t leak no matter the temperature of the wax.

  • Ensure that it is fireproof and won’t catch fire

Using candle jars that won’t catch fire is another important consideration to keep in mind. Given that you are working with candles that will be burning inside a container, it is best to avoid any risks.

Ensure that the material used on the containers is not easily flammable. Additionally, consider whether the candle jar can absorb wax and completely avoid those that can. 

  • Ensure that it won’t break when in use. 

A lot of candle users have complained about exploding candles that expose them to unwanted risks. This is due to using candle containers that have the potential to break or crack when being used. This may easily lead to leaking wax that may develop into a fire. 


One of the most overlooked aspects of candle making is the need to use a quality thermometer. Measuring the temperature of your melted candle wax is essential. To achieve quality and consistent results, your melted wax should be at a certain temperature when pouring into a candle jar.

This helps to ensure that the temperature you are working with is not overdone. Additionally, when mixing in color and fragrance oils, the wax needs to be at the right temperature. Otherwise, you could risk completely losing the scent of the oils you’ll be using for your candles.

There are different thermometers that you can use in your candle-making process. These thermometers include infrared thermometers, digital thermometers, and non-digital thermometers – with infrared thermometers being the most accurate option for your readings.

When working with these thermometers, you need to ensure that the bulb doesn’t get into contact with the surface of the pot in the double boiler. Ensure that there’s ample space left underneath to allow for better and accurate results. 


Using a scale will help you better measure out the ingredients you’ll be using in the production process of your candles. Doing this helps you stay consistent and ensure that your candles are all similar in terms of the products used.

Using the right type of scale is also important. It impacts the outcome in terms of the number of fragrance oils and other additives you include.

One of the best and most preferred weighing scales to consider working with is a digital scale – they are highly accurate and super simple to use.

Straws/ Chopsticks

If the wick is off-centered, then it will affect the melt pool of your candle and throw off the scents you included.

Most established candle-making companies will use a wick centering wick bar to achieve this. However, if you do not have access to this tool, you can easily rely on a pair of chopsticks or straws. You’ll need to place the wick at the center and use the chopsticks or straws to hold the wick in place to avoid any movement. 


If working with pillar candles, then you can easily get away with using your everyday scissors. For container candles, you’ll need to invest in candlewick trimming scissors.

They feature a great design that allows you to easily get into the container and trim the wick. Using this tool will give your candles a great look and show that you took the time to develop quality options for your customers. 

Stickers/ Superglue

One of the ways to secure your candle wick is by using super glue or stickers and sticking the metal part onto the container. This allows you easily work around the wick when pouring your melted wax into the container.

Remember to keep the wick standing straight to achieve a better look with your candles. You can use any kind of superglue you have to keep the wick secure to allow for the wax to solidify. 

Caution Labels

Homemade candles will come with labels that are designed to communicate important points to the customers. When it comes to the topic of labels, most people will lean toward the aesthetics and branding bit of the candle-making process.

However, there’s one important aspect to consider that may easily be overlooked. This is the need to include caution labels that are designed to inform customers of the best practices they should adopt when using candles.

The National Candle Association features national industry standards for fire safety labeling. The caution labels should feature 3 important rules that should be followed by your customers to guarantee their safety. These rules include:

  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep away from combustibles

Featuring these caution labels is essential to position your brand as an authority in the candle-making industry. It also positions your brand as a great option especially for customers who are keen to observe their safety. 

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is the perfect solution for situations where you happen to make a mess and spill the wax onto your working surfaces. This product helps easily dissolve the wax and clean the space with ease. 

How to Make Your Candles ( Step By Step Guide ) 


Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the products you’ll be using, it’s time to get down to business. Whether you’re working on vegan candles or dipped candles, the processes involved will typically be the same.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow and work with when producing your homemade candles – ready to start selling and making money!

Step 1: Prepare the Wax

The first step is to determine the wax you’ll be working with and get started with the preparation. The wax you invest in will highly depend on the candles you want to produce. As discussed earlier, you have a variety of options that you can choose from.

Once you have your choice of wax, you need to place the solid wax into a container. These containers should be heat resistant given that it is going to be exposed to a lot of heat. Place the container in another container with a significant amount of water.

Ensure that the water doesn’t overflow and get into the wax you are working with. This is the double boiler setup we discussed earlier that will come in handy for the next stage. 

Step 2: Melt the Wax

Once you have your containers set up, you need to bring the water you are working with to a boil. The heat from the water will help melt the candle wax accurately and give your desired results.

To be better prepared for this, you need to have a thermometer that will help you accurately measure the temperature of your wax. Different candle wax options will require different temperatures to melt proficiently.

For instance, soy wax should be melted to a maximum of approximately 76° to 82°C while paraffin wax should fall at 50° to 60°C. Take your time to ensure that you take the temperature readings accurately. This will help you avoid overheating the candle wax which may prolong cooling time and affect the candle’s outcome significantly. 

Step 3: Add the Fragrance Oils

After the candle wax has melted, it is now time for you to include any additives you intend to use. Adding your fragrance oils should be done at this stage to ensure that everything is mixed in well.

When it comes to mixing, you need to use a wooden spatula to help mix the fragrance and wax precisely. Stir in your fragrance oils for about 2 minutes to ensure that everything is situated.

The amount of fragrance oil to add to your candle wax is a personal preference depending on what you intend to achieve. However, if you’re just starting, consider following the measurements on the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the fragrance oils you’ll be using.

When working with fragrance oils, you need to be extra careful to avoid overpowering the scents. This could make the candle a bit too much and lose the interest of potential customers.

As you start, give yourself room to experiment and get a better understanding of the specific amount of fragrance oils that work for you. You can then continue implementing that with the different scented candles you create. 

Step 4: Prepare the Wick

Your wick is a vitally important component when it comes to creating quality candles. To prepare your wick, you’ll first need to secure it to a metal tab.

After you have secured it, go ahead and place the wick at the center of the container. A lot of people prefer to do this before adding the wax to ensure that they accurately get the wick to the center.

To keep it steady and secure you can add stickers or superglue at the bottom of the metal tab and place it on the container. Once that is done, take your chopsticks or straws to hold the wick upright and in place to facilitate the next step. 

Step 5: Pour the Wax

Take the melted wax you were preparing earlier and ensure that it has cooled down a bit and is not boiling. Take the candle wax and pour it into the container ensuring that the wick stays in place.

When pouring the wax, be sure to save a little of the wax for later. This is mainly because in most cases, once the candle wax in the container has hardened, it tends to leave a sinkhole at the center. You can then use the wax you’ve saved to fill the space created. 

FULL & easy beginners guide to Candle Making

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Step 6: Adjust the Wick

When pouring your wax, one thing you need to ensure is that your wick stays in place. If it happens to move off-center you can easily adjust it before the wax solidifies. As discussed earlier, working with a straight and centered wick is essential.

It will position your candle brand as a quality option and give you better chances in the market. Moreover, with a crooked wick, you can trust that your customers will not be happy about it. The candle will burn unevenly and completely throw off the scents you added when creating your candles. 

Step 7: Allow to Cool

Now that the wax has been poured into the candle jar and the wick is straight and secure, it’s time to let the candle wax cool down. The time it will take for the candle wax to cool down and solidify will depend on the type of wax you worked with.

For soy wax, the cooling time will be around 5 hours, vegetable wax will take around 7 hours, while paraffin may take up to 24 hours. Once the candle has solidified, if you happen to notice any sinkhole you can fill it up and let it cool further.

It is important to ensure that you take the time to let the candle wax cool and fully solidify. This will give you better chances when removing the candle from the container if you need to. 

Step 8: Trim the Wick

After your candle has solidified, you’ll need to use your candle wick scissors to trim the excess off. Candles only need about 1 cm of the wick to burn efficiently which is why there is no need to leave the excess wick unattended. Once you trim the wick, the candle is now ready for labeling. 

Candle Making for Beginners Course 

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How to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side Gig

How to Actually Sell Your Candles 

The main reason behind starting a candle-making business is to make money selling candles. However, the problem arises when you have no clue where to actually go to sell the amazing candles you make from home.

Most people are used to finding candles in gift shops which is a great place to sell your candles as well. However, you have other great options and opportunities available to you. Here’s everything you need to know to get your candles in front of paying customers!

Define Your Target Audience 

As a candle maker looking to build a credible brand that is embraced by people in the market, you need to conduct accurate market research. Your research will help you define your target market accurately. In the candle industry, there are three groups of people to keep an eye on when working to make money selling candles. These groups include:

  • Prestige

This group includes the luxury candles featured in the market that come at higher prices usually at $30 to $80. They are designed to feature premium and aesthetic packages with amazing scents.

  • Mid-market

The mid-market group features the use of candles usually found in popular retail stores like Target. They feature great scents and usually retail for about $10. 

  • Mass market

The mass-market group features affordable candles that usually retail for around $5 to $8. 

Taking your time to determine which group you want to cater to will help you best tailor your marketing efforts. You’ll also have a better understanding of the kind of candles your target audience expects from you as a brand. 

Choose Your Platform

The best way to get started selling candles to your target audience is by choosing a platform and working to best represent your brand. Some of the best platforms to consider when it comes to homemade candles include:


Etsy is an online marketplace that is quite popular for businesses that deal with handmade products. The platform is quite easy to get started on and all you need is to signup and claim the name of your store.

Once you have that you can start listing your products without any initial charge. The charge featured by these platforms will usually apply as a commission that comes in after you have made a sale. Check out different resources to help you find success with selling candles on Etsy. 


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the best place to get started when looking to sell your homemade candles to potential buyers. All you need to do is open a Facebook page and start posting the candles you have in stock.

The best thing about using Facebook is that you can take advantage of the Facebook ads program to get your business known. This option will require you to be more hands-on and cater to each order yourself.

Your Own Website

One of the best ways to build a credible product brand is by creating your own website where customers can go to find out more. They get to learn what you are all about and what you provide for them.

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With a website, they can also purchase your candles with a few clicks and get their shipping information submitted to facilitate easier delivery. 

Harness Social Media

The power of social media continues to shine as more and more businesses take advantage of the different platforms. Social media has provided the perfect avenue for businesses to reach out to potential clients and get their businesses known.

There are different platforms that you can take advantage of when working on marketing your candle business online. Some of the best social media platforms include:


Pinterest is a visual platform where different businesses and individuals go to create or consume a variety of content. You can use Pinterest to direct potential customers to your website or Etsy store to make purchases.

With this platform, you’ll need to invest in taking beautiful and aesthetically pleasing photos of your candles. Remember to also pay attention to the Pinterest algorithm to give you better chances of success. 

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Tiktok has become the hottest social media platform with more people consuming and creating content on the site. As a candle-making business, you can take advantage of this medium by creating content that will position your brand as an authority.

Share your behind-the-scenes footage as you create the products and also feature the beautiful aesthetics of your candles. Share how they can be used to give customers a reason to want to invest in one and try them out. 


Instagram has been around for a while and is a great platform to build your brand and stand out. The best part about Instagram is that you also have Instagram ads that you can take advantage of.

Paying to get your brand name out there and having your content promoted is a worthwhile investment. It will get you in front of the right people who will appreciate your brand and buy from you. 

Scale Your Operations

Scaling your operations allows you to reach a different target market and in turn, increase your candle sales. To do this, consider working on creating other products that feature your most popular scents among buyers.

These products could be shampoos, perfumes, or soaps among others. Doing this will bring in other customers who may be interested in the soaps and would later invest in candles and other products as well. 


Advertising will get your candle brand known and expose you to the right people who will invest in your products. This can easily be done online through social media platforms and other digital marketing options available for you.

You could also decide to go the traditional way and invest in TV and print advertising if you think they will help drive sales. When it comes to TV and print advertising, you’ll find that they work best when targeting a local audience. However, when aiming to go international, digital marketing will be the perfect option. 

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Sell Locally

Selling locally is a great option that you should also consider. For this, you can reach out to established retail brands around you and ask to have a spot on their shelves.

Going to farmer’s markets, festivals and craft fairs will also give you the perfect opportunity to sell your candles to the local community. This will help you interact with potential clients and also allow you to get feedback on your products.

Additionally, you should also check out gift shops to see whether they can stock your candles for sale to potential clients. 

Improve Your Candle Making Skills 

Candle-making is a skill that can be learned and refined with the right investments. Working to improve your candle-making skills will help you improve the quality of the candles you produce as a brand.

Your customers will appreciate the steady improvements featured in the different candles you produce. One of the best ways to improve your candle-making skills is by enrolling in an online candle-making course. 

Enroll in Online Candle Making Course

There are different resources on the internet where you can learn and improve your skills significantly. Udemy features a course by Kevin Partner on candle-making for beginners for both fun and building a business.

Candle Making for Beginners Course 

Learn how to easily make gorgeous candles and start your own thriving craft business – making $100’s per month and more…

How to Make Candles At Home To Sell: Awesome Side Gig

The course features quality information that will go a long way to improve your skills. It comes highly rated by different students who have found great value in the information-packed course.


Can I start a successful candle business from home?

Yes, starting a successful candle business from home is possible provided you invest in acquiring the right knowledge.

Aside from the candle-making requirement and processes, you also need to familiarize yourself with the business side of things.

How to market your business, fostering great customer relations, and other important business aspects should be considered.

How much would I need to invest in my candle-making business?

When starting a candle business from home, you cut out the need to pay for rental space and hire staff when getting started.

This greatly reduces the initial investment to a low-cost venture that you can manage. All you need to factor in is the budget for getting the candle-making equipment you’ll need for your projects.

Is the candle-making business a worthwhile investment?

The candle business is a worthwhile investment and a great low-cost business venture to get you started. You get to learn something new and experiment with the different candle options that you can bring to the market. 

Would I stand to profit from my candle-making business?

When it comes to the profits you can make from the candle business, the sky is the limit. You can enjoy great profits given that the initial investment is absolutely minimal.

Additionally, with the growing number of potential customers looking for homemade candles, you are excellently positioned to profit from your business.

How to Make Candles At Home To Sell

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