Plan Your Budget Without Feeling Overwhelmed!


Are you tired of trying to create a budget that works and failing every time? You’re behind on so many bills and the debt keeps stacking up. It seems like budgeting just doesn’t work for you.  Now is the time to get it under control with this amazing Budget Planner!

A $37 VALUE!

The average credit card debt per household reached $7,104 in 2019. And that’s only credit cards! So many of us also have student loan debt, mortgages, personal loans, and more. 

When I graduated from University I was $3000 in credit card debt alone!

If your budget feels out of control and you’re constantly filling in gaps with credit cards and prayer, it’s time to get serious about a budget. 

Imagine knowing you had enough money in the bank to pay all your bills AND get have some left over for the fun stuff. Because life is good but expensive!

Budgeting means that you make a plan for your money and stick to it. It doesn’t mean you never spend your money on something fun. 

In fact, my rule about budgets is that they have to have space for something you love! And you’re gonna LOVE this budget planner. 

Introducing: The lifeupswing Budget Planner

A simple to use, shockingly effective planner for your budget so you can finally pay down debt, save an emergency fund, and spend your money efficiently.

This detailed Budget Planner includes:


Get ready to take control of your Budget with just a few simple changes


Savings planners to keep you on track to have over $1K in your bank account at the end of the year!


Pay down debt with the Debt Tracker and see that balance go DOWN!


Tell every dollar you earn where to go and finally be in CHARGE of your money!


Hi, I'm Chris

I graduated University with a degree in Business Economics and yet still left with a mountain of debt. I learned my budgeting skills the hard way, but that doesn’t mean you have to. It really is one of those life skills they should teach alongside everything else. Fortunately, practice makes perfect. And having an easy way to get organized makes the whole process a hell of a lot easier, faster and far more productive. That’s why this budget planner is the perfect solution to your new financially stress free life. It certainly was mine!


Not only is the Budget Planner practical, but it’s beautiful too! And you’re much more likely to stick to a budget you enjoy creating. Look at how beautiful the pages are:



This Budget Planner Will help You:

The Budget Planner puts you back in the driver’s seat

You can wait and learn how to budget later. You don’t need to focus on money now. But think about how much money you won’t be saving if you wait. Think of how many bills you might miss if you wait. Think about how much money you could be wasting if you wait. 

When you buy the Budget Planner, you’ll be taking control of your finances and your life.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a physical product?

No, this is a digital product. You’ll get immediate access when you purchase.

How can I print this?

You can print it at home or get it professionally printed using Staples or other print on demand centers.

Do I need to use every page?

Nope! You can print only what you need!


Do you offer refunds?

Since this is a digital product we cannot offer a refund after purchase.

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