27+ Amazing Transcription Jobs For Beginners

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Amazing Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Are you looking for ways to supplement your income? Or maybe you want to leave the office behind and work from home online?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then transcription jobs from home could be exactly what you are looking for.

What Are The Best Transcription Companies To Work For When You’re A Beginner?

Transcribing is a job that can be undertaken completely online and with little to no experience. However, the level of pay that can be achieved is directly correlated with skill and experience; as well as the quality of the company for which the job position is found. Consequently, the best transcription companies to find employment as a beginner will require no formal entry requirements or restrictions. Also, the company should pay what can be perceived as a reasonable rate relative to the level of experience.

In this comprehensive guide to transcription jobs for beginners, you can learn all you need to know about transcription jobs. Plus, you can get details on 27 of the best transcription jobs for beginners. If that isn’t enough, then make sure to read to the end to find out how to get more advanced transcription work and earn higher amounts of pay.

Top 6 Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Transcription Jobs For Beginners

The first thing to tell you is that you don’t any experience to be a transcriptionist. Great news right! Anyone with an internet connection and a computer can apply to work as a transcriptionist.

There is usually a test that you need to pass but the company offering work will provide you with the necessary training to easily pass the transcription test.

Working as a transcriptionist from home can give you the opportunity to earn extra money. Supplementing your main income can be a great way to build savings, pay off debts, or just have extra money.

You may choose to make it your main source of income and have the freedom to work your own schedule. No more 9-5 stuck in a dreary office!

The amazing news is that you can get started with no experience and start earning straight away. Once you have some experience, then you can add to your skills by completing relevant courses. Additional qualifications provide a pathway to transcription work that pays higher amounts.

All of this will be explained as you read through this guide. First, what is transcription?

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What Is Transcription?

Transcription involves listening to an audio file, typing up everything you hear, and submitting the written document to the client.

Some transcription jobs are more detailed than others. For example, some only need you to type every spoken word, whereas others require words, sounds, and anything else such as silence to be written in the text file.

At the very least all you need to start work as a transcriptionist is a computer with an internet connection.

What Makes A Good Entry Level Transcription Job?

How do you find legit online transcription jobs? What makes a good entry-level transcription job?

There are many transcription companies to pick from including 27 in this guide alone!

To determine if an entry-level transcription job is worthwhile ask the following:

  • Is any experience required?
  • Can anyone apply?
  • Is the pay reasonable for a beginner?
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • Are there any startup costs involved?
  • Do they have work available?

In the next section, these questions will be answered in more detail. Don’t forget to read to the end to find out how to maximize your earning potential working from home as a transcriber.

Beginners Transcription Jobs List Criteria

Beginners Transcription Jobs List Criteria

In the previous section, there were some questions to answer to know if an entry-level transcription job was worthwhile. Now, let’s go through each one and give a more detailed explanation.

Is any experience required?

If you are looking for an entry-level job, this usually means you have no prior experience. Concentrate on finding work with employers that advertise no experience needed. The good news is that once you have the experience, then you can apply for those higher-paying jobs. You could also get specific qualifications that allow you to do dedicated transcription work such as legal or medical transcription. More on that later.

Can anyone apply?

Check the application criteria for any restrictions. At the very least you will need a computer with an internet connection. Additional restrictions may apply such as being a native English speaker. Don’t waste your time on applications that you don’t meet the criteria for, check beforehand, and concentrate your time on companies you qualify for.

Is the pay reasonable for a beginner?

The point of working either as a side hustle or as your main income is to earn money. Even with no experience, you should be earning more than pennies. Calculate the rate of pay against the likely number of hours you can work. If it works out you are earning at least the average amount for a beginner of $5 – $15, then it’s worthwhile.

Does the company have a good reputation?

Check online for reviews to see what others are saying about your potential employer. Has any former or current employer had any bad experiences? Are most experiences positive? Do they pay on time? Knowing what others are saying about an employer can help you make a more informed decision.

Are there any startup costs involved?

Usually, all you need to get started is a computer and an internet connection which you probably already have. In addition to this, there are a couple of extra things that are not required but could help you be a better transcriber.

First, a good pair of headphones. Headphones can help you hear every detail of the audio file much easier. Second, a foot pedal. A foot pedal can help you easily and quickly control the audio file allowing you to slow down or speed up the audio. Finally, specialist transcription software can also speed up the process, make you more productive, and ultimately make more money in less time!

Do they have work available?

Check there is plenty of work available for your experience level. You don’t want to waste time applying to a site that won’t have regular work available. Concentrate your time on sites that will have plenty of transcription jobs for your experience level.

Transcription Training Will Mean More Money

Transcription Training Will Mean More Money

As you now know there are plenty of online transcription jobs for beginners that require no experience or qualifications. You can dive right in and start work for one of the 27 companies listed in the next section. Fantastic!

Once you have some experience, then what? You can either carry on working as an entry-level transcriptionist or take the next step to become a professional and get qualified!

The best thing about being a professional transcriptionist is simple, you will earn a lot more money!

To get started on your journey to becoming a professional transcriptionist, the Transcribe Anywhere course is affordable and can give you the skills to start making over $1000 a month.

The Transcribe Anywhere Course Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know…

✅ Build successful businesses
✅ Affordable, all-inclusive education and lifetime support
✅ Multimedia, self-paced course
✅ General transcriptionist can earn $45,000+ per year

If you want to be a high-earning transcriptionist, then the Transcribe Anywhere course is an essential part of achieving that goal.

27 Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Now that you have an understanding of what’s involved with transcription work, here are 27 transcription jobs for beginners to get started with. After this list, there are an additional 6 transcription home jobs listed for transcribers that are higher-skilled.

1. Rev

Rev is an established transcription company that offers the opportunity to transcribe from anywhere in the world. A benefit of working for Rev is using their own in-house transcription software, this means you won’t need to download additional software yourself to work for them.

Working for Rev can see earnings vary from $3.00 per hour up to $11.00 per hour depending on your experience and speed. Payment is made via PayPal every Monday. You can also progress to working as a captioner which often pays more as well.

To get started simply start the application process on their website with a short typing test. You will then need to do a grammar test, and finally a sample transcription.

The tests are straight forward but should you fail, then you can retry after 45 days.

2. TranscribeMe

One of the best online transcription companies to work for is TranscribeMe. To get started on their website fill out an application form and then move on to complete a training and exam course.

If successful you will be contacted within 48 hours to proceed to the next stage and start working. Should you fail, don’t worry! You can take the test again after 24 hours.

TranscribeMe pays good rates, even for beginners. You can earn $15-$22 per audio hour plus payments are made weekly.

3. Scribie

Scribie seeks transcribers that are either beginners or experienced. This gives you a great chance to get started in the industry and work from home.

To get started working for Scribie you will need to go through their testing process, get certified as a transcriber, and then you can get started! Scribie pays $5-$25 per audio hour.

A great benefit of Scribie is that you can withdraw your funds at any time and there is no minimum amount required. However, the only acceptable payment method is via PayPal.

As you gain more experience it is possible to earn more as you become more qualified.

4. Accutran Global

A site that often has transcription work available for beginners is Accutran Global. Once on their home page click the apply for work button and it will tell you what is available. If suitable work is available, then follow their application process which includes a transcription test.

Accutran Global pay by the word, this is currently $0.005 when starting out. Earnings are paid out on the 15th of every month.

One important note to keep in mind is that Accutran Global expects their work to be a priority. This means once you have accepted a job that it must be finished as soon as possible. It is best to take on work for Accutran Global when you have no other commitments that may delay you.

5. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription welcomes applications from transcription beginners and pays $0.75-$0.85 cents per audio minute. Provided you are accurate and can work at a good speed, then you could earn at the higher end of the pay scale.

To help you out Daily Transcription provides training videos and practice jobs so you can hone your transcription skills. The more qualified you get, the better transcriptionist you become, and the more you can earn!

Like all online jobs, work fluctuates but average earnings for top transcriptionists range from $250 to $950 per week.

6. Casting Words

Casting Words offers transcription work for beginners. All you need to do is register on their website, complete the work, and get paid. Easy!

A helpful feature of working on Casting Words is that you can listen to the audio before accepting the job. This gives you the option of not working on an audio file that you may find time-consuming. As a beginner, this can help save you time to concentrate on work that is more suited to your level. Casting Words pay per audio minute so the more you can do the more you can earn.

7. Tigerfish

One of the biggest transcription companies to work for is Tigerfish. Established in 1989 they have been around for a long time.

To be accepted to work for Tigerfish you will need to complete their application process. The process involves passing 3 5-minute tests. Once you have passed you can start working on jobs including transcription work.

Tigerfish aren’t always recruiting, but you can check the website to see if positions are available. In the event they are not currently hiring, remember to check back often.

8. Go Transcript

Go Transcript gives you the freedom to work from home. To get accepted you will need to pass a test that involves transcribing a video. Once accepted you can start working and get paid up to $0.60 per audio minute.

All payments are made weekly via PayPal.

When working for Go Transcript you pick which projects you want to work on. To help you improve you will also receive constructive feedback. This is a good benefit for you as it will help you improve your skills and become a better transcriber.

9. Pioneer Transcription

Pioneer Transcription Services are often recruiting for freelance transcriptionists. To get started you will need to fill in an application form on their website. If your application is accepted, then you will be asked to complete a test that involves transcribing a video.

If successful, you will then be able to accept work on the Pioneer Transcription website.

Full instructions are provided on the website to help with the transcription test.

10. Appenscribe

Appenscribe hires transcriptionists of all skill levels including beginners. To get started you will need to register on their website and pass two transcription tests.

Once qualified you can begin working from anywhere in the world. The rate of pay is $0.005 per word and you will get paid twice a month via PayPal.

If you can speak more than one language, then you can earn significantly more as there are jobs available in many languages. You will have more opportunities to work if you speak more than one language.

On Appenscribe you can also work on non-transcribing jobs too. This gives you the opportunity to earn more plus it can keep your earnings topped up should there be a day when there is no transcription work available.

11. Transcription Hub

A company that is happy to give beginners a start is Transcription Hub. To get started you need to complete their evaluation process. Once you have been evaluated you will be given a rating of bronze, silver, or gold.

These ratings will determine what work is available to you. Now you have a rating you can start working on the Transcription Hub website.

Don’t worry if you start off at a low rating. You can move provided you complete excellent work. It is always completing additional courses to improve your transcription skills as well.

12. Babble Type

Babble Type is always looking for new transcriptionists. The application process is straightforward. First, you will be asked to watch a video to help you decide if Babble Type is right for you.

If you are happy that Babble Type is a good fit, the next step is to fill out an application form. Once the application is complete the final step is to pass a test.

That’s it! Once you have passed these 3 simple steps you can start working and earning!

13. Transcription Wing

A good site for transcription jobs for beginners is Transcription Wing. You can choose from a variety of job types including skilled fields such as medical, legal, and technical transcriptions.

The pay rate is up to $0.60 per audio minute and it is a job that will give you the freedom to work anywhere.

14. Way With Words

Way With Words offers opportunities for transcribers around the world to work freely. Rates of pay per audio minute range from $0.45 to $1.73 per minute. This means you can earn a decent amount of money.

There are no fees to apply plus they are more than happy to accept beginners. As long as you can pass the assessment, then you can start working and earning.

15. Terescription

Terescription transcribes content specifically for the entertainment industry. They are happy to hire beginners provided you can pass their assessment.

To be assessed you will need to transcribe a video to a high standard. You will be given full training and instructions via e-mail to help you to complete the test. The test is returned via e-mail and checked. If successful you can start working subject to signing a contract.

16. Dictate Express

Dictate Express offers the opportunity to work as a freelance transcriber and is happy for beginners to apply. You must pass 4 tests before you get to the application stage. The tests are:

  • Spelling
  • Comma use
  • Confusing words
  • 4-minute audio transcription

All tests are open book and instructions are given for each one. You must pass each one to move on to the next test. The pass mark is high because they are open-book tests. To pass you will need to get 100% on the spelling test and 90% on the remaining tests.

Once you have passed the testing process, Dictate Express will contact you with the next steps.

17. GMR Transcription

To get started on GMR Transcription there are no fees to pay and no experience required. This is an ideal site for beginners.

The first step is to submit your resume. Once you have done this you will be e-mailed a test to complete. Full instructions will be provided in the e-mail. After completing the test, you need to wait to hear if you have passed, this can take up to 2 weeks. Then, you can start working!

As you work with GMR continuous feedback and training are provided. This will help develop your transcription skills and ultimately means you can increase your earnings.

18. Transcriptions ‘N Translations

Transcriptions ‘N Translations works for well-known names such as Animal Planet and the Discovery channel.

Provided you can pass their assessment, then you can start working for them. This is great news for beginners.

To apply all you need to do is complete a form on their website and submit your resume. You will then be contacted with the next steps.

19. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job site that allows you to find work in a wide range of fields, including transcription. Opportunities are to work remotely, from home, or flexibly.

The benefit of using FlexJobs is that employers have been vetted. This means you can have peace of mind you are working for a reputable company.

To get started on FlexJobs create an account and start getting matched with suitable jobs. To take on work as a transcriber you may need to pass additional tests.

20. Hollywood Transcriptions

Hollywood Transcriptions offers transcription services for a variety of industries including entertainment, legal, and academic. If you can work quickly and accurately, then you can apply. Applications from beginners are acceptable.

To get started simply complete the application form on their website and upload your resume.

Once accepted you can start working.

21. Upwork

One of the biggest sites for freelancers is Upwork. Using this site gives you access to a huge range of freelance work including transcription.

To start with you need to create a free account on Upwork. Next, build a profile highlighting your skills, experience, and preferred pay. It is important to remember you are competing against other freelancers.

Make sure to really promote yourself and what you can do.

Earnings are paid out by Upwork and you can choose from a variety of payment methods including PayPal, direct deposit, and wire transfer.

Anyone can register to start working on Upwork, including beginners. To start with you will probably only be accepted to work on entry-level jobs. However, if you get good ratings, more experienced, and more qualifications, then you can move on to work in higher-paying jobs.

22. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite offers the opportunity to work from home as a transcriber. There is always plenty of work and training to help develop your skills.

To apply to SpeakWrite you need to complete these 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the application with your contact information
  2. Pass the typing speed and accuracy test
  3. Provide information about your work history and availability. Sign the confidentiality agreement.
  4. Complete training on the SpeakWrite system and formatting policies.
  5. The final step is to successfully complete some practice transcription jobs using the SpeakWrite software. This helps prove you know the policies you need to adhere to when working.

Once you have successfully completed all steps, then you can start working.

23. Averbach Transcription

Working for Averbach can provide a good income as a transcriptionist. This is because they have one of the best rates of pay. You can earn $1.00 per audio minute and $1.50 per audio minute for fast turnaround files. This can work out at up to $30.00 per hour!

All payments are made via PayPal.

To get started you will need to pass the skills test. The skills test involves transcribing a 5-minute audio file and you have 20 minutes to do it. Full instructions are given and there is a practice test you can take beforehand.

Once successful you can start transcribing.

24. CrowdSurf

Working on CrowdSurf is ideal for anyone looking for the flexibility of freelance work. Beginners are accepted and you can work up through the levels to earn higher rates of pay.

To get started you must sign up on Work Market. Once you have joined Work Market you can then join CrowdSurf. To be accepted for work you will need to read the guidelines and complete an assessment.

Once you have passed the assessment an account will be created on the CrowdSurf platform. An e-mail with log-in details will be sent confirming this to your Work Market e-mail.

25. BAM Transcription

Bam transcription mainly works with the entertainment industry. They also do some work for other fields including legal, corporate, and finance.

To apply you will need to contact them via e-mail expressing your interest in working for them. Should they have vacancies they will contact you back to discuss the next steps in the application process.

26. Speechpad

Speechpad has opportunities for both experienced transcribers and beginners. If you are fluent in English, have a decent typing speed, and you are able to pay excellent attention to detail, then Speechpad can be a great transcription service to start working for.

To get started you will need to submit a resume and photo ID. You will also need to complete any assessments as directed.

Once accepted you can start working and earning money with Speechpad.

27. Fiverr

Fiverr works a little differently from the other sites listed above. On Fiverr you create a profile offering services, the site works by you promoting yourself. Make sure to list all skills, experience, and anything else that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Clients then hire you to complete the job or gig as it’s called on Fiverr. Working through Fiverr as a freelancer gives you protection as they hold payments for you and once the job is complete you get paid immediately. This means you don’t have to worry about chasing clients for payment.

As a novice transcriber, you may need to start your prices at the lower end of the market. Once you have the experience, a demonstrable portfolio, and more qualifications to show off, then you can start charging higher rates of pay.

Higher Paying And More Advanced Skilled Transcription Jobs

As mentioned throughout this article you can earn more by becoming more qualified. If you specialize in certain transcription fields, then you can command a higher fee.

To get you started here are 6 transcription jobs that pay more once you have more skills and experience.

3Play Media

3Play Media offers great transcription opportunities for English and Spanish-speaking transcriptionists. If you are fluent in both English and Spanish, then you can have access to much more work.

As a transcriptionist for 3Play Media, you can work from home, choose your own schedule, and get paid weekly. You can even pick and choose which jobs you would like to work on.

You will need to meet the following criteria to apply:

  • Superb written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of English grammar and punctuation (or Spanish if you also speak Spanish)
  • The ability to work alone and manage projects
  • Capable of performing internet searches to a high standard and correctly referencing resources

If you can fulfill these requirements, then the next steps are to apply on the 3Play Media website and complete a transcription test. Once successful you can start working.

Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas have extremely high acceptance standards. With this in mind, it is best to apply once you have experience and additional transcription qualifications.

As they have higher standards, you can enjoy higher rates of pay. Their average earnings can work out at $20.85 per hour but the highest rate can work out to $44.70 per hour. These rates are incredibly attractive and a good reason to gain experience.

To apply for work on Transcript Divas you will need to complete the application form on their website. They will review your application and contact you back within 30 days. If you hear nothing, then you have been unsuccessful at this time.

If you are successful you will then be invited to complete a test and a telephone interview. If you pass all the stages, you can start working.

Cambridge Transcriptions

To work for Cambridge Transcriptions, you will need previous experience as either a legal or corporate transcriptionist.

You will need to have excellent grammar and punctuation skills, be a good typist, pay excellent attention to details, and have the capability to follow instructions exactly. It is also required that you have knowledge of word processing programs and experience using electronic transcription equipment.

If you meet these criteria, then you can begin the application process.

To start with you will need to e-mail a covering letter, resume, and a transcript sample. If you seem suitable you will then be contacted by e-mail to discuss the next steps.

Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts specializes in providing transcription for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. This includes:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Witness statements
  • Confessions
  • Detective and Patrol reports
  • 911 calls and dispatch communications
  • Child and Adult protective services
  • Inmate jail calls and visitation recordings

To get started complete the application form online and attach your resume. One of the Net Transcripts team will contact you to proceed to the next steps.


Quicktate hires freelance transcriptionists from around the world. This is a great opportunity for someone looking for the flexibility of working remotely.

The pay starts at $0.01 for every 4 words transcribed correctly and payment is made weekly via PayPal.

To become a freelancer for Quicktate you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must possess excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills
  • Able to follow instructions exactly
  • Can listen to audio files and transcribe accurately
  • Must have experience
  • You need your own equipment and space to work such as a home office
  • Be honest, reliable, and trustworthy
  • Must have no felony convictions or misdemeanors
  • Pass a typing quiz for each language and specialty you are capable of
  • Take a test to confirm you understand the requirements of Quicktate

Provided you meet the criteria above, then you can move on to the next step and apply.

To join Quicktate you will need to create an account on their site and follow the application process. The process involves several steps as follows:

  1. Review and follow procedures and requirements relating to their Help Desk and for the HIPAA Business Associate agreement
  2. Fill out the contact us form and create an account
  3. Provide references
  4. Pass the tests and quizzes
  5. You will also be required to pass a background check which will cost you a fee of $20 payable by PayPal or credit card. The background check is the last step once you have passed all other stages


A high paying transcription service is found at Ubiqus. Applicants will need at least 1 year’s transcription experience or may be accepted if you can demonstrate transferable skills that will make you a suitable transcriptionist.

You will need your own computer, a strong internet connection, and headphones. A good foot pedal is also recommended.

If you can meet these criteria, then you can begin the application process. You will need to complete the application form on the Ubiqus website, and they will contact you with the next steps.

Do I need any specific skills to be a transcriptionist?

Although you can become a freelance transcriptionist with no qualifications or experience, there are some skills that would be helpful. They are not essential but could be worth working on to improve your earning potential. Transcription skills include:

  • Typing speed – The faster you can type the faster you can work. Search online for typing courses to improve your speed and practice touch typing.
  • Accuracy – It is essential you can work to a high level of accuracy.
  • Relevant qualifications – No qualifications are needed for general transcription work but to progress to legal or medical work you must get the relevant certification.
  • Listening skills – The ability to actively listen is essential. There will be times you need to make educated guesses at the audio content. Headphones can also help with this.
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling – You must have excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills.
  • Focus – A transcription job can take hours to complete. It is important you can focus for long periods of time and maintain a high standard of work throughout.
  • Computer literate – You don’t need to be Bill Gates, but you do need to have a good basic knowledge of how to use technology. This can include using word processing software, transcription software, and transcription equipment such as a foot pedal.
  • Adaptable – If you work as a general transcriptionist you will deal with work from many industries. The ability to work across industries is a great help and you will need to be a fast learner.

Tips To Master Your New Transcription Job

Once you start working as a transcriptionist, there are some easy tips that can help you work faster. The faster you work, whilst maintaining accuracy, the more you will earn.

  • Invest in good headphones – One of the most helpful pieces of equipment you can get is a pair of headphones. If you get headphones that cancel noise, then outside distractions are minimized which helps your concentration. When transcribing wearing high-quality headphones can help you hear every detail. This can be crucial when transcribing an audio file that is of poor quality.
  • Use automated software – You can use automated transcription software that can create a draft text file from the client’s audio. This can give you a head start which means you can work faster and increase your earnings.
  • Touch-type – Learning to touch type is a fantastic way to increase speed. Practice this as much as you can and before you know it your words per minute will be amazingly high.
  • Maintain accuracy – Accuracy is vital for a transcriptionist. Having a high level of accuracy reduces time spent on proofreading and making corrections. The time saved can be used to complete more work.
  • Be comfortable – When working from home it’s tempting to sit on the couch, but after a couple of hours, you will be uncomfortable! Make sure to sit properly and use the best chair and desk you can. Working in comfort makes it easier to work for longer periods. Don’t forget to give yourself a break when you can.
  • Get a foot pedal – Experienced transcriptionists often use a foot pedal. This means they can easily rewind or speed up the audio file. Importantly, it means their hands can stay on the keys ready to type. As you progress in your transcriptionist career consider getting a foot pedal to make things easier and help you work faster.


What is a transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist listens to an audio file and converts it into text. This can include interviews, podcasts, lectures, and much more.

What are the main kinds of transcription work?

The 3 main kinds of transcription are legal, medical, and general. To specialize in legal and medical will require additional skills and experience. However, these fields can pay a lot more so the investment in the extra training can be worth it.

Do I need any qualifications to be a transcriptionist?

The simple answer here is, NO! You can work as a transcriptionist with no qualifications or prior experience. It is a great opportunity for beginners to start a career working from home. However, it is worth taking transcribing courses in order to improve your skills and improve your chances of earning a higher amount. To progress to legal or medical transcription you must get certified in those fields.

What else is involved in the transcription job process?

A transcriptionist listens to an audio file and turns it into a readable text format. Listening to 1 hour of audio would normally take 4 hours to transcribe. As part of the process, a transcriptionist may use specialist transcriptions software. Transcription software can help improve poor quality audio, add timestamps, and bookmark sections to listen to again later. When transcribing you may transcribe every sound include any um’s and ar’s or only transcribe legible words. The transcription job will usually have instructions that specify what is required for the job you are working on.

What hours could I work as a transcriptionist?

As a freelance transcriptionist, you can set your own schedule. Most transcription services allow you to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have the freedom to work anywhere at any time. The ability to work hours of your own choosing means working as a transcriptionist can fit around your existing commitments. If you progress to becoming a full-time professional transcriptionist, then you can set your own schedule and work as much as you like. Please note, some transcription companies require you to work a minimum number of hours per week to be eligible to keep working for them. In most cases, this will be 2-4 hours per week. Make sure to check the employment terms to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Are online transcription jobs worth it?

The simple answer is, YES! There is plenty of demand for transcription services. The legal and medical fields always have a need but also many blogs have their videos transcribed. You can work flexibly, get started with no experience, and earn a reasonable amount. As a beginner, you may not earn a massive amount. However, if you work for the companies listed here that are established, gain experience, and invest in yourself by attaining additional transcription qualifications, then you can start earning a significant amount more as a professional transcriptionist.

How much can I earn as a transcriptionist?

Working as an entry-level transcriptionist won’t make you rich. However, you can earn a decent amount to supplement your income. In time, as you gain experience and more skills you can earn much more. Most transcription services pay by the audio minute which can work out in real terms at between $3 to $20 per hour.

What is an audio minute?

An audio minute is how long it takes to transcribe 1 minute of audio. Usually, 1 audio minute equals 4 minutes of transcribing. This is important when calculating your earnings. If you are paid $1 per audio minute, then for an hour of transcription work you will earn $15 per hour.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, to start transcribing all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Once you have established yourself as a transcriptionist, then you should invest in a good pair of headphones and a foot pedal. This will help you work faster and earn more.

Now that you know there are plenty of online transcription jobs for beginners, what are you waiting for! Fill in some applications today, complete the tests, and in no time at all you can be earning some extra cash.

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Amazing Transcription Jobs For Beginners

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