10 Ways To Get Paid To Go On Dates

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Ways To Get Paid To Go On Dates

There are lots of ways to make money online including getting paid to go on dates. You can signup to one or more sites to make extra money each week. Thanks to technology the dating websites and apps make it easier and safer than ever before to get paid to date.

What does ‘paid to date’ mean?

Getting paid to date can mean a variety of different financial exchanges – resulting in both parties engaging in a mutually agreed pre-defined relationship. This may just be for an evening out or perhaps something more long-term. As someone looking to get paid to date, you should set realistic expectations in what you are seeking. Some clients may wish for a simple dinner date, and others may wish for a more extended and intimate relationship. If you are comfortable and happy with the terms of the dating arrangement, then getting paid for your time and company is a realistic way to make some extra cash.

If you are someone that enjoys socializing, meeting new people, and going to new places, then this could be a fantastic opportunity for you to make some extra cash. In this guide, you can find out what getting paid to date entails and 7 unique ways to get paid to go on dates.

How To Get Paid To Date

As mentioned at the start there are lots of dating agencies operating online that hire people to go on dates. Each site and app will have various rules about how they work. You will need to follow their signup rules and meet their eligibility criteria. Once you are accepted there are three main ways you will get paid to go on dates.

First, they may use a bid or auction format. Each client will make a bid on the date that is available. The highest bidder wins the date.

Second, a client will place an advert on the site. The advert will be a detailed listing including information such as time, location, and budget for the date. Potential dates respond to the ad and apply. The client will pick their preferred date.

Third, some apps work in a similar way to Tinder and follow a dating app format. Profiles are completed and people looking for a date can contact a date that is available for hire. Usually, the date for hire is only able to be contacted if they are a paid member.

How much can you earn after deciding to date and make money? Earnings will vary but can range from $50 to $500 per hour. Out of your earnings, you may need to pay the dating agency a percentage. This will vary from agency to agency depending on their business model.

Depending on how much time you have to go on dates, you could easily make over $1000 a week in a week!

7 Ways To Get Paid To Date

All the sites and apps listed below are completely legitimate ways to make money by going on dates. They are not ‘escort services’. These dating agencies seek to connect people that require a date for either a social or a business event. 

Most clients are people that prefer to hire a date for many reasons such as not having the time to find a date socially or just find it easier to hire someone. This is great news for you as you can earn some extra money. Here are the 7 ways to get paid to date.

1. Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement has more than 10 million active members looking to build relationships. 

To start with you need to join the site which takes less than 5 minutes. Once you have joined you can upload your photo along with your terms and arrangement expectations.

An arrangement on Seeking Arrangement is defined as both parties being direct with one another. This helps both sides as no one is wasting time. People can clearly state what they want and start a relationship on agreed terms.

This site is for both men and women. You can get sugar daddies or sugar mommas. Sugar babies are not just for women but also men can join as sugar babies as well – and get paid.

Depending on what type of relationship you are wanting you could find a mentor, date experienced men, and be pampered. Expensive gifts, international travel, and shopping sprees are all possible when sugar dating.

2. What’s Your Price

A dating auction site that is hugely popular is What’s Your Price. With over 4 million members there is great potential to earn from dating on this platform.

The site works by asking people looking for a date to make a bid for a first date and the highest bid wins. On average the winning first bid is $125. Getting paid $125 to go on a first date isn’t bad when you consider they will also be paying for the date itself!

It’s sometimes beneficial for the person paying for the date to use sites like this as they have a higher chance of securing a first date than using traditional dating sites like Tinder. For the person that agrees to the date, they get to go on a fun date and get paid for it! Win, win!

3. Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits offers the chance for men and women to build a relationship based on exactly what they want. To start with you can join for free and build your profile showcasing what you are looking for.

When you connect with an interested party you can talk about your needs, expectations, and how the relationship will be defined. At this stage, it’s important to be open and honest in order to achieve the relationship you want.

Once both parties are satisfied with the agreement you can proceed to the next stage and begin your mutually beneficial relationship.

4. Rich Meet Beautiful

A site that connects the rich and the beautiful is conveniently called Rich Meet Beautiful!

The site is an online Sugar Dating site for men and women over the age of 18. Relationships can be built between both parties based on each other’s needs and wants. When you match with a potential partner you can discuss your goals and how you envision your future. 

Sugar Daddies, Mamas, and Babies are encouraged to define exactly what they want. This is not just about appearance but also personality, resources, and occupation. All parties know that whether they are a student, a parent, an executive, or anything else that their time is valuable and a clear agreement upfront is preferred for all involved.

5. My Bunny Date

My Bunny Date allows members to bid on dates. Sugar daddies or mommas are known as ‘Generous Members’ and the babies are known as ‘Gorgeous Members’. The site works by generous members sending an offer to a gorgeous member.

For example, John likes Jen’s profile – John offers Jen $200 to go out on a date. Jen accepts and the couple goes on an exciting date, and in the end, Jen gets her $200. There is no more expectation than that, but the couple can go on further dates if they wish. My Bunny Date simply helps facilitate the introduction and the first date with a fee charged to the generous member, but not the gorgeous member.

After the first date if you wish to continue the relationship, then you are free to arrange this at your own discretion. 

6. Miss Travel

With more than 1 million members Miss Travel seeks to connect people looking for relationships and to experience travel. 

To get started you simply sign up, create a profile, and upload a photo of yourself. All of this can be done in minutes. Next, you can connect with like-minded travelers seeking a companion. Once you have a match you can arrange your luxury getaway!

Traveling abroad with a stranger is risky. Miss Travel do advise to make sure all flights and accommodation are booked in your name. They also recommend meeting your potential traveling companion beforehand. Ideally, in a public place in your home city. Also, when traveling make sure to keep friends and family updated with your plans, your arrival, and when to expect you home.

7. RentAFriend

A straightforward and easy-to-use website is RentAFriend. The site gives the opportunity for men and women to connect with each other platonically for a variety of activities. Earnings start from $10 an hour but all fees are negotiable depending on what you will be doing.

The site is not a dating site and does not do any background checks on members or friends. When arranging a meetup make sure the first time is in a public place and that you keep friends updated with your whereabouts.

Fees for your time should be agreed upfront and the member will be responsible for paying any costs for the activity. Activities could include going to a concert, out for dinner, or to a sports event.

Even at $10 per hour, you could earn $50 for 5 hours of work. Plus, you get a free day or night out and hopefully make a new friend!

8. Bumble

Bumble is a popular dating app where women initiate conversations. While the app doesn’t directly pay users to go on dates, some individuals have leveraged their dating experiences for financial gain. Influencers, for instance, might monetize their dates by documenting them on social media or partnering with brands for sponsored content related to dating.

Additionally, some users have reportedly received gifts or experiences from their dates, which could indirectly translate into financial benefits. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety and genuine connections when using dating apps, rather than solely focusing on monetary gain.

9. OK Cupid

OkCupid is a popular dating app known for its in-depth profiles and compatibility matching algorithm. While the app itself doesn’t pay users to go on dates, individuals might indirectly earn through activities like becoming influencers or content creators. They could document their dating experiences for social media, YouTube, or blogs, potentially attracting sponsorships or partnerships.

However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, consent, and genuine connections when using dating apps, rather than solely focusing on financial gain. Users should also adhere to OkCupid’s guidelines and terms of service to ensure a positive and respectful experience for all.

10. OurTime.com

OurTime.com is a dating website designed for singles over 50 seeking meaningful connections. While the platform doesn’t directly pay users to go on dates, individuals might indirectly earn through content creation. For example, they could share their dating experiences through blogs, vlogs, or social media, potentially attracting sponsorships or partnerships with brands targeting mature audiences.

Stay Safe When Getting Paid To Date

Most dating agencies will rigorously screen clients beforehand, but you still need to be mindful of your own safety and take precautions.

Don’t provide any personal details as this could be used to find you in real life. For any meetings that you agree to make sure they are in a public place. Always use your own transportation to get to and from any venue. 

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Before going on any date make sure to let friends or family know where you will be and when you should be home. If you have a mobile phone with you, then check in with them discreetly during the date to let them know you are OK.

Finally, if any behavior from the client makes you feel uncomfortable or disrespected, then report this immediately to the agency. These agencies are running legitimate businesses and don’t want problematic clients.


How do I avoid getting scammed?

Make sure to never give out personal or financial details. Also, using a reputable site such as the ones listed above helps make sure you only connect with legitimate people.

Is sugar dating just another way of saying escort work?

Absolutely not! All sites listed are reputable and legitimate dating agencies. They aim to connect people that want to have relationships based on upfront expectations. Escorting and prostitution is banned by all these sites. If anyone goes against these rules, then please report them immediately to the site. This doesn’t mean a sexual relationship can’t happen, but rather that it should be naturally occurring between consenting adults. Sex should not be expected or paid for. There is no obligation to engage in any behavior sexual or otherwise unless you both want to.

How much could I earn as a sugar baby?

Earnings will vary but one report says on average a sugar baby can earn $2,800 per month. Don’t forget on top of any earnings you may also get taken on free dates, given expensive gifts, and receive mentoring or employment advice. Depending on your arrangement even more could be provided.

How should I negotiate a price if we decide to continue the relationship?

After the initial introduction through one of the sites listed, you may opt to continue the relationship. To be successful you need to be open and honest about what you want. Be clear about your expectations for an allowance, extra payments to help pay things like student loans, and how available you will be. Remember a sugar daddy or momma knows they are expected to pay for your time and more. Make sure they know up front exactly what you want. Doing this means you can build a successful and mutually beneficial relationship.

Will the relationship be long-term?

When sugar dating a relationship could be short term or maybe even just a few dates. In some cases, it could become a long-term or even a permanent relationship. When discussing your needs this is an area that can be explored to see if either party would be happy with a long-term relationship provided you get on of course!

What is sugar dating?

Sugar dating simply means an approach to casual dating that is upfront according to both parties’ expectations. Men and women can clearly state what they want from the relationship whether it be romance, fun, adventure, or companionship. Peoples needs take many forms, but some examples include the need to feel young, desirable, important, or sexy.

For any relationship to be successful it needs fun and enjoyment at the heart of it. A sugar daddy or momma will bring to the relationship the money that enhances the dating experience. This might include cash, designer clothes, technology, a regular allowance, gifts, helping to pay bills or tuition, or other types of gifts. Sugar dating often includes an element of building financial assistance and connections. 
To maintain a regular relationship, it will be important to build friendship and enjoyment when in each other’s company. If both parties are spoiling each other with clearly defined relationship parameters, then it will be mutually beneficial for both sides.

Every sugar dating relationship is different, but one thing is the same for all of them. That is the fact that both adults in the relationship agree on every aspect. An agreement can always be amended but to be successful both sides need to agree and understand what each other’s expectations and commitments will be from the start.

Building a friendship is one part of the relationship, other aspects that may flourish could include mentoring, connections, employment, referrals, and higher status from knowing each other. Sugar dating is the term used to describe these relationships that are designed for people with an appreciation of the finer things in life. That’s not to say love can’t happen, it does for some, but the initial plan is to have fun, spoil each either, or put some adventure into your life.

Sugar dating is meant to be fun, exciting, and carefree. The sugar daddy and the sugar baby will both set their expectations upfront. Women often ask for stability, mentoring, and to experience the finer things in life. Men mostly want attention, stimulating conversation, and also spend time with a beautiful woman. Together both parties can experience outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

The terms ‘sugar daddy‘ and ‘sugar baby‘ are often looked down upon by society as the wider nuance isn’t understood. Once you understand the true meaning of each term it becomes clear why many choose this option.

A ‘sugar daddy’ means a successful man that takes an interest in improving women’s lives. Sugar daddies are not always old or obscenely wealthy and making 6 figure incomes. These days a sugar daddy can be any age or from any background. To be a sugar daddy means being kind, generous, classy, and interesting. Two of the biggest traits that are desirable are to be confident and generous.
A ‘sugar baby’ is usually an attractive young woman that enjoys the company of a successful older man. Sugar babies are not gold-diggers, divas, or someone that has low morals. Instead, they are intelligent, educated, classy, and have a sense of adventure. A sugar baby should be striving to better herself through education, building connections, or enriching life experiences. To be a successful sugar baby you should clearly communicate your expectations, dreams, desires, and life goals to your sugar daddy.

Final Thoughts On Paid Dating

If you enjoy socializing, can hold a conversation and are able to connect with people of all types, then you could get paid to date.

All these companies are legitimate with clients needing a date for business or social functions. Browse the sites now and find one that suits your style.

Ways To Get Paid To Go On Dates

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