9 Best Amazon Review Trader Sites

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Amazon Review Trader Sites

When it comes to running an online business, reviews are a crucial part of expanding and growing your customer base.

This is because the more reviews your products accumulate, the more people will see the product, thus generating more sales and increasing your profit margins.

However, how do you get customer reviews? The hardest part of running a business is establishing the business and the initial growth.

This is why there are many Amazon Review Trader Sites, which can help you accumulate customer reviews in a shorter time compared to waiting for the reviews to appear without assistance.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about Amazon Review Trader Websites from what they are to which ones are the best and should be considered as well as other ways that you can grow your business through reviews.

This allows you to make a well-informed decision that is going to be best for your business and help it to grow efficiently.

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Why Are Customer Reviews Important?

Customer reviews are crucial to a business’ growth and there are many statistics that back this up.

This is because around 95% of shoppers will read through reviews before making an online purchase, while 93% of online and brick-and-mortar customers will look up reviews on a business online before frequenting the store.

Even without thinking, buyers will automatically read up various customer reviews as this allows them to see the product or service’s pros and cons without having to spend money and making that financial commitment.

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What Are Amazon Review Trader Sites? How Do They Work?

Knowing how Amazon Review Trader Sites work is crucial to understanding how they can benefit your business.

This allows you to determine whether it is the right option for you and your business.

Here is how Amazon Review Trader Sites work:

The site will list a product on the site for a discounted price, and in some cases, the product may be free. In return, you will receive reviews.

This is a great choice for businesses that have recently launched and want to acquire reviews, allowing them to grow their business and the ability to expand awareness to the target customer base.

Merchants will have to create an account with the site before listing products on their site.

Once you have had your application approved, you will then receive a variety of buyer requests from those interested in buying your product.

What Are The Benefits That Come With Amazon Review Trader Sites?

There are many benefits that come with using Amazon Review Trader Sites.

The main benefit is that you will be able to increase the amount of traffic to your site, generating more sales and increasing your profits through reviews.

The more reviews you accumulate, the bigger the business will grow as it will be recommended to those looking for a particular product.

It also enables your buyers to acquire products for a heavily discounted price, or even for free, meaning that both the buyer and seller benefit.

The Best Amazon Review Trader Websites

Amazon Review Trader Websites can help you to grow your business by allowing you to reach a larger audience quickly.

However, with so many Amazon Review Trader websites available to choose from, it’s crucial that you pick the one that is going to help your business grow and expand according to your own goals and requirements.

It goes without saying that there are Amazon Review sites that are better than others.

That is why we have gathered the best ones that you should pick from in order to make a well-informed decision.

Here are the best Amazon Review Trader Websites that you should consider using:



AMZ RC is an exclusive review site that is ideal for sellers wanting to expand their growth on Amazon and social media.

This is because it can establish unlimited campaigns, meaning that buyers on Amazon and your target audience on social media will be able to view your product faster.

It’s not used as often as other options on this list, but its ability to help you grow in credibility and reputation on social media is something that is rare among Amazon Review Trader sites.

A great advantage of AMZ RC is that they offer reasonable prices, making it a great option for those on a budget, such as smaller businesses.

2. Deal Go! Go! Go!

Deal Go! Go! Go!

Deal Go! Go! Go! is one of the newest sites that you can choose, but it has garnered a hugely popular reputation in such a short period of time.

What has made Deal Go! Go! Go! such a great choice is the number of discounts that it offers for its sellers and buyers.

Buyers are able to add up to 10 items and can be approved immediately with most items offering a discount between 50 and 99% and some are even free.

They also cover a wide range of industries including baby care, electronics, and home, among many others, and are often expanding their range.

3. Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club

The third recommendation is Elite Deal Club, which specializes in offering low-priced products for sellers.

There are hundreds of products on offer every day, ranging from electronics to toys, making it a great option for all kinds of sellers.

Elite Deal Club boasts some of the best discounts of all the recommended sites on this list, which has made them one of the most widely used options.

With discounts ranging from 50 to 100% off, Elite Deal Club is a free service to use that boasts a wide range of benefits.

4. ETEK City


The fourth recommendation is ETEK City, which specializes in electronics, home improvement, and outdoor equipment, making it the best choice for buyers and sellers wanting who have a keen interest in technology.

The items that are sold are all part of their brand’s label ETEK City, and they offer an ETEKCitizen program that allows buyers and sellers to receive freebies, discounts, and promotions.

ETEK City is split into four separate product categories which are:

  • Active living
  • Healthy living
  • Practical living
  • Smart living

Customers are provided with a great shopping experience thanks to their website, which is easy to use, while their fast delivery makes their service highly convenient.

5. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club

The next option is Home Tester Club, which is a newer site that has quickly gained credibility and popularity thanks to its ability for you to sell any extra Amazon stock you may have. Merchants simply sign up for a free account and are able to use the platform for a free 10-day trial to see if it is right for them.

Home Tester Club is 100% compliant with Amazon’s policies, meaning that merchants can easily add any products with promotions. With offers in a variety of industries, especially kitchenware, Home Tester Club is a great choice for those with products that relate to the home. 

6. Jump Send

Jump Send - Amazon review Trader sites

Another option for you to consider is Jump Send, which is one of the best options on this list thanks to its ability to offer merchants and buyers amazing deals on all sorts of products.

Unlike most alternatives, they don’t have any freebies available, but the heavily discounted choices are close to free as you can get products for up to 90% off.

A great advantage of Jump Send is that there are a variety of e-books and PDF downloads that explains how you can use it efficiently, making it a wonderful choice for beginners who are intimidated by trader sites.

7. Snagshout


Our seventh recommendation is Snagshout which is another hugely popular choice and one that you may have come across.

This popularity is thanks to how easy it is as the structure of the site is accessible to all users.

It is also one of the older sites, meaning that it has been tried and tested by thousands of users over the years.

The Snagshout team sends out regular newsletters to merchants detailing new products that are coming in, making it easy to pick out which ones are best for you.

The downside to Snagshout is that merchants are only able to gather a maximum of three products at any one time.

It is a great choice for traders thanks to the ability to gain a lot of reviews per product.

8. VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club

The penultimate option is the VIP Power Club, which is one of the most popular choices among both buyers and sellers.

This is thanks to their discount rates which range between 20 and 99%, whilst offering a wide variety of products for merchants to choose from.

The buyer will receive coupon codes so that they can apply their discounts and promos, meaning that your items will receive a further promotion to your audience.

This makes VIP Power Club one of the most trustworthy options and is one of the best choices to go with.

9. Vipon

Vipon - Amazon Review Trader Sites

The last recommendation is Vipon, which is one of the oldest sites on this list and has garnered a positive reputation and credibility over time.

They provide a wide variety of Amazon coupons that give buyers and sellers between 50 and 100% off various products.

Joining Vipon doesn’t cost anything and is ideal for buyers and sellers to review all sorts of products. You can try 20 products at any one time.

Bear in mind that each buyer or seller needs to approve requests individually which makes it a time-consuming process, whilst also running on a “first come first serve” strategy.

After the merchant has tested the product, they will have two weeks to review the product and can apply for more products to try.

Getting Verified By Amazon Reviews

So, how can you get verified by Amazon Reviews legally?

There are many options available to you that allow you to utilize Amazon Reviews and get your products sold faster.

Here are some of the best ways that you can get verified by Amazon Review:

Creating An Efficient Email List

The first option you can follow is to create an efficient email list.

This will take some time to establish, but you can use plenty of marketing tools that can help quicken the process.

Make sure you have collected plenty of email addresses that will enable you to run an effective marketing campaign.

Marketing campaigns will allow your subscribers to know about any new developments or products you are releasing as well as provide special offers and discounts.

This is a great way to incentivize your customers and increase your returning customer base.

Your email campaigns can be a great base while you are establishing and creating your own website.

This means you can focus on your email list and social media channels in the meantime.

Leveraging Forums

The second option you can focus on is leveraging forums. What this means is engaging with your target audience to establish a customer base.

Knowing and understanding what your target customer wants from your product or service is a great place to start when it comes to developing your product.

You can jump into some Subreddits on Reddit where the participants engage in specific topics.

Make sure that you are targeting the right forums and discussions, so your product is relevant to the target audience.

This, in turn, will build your reputation and credibility.

Utilizing Customer Service

The third option you have is utilizing customer service. You can do this using Amazon’s Application Program Interface, known as API.

This is when sellers are offered third-party tools by Amazon which can help to send emails automatically, thus boosting your reviews and generating more traffic and sales.


Overall, new sellers may find it difficult to get plenty of customer reviews, but you’ll find that the number of reviews will grow with time and can eventually generate a good number of sales.

Review websites can be very helpful as they can help generate reviews for your website within a shorter amount of time and can allow you to generate more sales and therefore, more income.

Amazon review websites allow you to move your products quicker meaning that you can develop your organic traffic as well, making money faster while ensuring that you are conducting your business legally.

Amazon Review Trader Sites

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