7 Best PPC Software And Management For Amazon FBA

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Best Amazon PPC Software

Whether you are building a 7 figure brand or just starting out selling on Amazon, getting your product launched onto page 1, or making it stick, is important for any successful product you’re trying to sell.

This would ensure that your product is reaching its desired audience and visibility to thrive. 

The ultimate goal when improving your Amazon FBA returns is to make your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign advantageous and reduce your ACOS to increase profits and value.

Let’s face it, these days you are surrounded by ads wherever you go online and the Amazon marketplace is no different.

If you want to receive the full potential of ads and are serious about marketing and promoting your product, you cannot avoid using PPC advertising within Amazon. 

If done manually, Amazon PPC campaign management can be a very laborious and technical task.

However, with so many different software available nowadays there is no need to be limited to Amazon PPC campaign exports and excel spreadsheets.

Luckily for you, to make this easier for you, below you will find all the best PPC software and management for Amazon FBA. 

The Best Amazon PPC Software

It is important to find the most effective Amazon PPC tool for you. This will help automate and manage your advertising Campaigns and Bids without any trouble.

Below, you will find all the best Amazon PPC software – so you can choose the one that suits your needs, best. 

1. Helium 10 Adtomic 

Helium 10 Adtomic - Best Amazon PPC Software

Helium 10 can be described as an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers.

Their new Amazon PPC software, Helium 10 Adtomic, allows you to fully optimize, automate, and simplify even the most complex Amazon PPC Management campaigns. 

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Automated PPC Rules

Within the Helium 10 Adtomic tool, Automated rules ensure a hand-off approach. This allows the software to take control and care of adjusting bids based on your set criteria beforehand.

The software will also offer suggestions and recommendations featured on the dashboard to help you improve your Amazon ad campaign. 

2. Sellics


This software works determinedly to follow any updates on amazon.com.

This ensures that your integrations, which are utilized by your software connections, are up-to-date and are relevant to even the most recent updates on Amazon.

Whether these updates are new themes or essential information in the buying process, this software allows you to adapt to major changes as they appear.

If you can’t write code yourself, updates give you a competitive edge. 

Includes A Package Of Seven-Features

You don’t have to worry about anything with this developer, as all the criteria for your marketing campaign are neatly laid out for you.

The seven areas of work include accounting, inventory, SEO, PPC, reviews, market research, and product research.

To make things even easier for you, all these categories are accounted for and are displayed in simple terms.

Sellics makes campaigning easier by listing each working stage individually, so even the newest campaigner can get around simply. 

Ensures Analytics 

With this software, there are different business processes that you can either perform manually or ones that are automated for you.

Whatever you use, all these actions can produce trackable forms of data. Through gender and demographic coverage analysis that measures all the engagement different leads have with your marketing material. 

Provides Ongoing-Security Updates 

Sellics keep their customers in mind with their internal department reserved solely for keeping its users safe.

These safety measures include passwords, administrative controls, and encryptions. To keep users as safe and protected as possible. 

3. Ignite By Seller Labs 

Ignite By Seller Labs 

Measuring both organic and paid traffic, this Seller Labs Ignite software gives you an edge in PPC management that other software does not. Ads and SEO have a close relationship.

This software gives you the ability to have an overview of both, using the Scope tool, to help disclose how they get about improving one another.

The central objective of presenting both Ads and SEO is to underline the improvement of keywords. What is currently working in SEO is likely to work and succeed in paid search. 

Ensures An Active Bidding Option 

When you utilize Ignite, you don’t have to worry about monitoring the market for any ideal bids.

Using machine learning and AI-powered algorithms, the automation package will activate your ads depending on whether the right conditions are met.

Naturally, you get to decide on what those conditions are. Then the interface will either stop or initiate your ad campaign material. 

Leverage A Tracking Feature For Campaign Execution 

The best way to understand the behaviors of the consumers is to follow them. This doesn’t mean you stalk them, you want to simply find out where they’ve gone and the purposes for this.

From your site, you can track their online activity. This will give you an idea of your consumers’ behaviors, so you can then adapt them and utilize them to benefit you.

Using a tracking feature, you can automate ads to whoever is visiting your web pages. 

Customized Profit Calculator For ROI

Easily measure returns on your investments using the Ignite profit calculator. This tool can give you a better understanding of how prominent your spending is.

In the long run, it’s best to ensure that you obtain your principal back or break even. 

4. PPC Entourage 

PPC Entourage 

Great for beginners, the PPC entourage software makes the work of testing, creating, and running a live ad campaign relatively simple.

The intricacies of your retail ad campaign get localized into one single account, where you can simply access it.

This allows you to change, stop, and add more or less features to your automated PPC campaigns as and when you want to. 

Measures Sales Cost 

Included in the PPC entourage package is a calculator that measures any future costs.

When generating a successful email campaign, all the leads you acquire need to be converted.

Analyzing and monitoring costs will help you decipher and understand whether or not your work is effective. 

Allows Keyword Tools For Optimization 

If you want to measure your labor, simplifying your keyword research can help. The basis of SEO, or search engine optimization, is all built on keywords.

A comprehension of your core and most common phrases can help to optimize your AdWords approach. 

Adaptable To Brands

When using PPC Entourage, external features and software are possible to implement.

Whether you want to improve your current set of tools or transfer information from a different platform, this is all possible with PPC Entourage.

5. Zon.Tools


If you’re looking for an algorithm that places your ads in the market for you, the Auto-Mate 3.0 software is the thing you’re looking for.

Using your consumer engagement, this system uses complex equations and algorithms to determine the based timing to set out an ad. The main objective of this tool is to take advantage of the high traffic when it comes.

These ads will only be sent out to the leads you specify, and the industry you’re in. Making it completely customizable to your specific requirements. 

Supports Users With KeyWord Mine For Keyword Research 

While there are a wide variety of SEO tools to consider, this one is developed and optimized for Amazon FBA.

Discerning keyword use from the viewpoint of Amazon enhances your work. Therefore, your information will be associated with the full market benefits you obtain. 

Eases Campaign Tracking And Monitoring 

You can use special tracking features which present the performance of your Amazon PPC campaign.

You will receive documentation on the entirety of the health of your campaigns. The aspects and information you wouldn’t be able to see are, instead, presented clearly and detailed for you. 

Ensures A Full-Service PCC Package 

Zon.Tools are dedicated to optimizing email marketing, PPC campaigns, Amazon FBA sellers, and automation. 

6. Teikametrics


The Teikametrics software is committed to simplicity and making your life easier. This would be a perfect option for those who are just starting their PPC journey and learning about automation and understanding how it works.

Although, the ease of this platform may help the productivity and boost the performance of a cultivated marketer. 

Enhances Its System Through Algorithmic Bidding 

Due to the fast pace at which it works, algorithmic bidding gives you an advantage. Not only do you save time, but once an opportunity is presented, no time is wasted in combating it.

This algorithm does all the work and knows how to find the lowest cost when looking at the highest consumer retention. 

Prescribes You Keyword Automation And Strategies 

When building strategy, perspective is very important. With this in mind, Teikametrics sends periodic strategies that are designed to suit your business and outlook. 

Surveys Organic Traffic And Any Following Sales 

Technology is required to deliberate the rate at which your organic traffic converts. The online consumer is speedy, evasive, and exists all over the planet.

One way of improving the effectiveness of your marketing is by knowing how this is transforming your leads.

7. PPC Scope 

PPC Scope 

With the help of PPC Scope, the ideas you have can be analyzed and examined through financial regard.

The most important strategy and approach are to generate leads. This means the people who are most suitable for your mailing list.

To establish your ROI, you have to align your cost to the number of people who are currently converted. 

Utilizes Keyword Analysis To Expose Weaknesses 

The focus of PPC Scope’s keyword research features is to analyze words that shoppers are most likely to use.

While the remainder of the package is geared towards cost reduction, this keyword planner helps to highlight and expose any weaknesses that you may face. This will help you improve how much you spend. 

Automates Cheaper Price For PPC

The main premise of PPC Scope’s internal algorithm is to collect data to present you with findings of a cheaper option.

More likely than not, marketers have to measure their approaches and strategies a lot of times.

When deliberating reducing costs, this isn’t going to only benefit finances. Naturally, the cheaper things are, the more involved the consumer typically is. 

Includes Audience Tages And Listings 

Many retailers have isolated email lists, multiple products, and new PPC campaigns to run through and test.

To make things easier, this is generally organized through audience tags and lists. You can completely change and customize the criteria for each list you obtain to fully meet your requirements.

Based on the settings you choose, leads can be automated into different categories. 

Amazon PPC management software helps to automate the steps you need to convert buyers.

Typically, for your Amazon store, you will start with an email marketing approach. Ad campaigns allow you to establish high levels of intimacy with your consumers, this can sometimes be more valuable than sales.

You should generate content and manage each lead individually. Your reviews depend on your engagement with your leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about PPC software and management for Amazon FBA.

Which Amazon PPC Software Is Best For My Business?

Amazon PPC management software gives you full control over your marketing materials. What you are about to comprehend are the different variables involved in marketing.

Deliberating what you can do to convert more leads, making sure to never lose a client, and up-sale current buyers are good areas to focus on.

However, you won’t be able to achieve any of these benefits if your software isn’t an ideal fit for your business. In every industry, there are unique factors that indicate the resources you need. 

Automation has to be comprehensible when regarding your business and the goals you have set out to achieve. What this guide prescribed isn’t just a review and evaluation of the top PPC software, it is about customization.

With a range of different software, to completely adapt and pick out the one that is best for your business.

You should be ready to set out where your audience is and what their principles are, and how often you want to speak. The more you understand your business, the better the outlined packages will help you. 

The Competitive Market Of Options And Features 

Before you choose any packages, the knowledge of what PPC software entails is important.

The primary options are both PPC bidding and email marketing. Depending on the nature of your offer, determines the exact software you need.

To do this, the best thing to do is look to understand how your business operates. Once complete, you can then consider the question below: 

How To Choose The Best PPC Software?

Choosing the best software requires you to know what the best is, this may require you to do some extra research.

When doing this, it’s key to only focus on Amazon partners. The typical email marketing package has effective and useful tools; however, they are general in approach and won’t suit your requirements as well.

On the other hand, services that are converted for Amazon sellers make your work so much faster and easier.

It is necessary to send messages that are based on the displays and presentations of Amazon. Therefore, it’s best to choose software that is compatible with this. 

What Are The Advantages Of Email Marketing And PPC? 

As previously mentioned, email marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing to engage with your leads intimately.

Pay-per-click advertising is great because it guarantees you that your market leads are being reached.

Thus, marketers use email marketing to nurture and support these leads. One way of doing this is by sending messages that are within the privacy of their accounts, which allows you to build relationships into actual purchases.

Likewise, it guarantees you some loyal customers as you generally have to sign up for email newsletters and notifications. 

What Differentiates The Market Choices?

One of the main aspects that differentiate this product list is the advanced technology.

While some systems accomplish this through cleverness, other SaaS agencies retain this through the help of artificial intelligence.

Based on your business requirements, you can either automate bidding or activate your ads manually. If you’re thinking of getting an Amazon FBA automation package, alongside this you will need integration.

This uses your Amazon account to keep your marketing materials running smoothly and efficiently. 

The Best Way To Use PPC OR FBA?

As an example, your PPC campaign can be utilized to produce leads for an email list.

What attracts consumers to your email lists is attractive freebies and discount codes that are offered in place when sharing their email addresses with you.

The money that you have then invested into advertising provides you with so much potential to attract consumers.

Likewise, everything you need is all in one place and can be controlled on demand. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has helped you discover all the different PPC software and tools for Amazon FBA.

The key to choosing the best software for your business is to understand your business’s needs and requirements, then choose a software that would best benefit this

Best Amazon PPC Software

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