Amazon Oversized Products: Explained

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Amazon Oversized Products

When you sell items online as an independent seller, you must be prepared to sell almost anything.

This is true for almost any online seller, as only big brands or brands with a well-defined and known product can get away with selling the same thing.

One of the hardest things to shift is oversized products.

Their size and the expense of manufacturing them can mean that they can be quite hard to sell, especially if you are having to sort out the actual delivery of sed items.

So, how do you do? How do you sell oversized products on Amazon with ease?

In this article, we seek to give you advice on how to sell oversized products on Amazon in a way that will bring you profit.

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Determine What People Will Buy

Attracting customers is always an incredibly difficult job, even for established businesses, but it is even harder in the online world.

In order to succeed there, you have to have a clear idea of what people will buy, even if it is only once.

When customers go shopping, they are often looking for certain things.

They want the product to be useful for them, for the product to be of high quality, and for the product to be at a reasonable price.

However, the thing they want most of all is for the product to be what they need now.

This is particularly true for oversized products, as people are not going to really buy them on a whim.

As such, the best strategy for selling these products is to determine at what points in the year they sell best.

That way, people are more likely to be looking for them, and you can expand your customer base.

For example, take couches. A couch’s peak selling times are in early spring and the start of summer.

This is due to the fact that just before and after these times is when the brand-new line of couches is normally brought out, so the old ones are on sale.

Not only that, but these are the most common times of year for redecoration, as people invite others over most often at these points.

Therefore, if you are selling a new couch, and you can undercut the competition, it is best to sell during summer or early spring.

Determining when people will buy what is almost as important as determining how much people will spend on a product

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Set Expectations And Determine Appropriate Pricing

Your product has to fulfill the requirements of the customer, but you need to make sure that the customer needs to know the limits of your product.

Customers want to know that they are getting their money’s worth, and if you don’t give them that, then there will be hell to pay.

If you sell someone a massive picture frame for their living room for a couple of hundred dollars with no description, the customer will fill in the blanks about what they expect from that frame.

They will dictate its supposed longevity with their own expectations and how much they paid for it.

As such, if it falls apart within 2 weeks, you are going to be subject to some nasty vitriol from them.

To set certain expectations, you can do this in many ways:

You can write product descriptions that give information about the product and what it is supposed to be used for.

You can also write product descriptions that tell a story about the product and its use.

By doing this, you help give a firm idea of the product’s capabilities and help the customers understand the product better.

As for determining the price, you have to take a few things into consideration.

You have to make sure your product is in medium to high demand at the time of selling for it to be competitive, and you want to sell within market range.

People have their own idea of what something should cost, and with oversized products, this range is bigger and more varied.

However, this also means that they expect everything to function perfectly with it, otherwise they will complain.

We have seen big coats with one loose thread that turned the coat from a $100 coat to a $20 coat.

Therefore, put any negatives in the description and justify your price somewhat. If you can justify the price, you can sell it for almost any price.

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Dimensions And Size Proportions

It is important to note that the dimensions and size of products are limited when you sell them on Amazon. For oversized products, the sizes range from small to large with “standard” being the middle size. 

  • For small oversized products, the dimensions are 61cm x 46cm x 46cm and they can weigh up to 2000 grams.
  • For standard oversized products, the dimensions are 105cm x 60cm x 60cm and they can weigh up to 22,000 grams.
  • For large oversized products, the dimensions are anything over the ones shown for standard and anything that weighs over 22,000 grams. 

However, any product that is larger than 164cm x 121cm x 101cm and weighs over 22,000 grams is not able to travel via Amazon fulfillment, except for televisions whose dimensions don’t exceed 178cm x 121cm x 101cm or have a weight below 34,000 grams. 

In order to sell these items, you may need to recruit your own fulfillment firm to do deliveries.

Set A Reasonable Delivery Cost

Remember, shipping is expensive. If you are selling an item, you can ship it to the customer in two ways.

You can ship the item to the customer directly, or you can ship the item to a freight company and then the customer has to arrange to pick it up. Shipping by a freight company can be expensive.

So, you have to find a way to include the cost in your product price.

For oversized products, you can choose to ship to a customer’s home and customers will be more willing to bear the delivery cost, because it is clearly a hassle to ship.

Use A Fulfillment Company

One of the best ways to sell oversized products is to work with a fulfillment company. A fulfillment company will help you get the product to the buyer’s hands.

It does this by providing you with a fleet of trucks and other delivery vehicles to use for delivery.

So, you have to set the price for delivery and the company then handles the rest.

Using a fulfillment company for oversized products can be a great way to sell oversized products on Amazon.

The company can help you price the item correctly and get it to the customer at a reasonable cost.

It also means that the product will probably reach the customer on time and will be in great condition when it does.

Although it will be expensive, as we mentioned earlier, the customer will probably be happy to front the cost for an oversized item.

Amazon Oversized Products Summary

Selling oversized products online is a bit of a hard gig. People don’t often buy oversized items and when they do, it is because they need them.

Therefore, having a plan to sell oversized items throughout the year is a must, but if you do it right, the rewards are great.

Amazon Oversized Products

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