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Search Find Buy

Being able to stand out from the crowd as a seller on Amazon has become increasingly important as the platform has grown exponentially and accumulated more and more sellers.

These days, it’s a lot more difficult to ensure that customers on Amazon see your product, let alone make sure that it makes an impression. 

For this reason, many different methods of ensuring visibility and boosting Amazon rankings have been devised by sellers on the platform. 

The Search Find Buy method has been hailed as the best way to boost your Amazon ranking as a seller.

But how useful is this method, and will it really increase your profits as an Amazon seller? Read our review of the Search Buy Find method to find out!

What Is The Search Find Buy Method? 

What Is The Search Find Buy Method? 

We will be covering a lot of information in this article, including how the Search Find Buy method compares to other Amazon rank-boosting strategies and what format this method takes.

However, to start with, we’re going to explain the basics of what the Search Find Buy method is and how it works. 

The Search Find Buy method of increasing your Amazon seller ranking involves producing organic, real-time Amazon click-throughs.

This should, hopefully, result in customers within your target demographic searching for the product, finding it in the top search results, and ultimately choosing to buy it.

If enough customers do this, your Amazon rankings will increase through organic sales, which are the sales that Amazon favors. 

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Search Find Buy Vs. Rank Manipulation 

It should be noted that the Search Find Buy method is an organic sales method, which is what Amazon wants to encourage on its platform.

This method is different from methods that are termed ‘rank manipulation.’ 

Rank manipulation is a term used for methods that aim to manipulate Amazon’s ranking algorithm, which contradicts the platform’s terms of service.

Some examples of rank manipulation strategies include: 

2-Step URLs

This method is probably the most similar type of rank manipulation to Search Find Buy because it does generate organic click-throughs. 

These links are designed to boost Amazon rankings by taking customers to your product in – you guessed it – 2 steps.

Instead of simply taking the customer straight to your Amazon product page, a 2-step URL sends the customer to a search page first.

However, this search page will only return a single result, which will be your product. 

This means that when the customer clicks on your product, the URL will have search page keywords built into it, indicating to Amazon that the product has been bought through an organic click-through, thus boosting your Amazon rankings. 

Super URLs

Super URLs are URLs that feature false keywords. The keyword receives power after a customer purchases the product through the URL, resulting in increased Amazon rankings for the product and seller. 

However, Super URLs can’t be used anymore because Amazon’s algorithm has become more sophisticated and is able to detect when keywords have been falsified. 

Stuffing Keywords 

An even older method of rank manipulation is stuffing keywords. This is basically the process of filling your product description with relevant keywords so that it’s more likely to appear near the top of the search results for the same keywords. 

Again, though, Amazon has developed a more sophisticated algorithm since the days when stuffing keywords was a popular method of rank manipulation.

Amazon can now usually spot when a seller is stuffing keywords and won’t give power to those keywords so the seller and product rankings won’t be positively affected. 

If you’re wondering how the Search Find Buy method differs from other rank manipulation methods that violate the terms of service put in place by Amazon, the answer is simple.

Search Find Buy leaves the customer in control of their purchase, which is not the case with the other rank manipulation strategies. 

2-Step URLs, for example, essentially force the customer to click on the seller’s product because it’s the only search result that shows up on the page.

Stuffing keywords also manipulate how often a product will appear in search results.

On the other hand, organic Search Find Buy allows the customer to choose which product to click on from a range of relevant search results. 

Using The Search Find Buy Method 

If you’re interested in implementing the Search Find Buy method for your own Amazon products, you will need to be familiar with the basic format.

Here’s how to correctly and effectively use the Search Find Buy method to boost your Amazon ranking: 

Attract Customers

If you want to make sure that customers actually search for your product in the first place without using ranking manipulation strategies such as 2-step URLs, you’ll need to make them aware of your product and give them an incentive to do so. 

We’ll get into how you can encourage customers to not only click on but also buy your product in a moment, but the first step is telling the customer about the product.

This is where tried and tested marketing strategies are your friend. 

One of the most common methods Amazon sellers will use to motivate customers to search for their products is to send out a newsletter via email.

Another alternative is to post about the product you want to promote on the homepage of your website if you have one.

Increasingly, Amazon sellers have also been making use of Facebook’s marketing tools to promote products. 

If you’re not sure how best to advertise the product you want to drive searches for, you should consider the demographic that your product is designed to attract.

If you’re selling something marketed towards young adults, for example, Facebook is likely to be a more effective way of marketing your product compared to email newsletters. 

For more intensive marketing campaigns, you might also consider using a chatbot.

A chatbot will pop up when a potential customer engages with an advertising campaign for your product (clicking on an ad on Facebook, for instance).

The bot will provide the customer with all the relevant information about how to find the product on Amazon. 

Offer a Discount/Rebate 

Once you’ve made your customers aware of your product, it’s best to offer an incentive for searching for and clicking on said product. 

After all, we can all relate to the frustration of having to click out of dozens of ads each time we open a new web page, so if you don’t want your customers to ignore your ad, you need to sweeten the deal. 

Search Find Buy – Boost Your Amazon Ranking (1)

Most commonly, Amazon sellers using the Search Find Buy method will offer customers a discount on the product if they search for it and buy it on Amazon. Rebates are also popular promotions. 

The exact amount of the discount or rebate will, of course, depend on how much of a promotion you can afford to offer.

Therefore, before you launch your Search Find Buy marketing campaign, you should take a look over your budget and work out what kinds of deals you can afford to use as incentives. 

Bear in mind that Amazon is less likely to increase your ranking if you offer higher discounts.

So, even though it might be tempting to offer the product at a significantly discounted price under the assumption that your increased rankings will bring in more business, it’s better to play it safe and offer a modest discount.

Use Precise Instructions 

Not only can vagueness in marketing lead to disinterested customers, but it might compromise your customers’ ability to search for and find your product on Amazon.

This would mean that fewer customers will be able to buy your product using the Search Find Buy method. 

Therefore, any instructions you provide for customers regarding how to find and purchase your product should be as clear and precise as possible. 

Make sure that your instructions include clear figures outlining the discount on the product and provide correctly-spelled keywords and page numbers to help them find the product through Amazon’s search function.

For increased clarity, include pictures of the product alongside the listing title. 

Write in short, concise sentences that won’t confuse or bore the reader.

You want to be direct and capture the customer’s attention while ensuring that they go to Amazon with all the information they need to make the purchase in a way that will boost your ranking. 

Final Thoughts 

The Search Find Buy method is one of the most popular strategies used by Amazon sellers to boost their rankings.

While rank manipulation methods have been used in the past, many of them are now not viable because they violate Amazon’s terms of service and will be caught by the algorithm. 

To boost your rankings with the Search Find Buy method, you’ll need to launch an advertising campaign for your discounted product that includes clear instructions for customers to search for, find, and buy the item. 

If customers follow these instructions and purchase your product after finding it through Amazon’s search function, your seller ranking is likely to increase, leading to more sales and success.

Search Find Buy

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