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Welcome to the thriving world of Poshmark. Whether you’re a seasoned Poshmark seller looking to elevate your game or a newcomer eager to unlock the secrets of Poshmark success, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll go on a journey through the ins and outs of Poshmark sales. From crafting eye-catching listings to mastering the art of negotiation and building a strong presence in the Poshmark community, you’ll learn it all.

Get ready to embark on a journey of style, entrepreneurship, and community building. Your success story on Poshmark is just a click away—let’s dive in!

Can You Boost Poshmark Sales

Boosting Poshmark Sales

Slow sales means less earnings, can you really increase your Poshmark sales?

Boosting sales on the Poshmark website, like any other online marketplace, involves a combination of strategies to enhance visibility, engage potential buyers, and build a positive reputation. Some of the top ways to boost your Poshmark sales include:

  • Using high-quality photos
  • Writing accurate descriptions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Promoting your closet
  • Offering discounts and promotions
  • Always provide excellent customer service
  • Build a strong brand presence
  • Stay up-to-date with fashion trends to know what’s in demand
  • Keep your closet organized and easy to navigate
  • Using social media
  • Sell designer items such as Chanel, Tory Burch, and Gucci

How To Increase Poshmark Sales

A girl in a thinking pose in a wardrobe

Now you know it’s possible to boost your Poshmark sales, here’s a detailed look at all the ways you can achieve your goals.

How To Take The Best Photos

Taking high-quality photos is crucial for attracting potential buyers on Poshmark. Here are some tips to help you capture the best images for your listings.

Use Natural Light

Natural light provides the most accurate representation of colors. Take your photos during the day near a window or outdoors. Avoid using flash as it can create harsh shadows and alter colors.

Clean Background

Choose a clean and uncluttered background to make your item the focal point. A plain, neutral background works well, such as a white wall or a clean surface.

Multiple Angles

Include photos from different angles to provide a comprehensive view of the item. Capture any details, patterns, or flaws so that buyers know exactly what to expect.

Close-Up Shots

Take close-up shots of any intricate details, logos, or imperfections. This helps buyers get a better understanding of the quality and condition of the item.

Use A Tripod

A steady camera is essential for clear photos. Use a tripod to eliminate shaky images. If you don’t have a tripod, stabilize your camera or phone against a surface.

Consistent Framing

Keep the framing consistent across your listings for a professional look. Center the item in the frame and maintain a similar distance in each photo.

Show Scale

Include a photo that shows the size of the item, especially for accessories or smaller items. You can use props like a coin or ruler for reference.

Capture Packaging

If applicable, include a photo of the packaging or tags to reinforce the item’s new or like-new condition.

Clean And Ironed Items

Present your items in the best possible condition by cleaning and ironing them before photographing. Wrinkled or dirty items may give a negative impression.

Use the Poshmark App’s Photo Tools

The Poshmark app has built-in editing tools. Use them to adjust brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Crop and straighten your photos within the app for a polished look.

Maintain A Consistent Style

Develop a consistent style for your photos to create a cohesive and professional brand name. This could include using the same background, lighting, and angles.

Experiment With Composition

Play around with different compositions to make your photos stand out. For example, you can experiment with flat lays or creative arrangements.

Writing The Perfect Item Descriptions

Crafting compelling and informative item descriptions is essential for attracting potential buyers and gaining consistent sales on platforms like Poshmark. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect item descriptions.

Be Descriptive

Provide detailed information about the item, including its color, size, brand, material, and any other relevant details. Clearly communicate the condition of the item (new, like-new, gently used, etc.).

Highlight Key Features

Identify and emphasize the key features or selling points of the item. Explain why the item is unique or desirable.

Use Keywords

 Include relevant keywords in your description to improve searchability. Think about terms buyers might use when looking for your type of item.

Size And Fit Information

Provide accurate size information and, if applicable, details on how the item fits (true to size, runs small, etc.). Include measurements for the clothing item to help interested buyers determine the fit.

Condition Disclosure

Be transparent about the condition of the clothes or other items. Clearly mention any flaws, wear, or imperfections. If the item is new with tags (NWT) or new without tags (NWOT), specify this.

Create A Story

Craft a short and engaging story around the item, especially if it has sentimental value or an interesting history. Help potential buyers envision how they might use or wear the item.

Include Care Instructions

If applicable, provide care instructions for the item. This can be especially important for delicate or specialty items.

Offer Styling Tips

Suggest different ways the item can be styled or paired with other pieces. Help buyers visualize how the item can complement their wardrobe.

Price Justification

If your item is priced higher due to its brand, rarity, or condition, briefly explain why in the description. Highlight any added value, such as original packaging or accessories.

Call To Action

Encourage buyers to ask questions or make offers. Use a friendly and inviting tone to engage potential buyers.


Use short paragraphs and bullet points to make your description easy to read. Break up text with spaces for a clean and organized look.

Update Availability

Clearly state if you have more than one of the same item available. If the item is no longer available, promptly update the listing or mark it as a sold item.

Social Proof

If you have positive reviews or feedback, mention it in your description to build trust with potential buyers. Find out what are the best-selling brands on Poshmark here.

The Importance Of Titles

Titles play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers and improving the visibility of your listings on platforms like Poshmark. Here’s some tips for creating effective ones:

  • Include brand and key details
  • Use keywords
  • Be specific
  • Capitalize properly
  • Keep it concise
  • Update availability
  • Highlight condition
  • Avoid misleading information

By crafting well-thought-out titles, you increase the chances of your listings being seen by the right audience and, ultimately, improve your chances of making a sale. Find more tips on how to increase sales here.

Competitive Pricing

Better Price & Best Price

Competitive pricing is a crucial aspect of successful selling on platforms like Poshmark. Setting the right price for your Poshmark items can attract more buyers, encourage faster sales, and help you stay competitive within the marketplace. Here are some tips for implementing competitive pricing strategies:

  • Before setting a price, research every similar item on Poshmark to understand the market value
  • Look for items with similar brands, conditions, and styles to gauge the appropriate price range
  • Price your item based on its condition (new, like-new, gently used, etc.)
  • Consider the original price of the item and the brand reputation
  • High-end brands or items with a higher original price point may justify a higher resale value
  • Poshmark allows sellers to offer discounts on their listings. Consider periodic sales or bundling discounts to attract buyers
  • Use Poshmark’s price drop feature
  • Offer discounts for buyers who purchase multiple items from your closet
  • Consider the shipping cost when pricing your items. Poshmark provides a standard shipping rate, and it’s essential to factor this into your pricing strategy
  • Regularly review your competitors’ pricing strategies
  • Bundle related items together and offer a slightly discounted price
  • Take advantage of Poshmark’s themed parties to promote discounted items.

Offering Discounts

Offering discounts on Poshmark can be an effective strategy to attract more buyers, increase sales, and create a positive shopping experience. Here are several ways you can offer discounts on Poshmark:

  • Encourage buyers to purchase multiple items by offering bundle discounts
  • Use Poshmark’s Price Drop feature to notify users when you reduce the price of an item
  • Participate in Posh Parties
  • Send private offers
  • Offer discounts for Likers
  • Run flash sales
  • Offer a shipping discount on selected items to attract more buyers as discounted shipping can be attractive to some buyers
  • During holidays, special events, or sales seasons, consider adjusting your prices to attract more buyers
  • Promote your discounts on social media or other platforms to attract more attention to your Poshmark closet

Follow Other Poshmark Users

Following other Poshmark users can be a strategic way to increase your visibility, build connections within the community, and potentially boost your sales. Here are some tips on how to effectively follow other Poshmark users.

Follow Relevant Users

Target users who are interested in the types of items you sell. For example, if you primarily sell vintage clothing, follow users who have an interest in vintage fashion.

Engage With The Poshmark Community

Participate in Posh Parties or Posh Shows and engage with other users by liking, sharing, and commenting on their listings. Attend themed parties relevant to your niche to connect with like-minded users.

Follow Poshmark Ambassadors

Poshmark Ambassadors are experienced and active sellers on the platform. Following them can expose your closet to a broader audience.

Follow And Interact With Your Followers

Show appreciation to users who follow you by reciprocating and following them back. Engage with your followers by liking and commenting on their listings.

Build Genuine Connections

Don’t just follow for the sake of increasing your follower count. Build genuine connections with users who share similar interests or styles.

Use Hashtags

Incorporate relevant hashtags in your listings and comments to make your closet discoverable to users searching for specific items or themes.

Share Listings From Others

Share listings from other users to reciprocate and show support within the Poshmark community. This can increase your visibility, especially if those users reciprocate and share your listings in return.

Participate In Posh Parties

Join a Posh Party and actively participate by sharing your listings and engaging with others. Following users who attend the same parties can lead to increased visibility.

Follow Fashion Influencers

Identify and follow fashion influencers on Poshmark. Engaging with their content can expose your closet to a broader audience.

Regularly Review And Update

Regularly review the users you’re following and assess if they are still relevant to your niche or interests. Unfollow any Poshmark user who is inactive or no longer aligns with your goals.

Connect On Social Media

If you have social media accounts related to your Poshmark closet, share your Poshmark username and connect with users outside of the platform. Find more tips on how to message someone on Poshmark here.

Poshmark Parties

Poshmark parties are themed virtual events on the Poshmark platform where users can buy, sell, and interact with each other. These parties are designed to create a social and engaging environment for Poshmark sellers and buyers.

There are different types of Poshmark Party including Brand Parties, Category Parties, Designer Parties, and Theme Parties.

Participating in a Poshmark Party can help boost your closet visibility, connect with new users, network with other sellers, and lead to more sales.

Poshmark parties are not only about selling but also about building a community and engaging with other users. Building relationships within the Poshmark community can lead to long-term benefits for your closet, including increased followers and potential repeat customers.

Become A Poshmark Ambassador

Becoming a Poshmark Ambassador is a recognition by Poshmark for users who actively contribute to the community, provide a positive experience for buyers and sellers, and consistently follow Poshmark guidelines. Here are the general steps to become a Posh Ambassador:

  • Meet Poshmark’s eligibility criteria which include having a minimum number of active listings, shares, and followers
  • Be active on Poshmark
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Maintain a positive community presence
  • Increase your follower count by connecting with other users and by providing quality content
  • Share and participate in Posh Parties
  • Maintain a consistent and active presence on the platform
  • Post quality listings
  • Follow all of Poshmark’s policies and guidelines
  • Once you meet the eligibility criteria and are consistently active on the platform, you can apply for Poshmark Ambassador status
  • Go to the Poshmark app, click on your profile, and check if there’s an option to apply for Posh Ambassador status

More Ways To Boost Your Poshmark Sales

Ways to boost Poshmark Sales

You now know some of the best ways to boost your Poshmark sales. However, there’s more you can do to really drive your small business forward.

Social Media

Leveraging social media can be an effective strategy to boost your Poshmark sales by increasing visibility, engaging with potential buyers, and driving traffic to your Poshmark closet. Here are some tips on how to use social media to enhance your Poshmark sales.

Create A Dedicated Social Media Account

Consider creating a separate social media account (e.g., Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook Marketplace) dedicated to your Poshmark closet. Use a consistent username and profile picture across platforms to build brand recognition.

Showcase Your Items

Share high-quality photos of your Poshmark listings on your social media accounts. Use engaging captions to highlight key features and encourage followers to visit your Poshmark closet.

Share Your Poshmark Story

Share your Poshmark journey, including how you source items, style them, and your favorite pieces. Storytelling creates a connection with your audience and can make your closet more appealing.

Use Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags related to your niche, brand, or the types of items you sell. This can help your posts reach a broader audience interested in those specific topics.

Engage With Followers

Respond to comments, direct messages, and engage with your social media followers. Building a community around your Poshmark closet can lead to increased trust and loyalty.

Host Giveaways Or Contests

Host giveaways or contests on your social media platforms to encourage participation and increase your follower count. Require participants to visit your Poshmark closet for entries.

Share Poshmark Sales And Promotions

Promote any sales, discounts, or promotions you’re running on Poshmark. Use your social media channels to create awareness about special events or limited-time offers.

Cross-Promote With Other Sellers

Collaborate with other Poshmark sellers for cross-promotion. Share each other’s listings or collaborate on joint promotions to reach a wider audience.

Use Instagram Stories And Reels

Use Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes content, unboxings, or styling tips. Create Reels to showcase your items in a creative and engaging way.

Promote Your Poshmark Closet Regularly

Regularly share your Poshmark listings on your social media accounts. Use a mix of posts, stories, and other content to keep your audience engaged.

Include A Link to Your Poshmark Closet

Always include a direct link to your Poshmark closet in your social media bios and posts. Make it easy for your social media followers to navigate to your Poshmark listings.

Use Pinterest For Inspiration

Create boards on Pinterest to showcase your items, fashion inspiration, and style ideas. Pin your Poshmark listings and relevant content to drive traffic.

Connect With Other Poshmark Sellers

Connecting with other Poshmark sellers is a pro tip that can be beneficial for various reasons, including networking, cross-promotion, and sharing insights about the platform. Here are some effective ways to connect with other Poshmark sellers:

  • Attend Posh Parties, where sellers and buyers gather to share and shop items
  • Follow other sellers whose style or niche aligns with yours
  • Regularly share listings from their closets, and they may reciprocate by sharing your items
  • Join Poshmark Facebook groups
  • Participate in Poshmark Instagram communities
  • Check if there are local or virtual Poshmark meetups in your area
  • Collaborate with other Poshmark sellers on Instagram Live or Stories
  • Create or Join Share Groups
  • Community shares involve a community of sellers who agree to share each other’s Poshmark listing
  • Participate in Poshmark Challenges
  • Collaborate with other sellers for cross-promotions
  • Attend Poshfest or virtual events
  • Reach out to other sellers through direct messages on Poshmark or social media

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) for your Poshmark business can help you streamline tasks, improve efficiency, and focus on more strategic aspects of your operation.

If you choose to hire a VA, they can handle the day-to-day tasks leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

Finding a quality VA may take time, but online platforms like Fiverr, People Per Hour, and Upwork make it easy to connect with experienced virtual assistants.

Remember to start with tasks that are relatively straightforward and gradually increase the complexity as you and your virtual assistant develop a working relationship. Effective communication and a clear understanding of expectations are key to a successful work relationship with a virtual assistant.

Poshmark Fees Explained

Fees explanation

You should always consider Poshmark fees when setting your prices. Here’s an overview of the primary fees associated with a Poshmark account.

Seller Fee

When you make a sale on Poshmark, the platform charges a flat fee for each item sold. The standard seller fee is 20% of the sale price for sales above $15. For sales under $15, a flat fee of $2.95 is applied.

Buyer Pays For Shipping

Buyers are charged a flat shipping fee of $7.11 for items weighing up to 5 pounds. This shipping cost covers shipping and handling and is paid by the Poshmark buyer. Poshmark provides a prepaid shipping label.

Payment Processing Fee

When you withdraw your earnings from Poshmark, a payment processing fee may be applied. This fee is $2.95 for direct deposit, or $0 for checks. 

If you choose to cash out through direct deposit, the fee is deducted from your earnings. If you opt for a check, there is no fee.

Poshmark Boutique Fee (if applicable)

If you operate a Poshmark Boutique, there may be additional fees associated with the Boutique program. These fees can include a subscription fee and a wholesale cost for items purchased through the wholesale portal.

Optional Shipping Upgrades (Optional)

Poshmark offers optional shipping upgrades, such as expedited shipping or discounted shipping promotions. These upgrades may come with additional costs, but participation is optional.

Sales Tax

Marketplace facilitator laws dictate that sales tax needs to be collected by the platform running the sales. Poshmark runs a program called Posh Remit that adds sales tax automatically. This is added to the buyers order and not taken from the sellers earnings.

Fees are subject to change at any time. Poshmark will notify you of changes to their terms so make sure to read all communications.

How Much Can You Earn On Poshmark

Jeans Dollars

The amount you can earn on Poshmark can vary widely based on several factors, including the types of items you sell, your pricing strategy, the condition of your items, and how actively you engage with the Poshmark community.

It’s important to note that while some sellers on Poshmark earn a significant income, others may use the platform more casually. Success on Poshmark often involves a combination of effective online selling strategies, engagement with the community, and a commitment to providing a positive buyer experience.

Poshmark provides a platform for individuals to start small businesses, but individual results can vary. Regularly assess your strategies, stay informed about trends, and adjust your approach based on the performance of your listings.


How does Poshmark work?

Poshmark is a social commerce platform where individuals can buy and sell new or gently used fashion items. A Poshmark reseller lists their items, a potential buyer can browse and make purchases, and Poshmark facilitates the transaction.

How do I make sales on Poshmark?

To make sales on Poshmark, focus on creating high-quality listings with clear photos and detailed descriptions. Engage with the Poshmark community by sharing listings, participating in Posh Parties, and following other users.

How do I get paid on Poshmark?

Once a sale is completed, Poshmark holds the funds until the buyer receives the item and accepts it. After acceptance, you can request a payout, and Poshmark will transfer the earnings to your bank account or send you a check.

Can I negotiate prices with buyers?

Yes, Poshmark allows buyers to make offers on your listings. You can negotiate the price with the buyer, and if an agreement is reached, the buyer can purchase the item at the agreed-upon price.

Can I sell internationally on Poshmark?

Poshmark primarily operates in the United States, and shipping is limited to U.S. addresses.

How can I increase the visibility of my listings?

Increase visibility by actively sharing your listings, participating in Posh Parties, and following other users. Use relevant hashtags, offer bundle deals, and provide accurate item descriptions to attract buyers.

What happens if a buyer cancels an order?

If a buyer cancels an order before it is shipped, Poshmark will cancel the transaction, and the funds will be refunded to the buyer. Once an item is shipped, the sale is considered final.

Can I return items on Poshmark?

Poshmark Inc. generally doesn’t allow returns for fit or buyer’s remorse. However, if there is a significant issue with the item, buyers may open a case within three days of receiving the item.

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