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Imagine that there’s a way to turn your love for napping into a paid opportunity. Yes, you read that right—getting paid to nap is not just a daydream but a real opportunity to make extra money.

Whether you’re a certified afternoon nap enthusiast or simply looking to make some extra cash, this post is your first step to discovering the exciting world of paid napping.

Get ready to discover the art of earning while you snooze, as you learn the secrets of how to get paid to nap!

Can You Really Get Paid To Nap

Man sleeping in bed while holding a wad of money in his hand

Yes, you can get paid to nap in some specific situations or through certain unconventional jobs and opportunities. Here are a few examples:

  • Napping Studies
  • Sleep Testers
  • Professional Nappers
  • Sleep Monitoring Apps
  • Sleep Research

Get Paid To Nap

If you want to get paid for your daily nap, these are some of the best ways you can achieve your goal.

Bed Testing

Getting paid as a bed tester, also known as sleep product testing, can be an enjoyable and unique job. Here’s how to get started.

Build Relevant Qualifications

While formal education is not always required, having a background in fields like sleep science, psychology, or a related area can be beneficial.

Gain Experience

Develop your expertise by learning about different types of mattresses, pillows, and sleep-related products.

You can also experiment with different sleeping positions and environments to understand how they affect sleep quality. Daytime napping, general different length naps, and nighttime sleep naps are all areas of napping that a professional napper may need to comment on.

Research Companies

Look for companies in the bedding industry, including mattress manufacturers, sleep product retailers, and sleep research organizations. Research their job offerings and requirements.

Consider Freelance Or Consulting Work

Some companies may hire freelance mattress or sleep product testers on a project basis. Consider offering your services as a freelance tester.

Remember that while being a mattress tester may sound like a dream job to some, it may not provide a stable income, and positions may not always be readily available. It’s essential to be flexible and consider other sources of income while pursuing this unique career path. 

Casper Sleeper is one company that sometimes recruits people to sleep in its beds.

Sleep Studies

Man sleeping in bed and participating in a sleep study experiment

Participating in sleep studies can be a legitimate way to get paid while contributing to scientific research. To find sleep studies look for trials in your area such as those run by the Cleveland Sleep Research Center.

Clinical trials administered by a sleep expert may be testing things during the testing period such as sleep medicine, how sleep quality affects overall levels of performance when awake, and different benefits of naptime such as reduced overall fatigue.

At the end of a study, you may need to complete a verbal questionnaire or other type of report.

Dedicated nappers could find a variety of sleep studies to take part in. A sleep deprivation study, a daily nap study, or if you’re a true Sleeping Beauty then a 30 day nap study are all possible.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Start by looking for universities, hospitals, and research institutions in your area or region that conduct sleep studies
  • Each sleep study may have specific eligibility criteria, such as age, gender, and medical history
  • Register with research databases
  • Contact researchers
  • You’ll likely need to go through a screening process to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the study. This may involve completing a verbal questionnaire, medical evaluations, and interviews with an employee
  • If you’re selected, you’ll participate in the sleep study as per the study’s design. This may involve staying overnight in a sleep laboratory, wearing monitoring equipment, or following specific sleep schedules
  • Compensation for participating in sleep studies varies widely depending on the study’s length, complexity, and location
  • It’s crucial to adhere to the study’s guidelines and procedures, including sleep schedules and any restrictions, to ensure the research results are accurate
  • After participating, you may be asked to provide feedback about your experience or complete follow-up assessments

House Sitting

House sitting can be a way to earn money napping, especially if you’re responsible and trustworthy. Here’s how to get paid for house sitting.

Build A Good Reputation

Start by house sitting for friends or family members to gain experience and build a positive reputation. Ask for references from the people you’ve house sat for, as good recommendations can be crucial when seeking paid opportunities.

Create A Profile

Set up an online presence through websites and platforms designed for house sitters. Websites like TrustedHousesitters, HouseSitter, or Rover offer platforms to connect house sitters with homeowners.

Offer Additional Services

To make yourself more attractive to homeowners, consider offering additional services such as pet care, gardening, or maintenance.

Doing this is a great way to boost your earnings.    

Seek Repeat Business

Building long-term relationships with homeowners can lead to repeat business and referrals.

Start A Blog

If you have strong English writing skills, then why not start your own blog? Starting a blog about getting paid to nap can be an interesting and unique niche. For inspiration, check out competitors, such as Sleep Junkie or Eachnight by Jasmin Lee. Here are the steps to get started:

Choose A Niche

Determine the specific focus of your blog. Are you going to cover paid nap opportunities, sleep research, or related stories?

A good sleep guide, a mattress review, 12 ways to get better sleep, or Labor Day weekend bed deals are just a few of the nap related articles you could write.

Select A Blogging Platform

Choose a blogging platform that suits your needs. Popular options include WordPress, Blogger, and Medium.

Pick A Domain Name

Select a domain name that reflects your niche and is easy to remember.

Create High-Quality Content

Start writing informative and engaging blog posts related to getting paid to nap, sleep research, sleep tips, and anything else relevant to your niche.

Consider including personal experiences or anecdotes to make your content relatable.

Optimize For SEO

Learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to make your blog posts more discoverable on search engines.

Promote Your Blog

Share your blog posts on social media platforms, forums, and communities where your target audience hangs out.

Consider guest posting on other blogs or websites to increase your visibility.

Monetize Your Blog

Explore various ways to monetize your blog. Since your niche is about getting paid to nap, you might consider affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital products (e.g., sleep guides or eBooks), or running ads.

Be Patient And Consistent

Building a successful blog takes time. Be patient and maintain a consistent publishing schedule. Want to learn more about blogging? Check here.

Become A Carer

Getting paid to nap as a caregiver typically involves working in a specialized caregiving role where your primary responsibility is to be available during certain hours or overnight while the person you’re caring for sleeps. Here’s how to get paid to nap as a carer:

  • Not all caregiving roles involve sleeping while on duty, so it’s important to search for carer roles that will allow time for napping
  • You may need to obtain relevant training or certifications
  • Look for caregiver job listings that specify the need for overnight or sleep-in caregivers, such as
  • During interviews or discussions with potential employers, be clear about your desire to be paid for the time spent napping while on duty
  • If you secure a position as a sleep-in caregiver, fulfill your caregiving duties diligently, even during nighttime hours when you’re resting

Line Sitter

Getting paid to sit in queues, also known as “queue standing” or “line-sitting,” can be a unique way to earn money. This job involves waiting in line for various events or services on behalf of clients who may not have the time or patience to do so themselves.

To find line sitter gigs you could advertise your services using social media. 

Another way to get line sitter jobs is by using established websites. TaskRabbit, Spotblaze, InLine4You, and Indeed are some of the top websites you can use to find paid line sitting jobs.

Mystery Shopper

Getting paid to nap as a mystery shopper is an intriguing idea. While mystery shoppers are typically tasked with evaluating customer service and the overall shopping experience, you could potentially find opportunities to assess sleep-related businesses, such as hotels, mattress stores, or sleep clinics.

To get started sign up with reputable mystery shopping companies or agencies. Many of these companies offer assignments across a wide range of industries, including those related to sleep.

Mystery shopping platforms to try out include BestMark, Second to None, and IntelliShop.

Product Reviewer

A girl checking a mattress with her hands in a shop

Getting paid to nap as a product reviewer can be an enjoyable way to earn money. You could get paid to test products by a product review company. Alternatively, you can test products yourself and post your reviews online using a blog, YouTube, or social media.

Homescan, Pinecone Research, and American Consumer Opinion are some companies that pay you to review products. However, you may not get a choice in which products you can review.

To guarantee getting paid as a nap reviewer, starting your own product review channel is a great option. You could review crafted beds, mattresses, sleep aids, and anything else sleep related. Your reviews can be monetized in lots of ways including affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorship, and selling your own merch.

Pet Sitter

While getting paid specifically to nap as a pet sitter might be rare, you can still earn money by offering pet sitting services, which can include napping while looking after pets.

To get work as an overnight pet sitter you could start your own pet sitting business. To find customers, you can use social media or deliver flyers to residents in your local area.

Another option to find pet sitting work is to use existing platforms like Rover to find customers. Learn more about how to make money while working with pets here.

How Much Money Can You Make Napping

A girl sleeping on a floor full of money with a happy smile on her face

The amount of money you can make from napping or participating in nap-related activities can vary widely based on several factors, including the specific opportunity, location, and your level of expertise or experience.

It’s important to note that while these opportunities exist, they may not provide a consistent or substantial income on their own. Earning money through napping or sleep-related activities often involves a combination of opportunities and may require supplementing your income with other sources. Check other money-making opportunities that require low effort here.

Tips For Getting Paid To Nap

Getting paid to nap can be a unique and enjoyable way to earn money, but it often involves niche opportunities and may not be a primary source of income. Here are some tips if you’re interested in exploring this unconventional field:

Identify Niche Opportunities

Research and identify niche opportunities where napping or sleep-related activities can be monetized. These may include sleep research studies, mattress testing, or sleep coaching.

Build Expertise

Develop knowledge and expertise in areas related to sleep, relaxation, and wellness. This can make you more attractive to employers or clients looking for sleep-related services.

Create An Online Presence

Establish an online presence, such as a blog, website, or social media profiles, to showcase your expertise and attract potential opportunities.


Network with professionals in the sleep industry, researchers, or businesses that may have relevant opportunities.

You can also attend industry events, conferences, and webinars to build connections.

Check Job Listings And Websites

Keep an eye on job listings, university research websites, and sleep-related organizations for opportunities in sleep studies or research.

Some companies may also advertise sleep tester positions or sleep coach roles.

Manage Your Sleep Schedule

Be prepared to adjust your sleep schedule if you’re participating in overnight sleep studies or related opportunities. Too lazy to earn money while napping? Check out these awesome jobs here.


What does it mean to get paid to nap?

Getting paid to nap typically involves earning money while napping or participating in sleep-related activities, such as sleep studies, mattress testing, or providing sleep coaching services.

What are some opportunities to get paid for napping?

Opportunities include participating in sleep research studies, becoming a mattress or sleep product tester, working as a sleep coach or consultant, and providing relaxation or nap services.

How much can I earn by getting paid to nap?

Earnings can vary widely depending on the specific opportunity, location, and your level of expertise. Payment can range from a nominal fee to several hundred dollars per assignment.

What skills or qualifications do I need?

Qualifications vary depending on the opportunity. For some, having expertise in sleep science, sleep coaching certification, or relevant experience may be beneficial.

How can I find opportunities to get paid for napping?

Look for job listings, research studies, or websites related to sleep and wellness. Networking with professionals in the field can also help you discover opportunities.

Are there any risks associated with getting paid to nap, such as health concerns?

Depending on the opportunity, there may be risks or discomfort associated with certain sleep-related activities. It’s essential to research and understand the specifics of each opportunity.

Watch out for scams too and never give more personal information than you need to.

Can I make a career out of getting paid to nap?

While it’s possible to pursue a career in sleep-related fields, such as sleep coaching or sleep research, getting paid to nap alone is unlikely to be a sustainable career path. It’s often one facet of a broader career in the sleep industry.

Can I combine getting paid for napping with other income sources?

Yes, you can get paid for napping or sleep-related activities alongside other income sources, as opportunities in this niche may not be consistent or sufficient as a sole income stream.

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