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You want to learn how to blog and don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve already started your blog but need to know how to get more traffic. Perhaps your email list is as long as a napkin, and you want more subscribers.

Blogging is maybe the best side hustle going, right? Next to zero startup costs and the promise to earn thousands a month from affiliate sales and ads. Well, most of us bloggers, unfortunately, don’t live that 6-figure income dream – at least yet. That’s why, like most crafts, the best thing to do is continually self educate.

Learn why something isn’t working, and how to do it better. And the thing about blogging is, bloggers like to write about blogging (who would have guessed). So, there really is a wealth of material out there to learn from the best. But where should you start? Today, let’s explore 7 of the best blogs to learn how to blog.

Start Your Own Blog

It’s a great way to make money online and to win back your financial freedom. It’s not easy, but then again, nothing good in life is! If you put in the work it can be extremely rewarding. So make sure you start your blog the right way, self-hosted, and on Siteground!

7 Best Blogs to Learn How to Blog

If you want to Start a Blog and need a hosting solution – I personally recommend SiteGround. They have been amazing for me as a new blogger. Incredible service, a great platform, and easy to set up with free WordPress installation. Check them out – it’s never too late to start blogging…

Why Would You Need to Learn How to Blog?

The internet has a way of portraying things in a slightly exaggerated way. You could be forgiven for thinking that starting a blog is easy, and making money from it, even easier.

As many people who have been blogging for any length of time knows, it’s actually just as hard as any other business. And perhaps in many respects, harder. The barriers to entry for starting a blog are so low, any Tom, Dick or Harry can give it a go (you can add Chris to those names as well).

Well, check out this stat…

There are around 7 million blog posts being published every day

First Site Guide

That’s a lot of people to compete with, and a large crowd in which to make your voice heard.

The only saving grace to this frightening statistic is not everything out there is great. In fact, there is a lot of crap within those 7 million daily published blog posts, and therefore opportunity can arise.

The opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd, grow a devoted following, increase your traffic and monetise.

It’s not easy as a beginner though, and learning from those that have come before is a great way to elevate your blog to a credible status. But who are the best blog gurus in which to trust? Should we blindly believe in Google’s top-ranked result for ‘best blogs to learn to blog’? Or are there nuggets of blog educational gold hiding in unlikely places?

Twins Mommy

Elna Cain is a powerhouse in the Mom blog world and also a successful freelance writer. Her mommy blog, twinsmommy.com receives over 30,000 page views per month and she consistently earns over $6k. She also has a freelance writing blog at elnacain.com as well as some other smaller niche blogs.

I have been following Elna for quite a while now and love the content she produces for a number of reasons. Firstly, she writes about blog strategy and growth from a personal perspective and her own results are proof of concept. This makes it much easier to trust in the methods when applying to your own blog.

Secondly, she covers topics that are well within the grasp of the beginner blogger. Unlike some of the bigger names in the industry, such as Neil Patel (neilpatel.com) and Brian Dean (backlinko.com) – who’s posts can be a little overwhelming and more geared towards sites that are established, Elna is beginner-friendly.

Her post 12 Things You Have To Do Before Launching Your Blog is a must-read before you launch and she has a  FREE 6-day blogging course if you sign up.

If you have already gone live then I would definitely recommend 54 Simple Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2020 as a place to start learning how to grow your traffic.

Elna also has a full traffic generation course called Ready Set Blog for Traffic which is really affordable and full of value.

Finally, I would like to add how much I love the videos on her YouTube channel. Her videos are so informative and offer real strategic steps you can make towards blog growth and improvement.

Also, I have to say, I love her voice. She has such a calming way about her and is an absolute pleasure to watch. My personal blogging journey has been a lot of hard work and at times felt totally disheartening. But watching a cheeky Pinterest strategy video by Elna hardly seems like any effort and really sets me up for the day ahead.

The Content Bug

Catherin Manning is a real superstar. She tells it how it is and leaves nothing out…I love her. I have followed her since I learned about blogging being a thing. She was one of the first blog gurus that really got me hooked on the blogging drug, and ever since I’ve been totally addicted – to both blogging and the content she produces.

She has such inspiring posts and covers the entire facet of online content creation, marketing, promotion, growth and development – and all with her totally unique approach that is both superbly educational and extremely enjoyable.

Catherin has grown her blog over the past few years and shares her experiences with her audience. She is endearing, well informed and offers great value to her readers – and it’s a pleasure following her whilst I continue to learn how to blog.

You can read about how she has made a tactical shift with the direction of her blog in her post Learning When To Pivot In Your Brand. She also has great content on brand development, Pinterest strategy and digital product creation.

You also have to check out her YouTube channel, it’s a must-watch for any aspiring blogger and content creator. I do recommend having a notepad handy though, she speaks very quickly – one of the reasons I love her. The videos have awsome content though, and the production value is second to none.

What Mommy Does

Yes, another mommy blog, but this time from stay-at-home mum and blog traffic expert Lena Gott.

I know this is the second Mom blog to feature in this list, but there is a reason. It can be quite difficult to relate to blogger blogs teaching about blogging – especially for new bloggers.

Firstly, most people starting a blog will be operating within a niche that is most definitely not blog related. For instance, I produce content that would fall under personal finance and wellbeing niches. Therefore, it’s much easier to relate the teachings of Mom bloggers to whatever niche you have decided – because you can see the information has worked for them.

Also, and this is especially true of Lena, good Mom bloggers have a fantastically warming style to their content delivery. This makes absorbing the often difficult information far more pleasurable – and easier to adopt.

You should definitely check out her free guide BLOG TRAFFIC BONUS GUIDE: 3 WAYS TO GET A LOT MORE PAGE VIEWS!

Also, her paid traffic eBook, Traffic Transformation – where she outlines the exact strategies she used to grow her page views from 17k to 400k+ per month in just 10 months.

I can personally vouch for the quality and value for money of her eBook. It’s a vital resource for the serious blogger looking to increase traffic and learn how to blog.

The She Approach

Ana is a true inspiration to me and a fellow Brit. Her articles are incredibly insightful and truthful. She shares her income reports, tactics used, mistakes made and lessons learned. If you want to learn how to blog you can’t go far wrong with putting your trust in Ana.

I was fortunate enough to come across her when researching Pinterest growth strategy eBooks – and hers came highly recommend. I invested in my copy and have to say, never looked back. The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible is honestly the only manual you will ever need to crack the Pinterest code.

If you are interested in her eBook you can use my discount code ‘TSA5OFF‘ to receive $5 off – how about that hey…

Making Pinterest Possible - the she approach

Pinterest is really a massive learning curve for all new bloggers, especially if you are not previously familiar with the platform. After starting my blog I quickly set up my account and waited for the traffic to roll in.

After a couple of weeks, I was bewildered as to why I wasn’t receiving phone calls from my hosting provider demanding more money for the overload in traffic my site was receiving.

Alas, there is more to Pinterest than converting your profile to a Business account and making beautiful pins – and Anas eBook covers it all, and then some. If you want to learn about blogging you need to learn about Pinterest. I spent many hours reading the free carbon copy stuff on other blogs, but Anas approach is methodically written, a matter of fact and practical.

Her blog, The She Approach is lovely to navigate and offers great value in a variety of blog-related topics. She has a number of paid courses and offers blog coaching services – which I think ill be taking later in the year.

I think you will have noticed that my learning is best derived from relatable content creators and people with whom I feel connected via their writing. You should definitely check out her post my first $100 blogging, it’s great for newbies to see how others got started, and eventually succeed in this crazy blogosphere world.

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is a blogging legend and is professionally where almost all new bloggers strive to be. His blog earns him over $450,000 a year – and for good reason.

Firstly, his site is absolutely gorgeous. It recently went through a redesign, and not that it looked bad before, but now it’s really the pinnacle of blog design perfection.

Secondly, his content is just awesome and every new and aspiring blogger needs to take note. All his posts are long, well thought out, carefully researched and ultimately essential reading to learn how to blog.

When I first started out I must admit I felt slightly intimidated by Ryan. His blog seemed so far away from what I would ever be able to achieve. Also, as a newbie, you have so much to learn and incorporate its totally overwhelming. I was just getting to grips with how to Pin correctly when I came across a post about guest posting on Ryans site.

With everything else going on, I thought the whole guest posting process was well beyond my capabilities, and yet it is absolutely vital for domain authority and SEO. So, many weeks later I came back to this post, read it, understood it and acted upon it’s magical words of wisdom.

I couldn’t believe that a mere few weeks later I managed to wrangle my first published guest post over at thewellbeingblogger.com – and it was all thanks to Ryan.

You should definitely read his post Guest Blogging 101: How to Guest Blog Post (for SEO and Traffic) if you want actionable steps you can take to land your first guest post.

His post How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (32 Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic) and How to Write a Blog Post in 2020 (Free Blog Post Template): The Ultimate Writing Guide for Bloggers are also amazing resources of actionable content.

Ryan also has a course called Built to Blog, which I am hoping to take over the next few months. I did apply for the apprenticeship programme that he ran earlier in the year but unfortunately missed out on a place. You don’t win them all, hey.

Finally, Ryan is obviously wildly successful and a supremo in his field. This can sometimes mean bloggers with his status are somewhat unreachable. I sent Ryan a couple of messages since the start of the year, and in both instances received a prompt and thoughtful reply. He’s a top guy. Thanks, Ryan.

Income School

You know the saying two is better than one, well it couldn’t be more true when it comes to Jim and Ricky’s Income School. This is one of my favourite blogs on the internet…full stop. Never mind how valuable a resource it is when you actually want to learn how to blog. This is high octane blogging education from masters of the art.

Their blog has somewhat lost their attention recently as they focus more on other outlets which ill discuss shortly. However, there is excellent value still within historic posts, and you should definitely check it out. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the site and flick back through older posts – but it’s all there for your pleasure.

Jim and Ricky teach slightly differently to the larger community of blog educators. This is because they focus solely on niche sites – and I mean niche. You can check out their site Camper Report – dedicated to RVs and Campers only.

Income School, via its flagship course Project 24 teaches a 60-Step approach to a profitable niche site. They take a stance against active backlink building and tip the old adage 20% – content 80% – promotion on its head. This has worked for them and many of their students – and you can see why. Building a niche site in this way will demand authoritative respect from google and drive massive organic traffic.

I have learned so much from these two guys, and where they now offer the most value is on their YouTube channel. They typically produce a new video every week and they are always awesome. The strategies, research, tips and methodical advice is unmissable.

Easy Blog Emily

The final best blog to learn how to blog is Easy Blog Emily. It can be quite disheartening trying to learn how to blog from long-established super-bloggers. That’s why I always find it refreshing and useful to include relatively newer bloggers in my continuing education.

That is why I love following Emily and her journey. She has managed to achieve a great deal in just a couple of years. She has massively increased her traffic, started making an income from Ad revenue, affiliate marketing, a digital guide (The Viral Pin Guide) and managed Pinterest VA services – all in her 20’s…well done Emily.

Easy Blog Emily has a couple of really inspirational posts which you should definitely check out, including How to Rank First Page on Google and How I Get Over 900 Page Views a Day. Emily writes really well researched and thoughtful posts and shares a lot of personal experiences to give her topics context.

I have thoroughly enjoyed her development as a blogger and expect nothing but greatness from her in the future.


There you go, the 7 best blogs to learn how to blog, a real mix of talent and inspiration to take your blog to the next level.

Although I have only been creating content for a handful of months, I have learned a great deal from these 7 bloggers – and continue to learn as my blog develops.

I find the process quite overwhelming at times as the whole thing requires mastering a number of disciplines. I have run my own business for over 10 years, and yet blogging is something different – existing in a void outside of the traditional business world.

Firstly, you must be able to produce well-written content in what I like to call a ‘bloggable format’. The topics must cover what your readers want (and if you don’t have readers yet, this is hard).

Secondly, your need to master SEO, content marketing, self-promotion, outreach, link building, keyword research, site development, maintenance and everything else in between.

It is performing the job role of CEO for a multinational company from behind a laptop in your living room…mental. However, the best bloggers, such as those in the list above, make it look effortless. That’s why they have an army of raving fans and are compensated financially for their efforts.

The only thing to do as a new blogger or one that is not reaching the success they long for is to learn. Learn from the best and keep on blogging…

Are you a relatively new blogger, or have you been going for a while? Where do you go for your continued blog education, and what advice can you offer others?

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7 best blogs to learn how to blog Pinterest

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