Long Game Review: Gamified Savings

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Long Game Review

When the New Year is on the horizon, you probably start to think about making some New Year resolutions.

Many people often resolve to be healthier, travel more, or learn a new skill. Another good resolution to make is to improve your personal finances. However, saving money is hard for many people in the United States.

One app that’s hoping to help more people save money is Long Game. This innovative financial tool can be a game changer as it makes the process of saving money fun, thanks to the platform using a gamified approach.

By the end of this Long Game review, you’ll know what Long Game is, how it can help you build a grand strategy for your financial future, and how much extra money you can save.

What Is Long Game

What Is Long Game?

Long Game Rewards was founded in 2015 with headquarters in the United States. The personal finance app aims to revolutionize how people can save money. To achieve this goal, users of Long Game Rewards can reach their personal finance goals by playing games and completing savings missions.

In 2022, financial giant Truist, also based in the United States, bought Long Game in a multimillion dollar deal.

Long Game Rewards is a game changer for anyone looking to become a better saver.

The free app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also head to the Long Game website to get a download link sent straight to your mobile device.

How Does Long Game Work

To get started on Long Game, you simply need to download the free app and create an account with one of Long Game’s partner banks.

Once you’ve set up your account, you must make a deposit. You can start with as little as $5, then decide how much to add regularly using an automatic funding plan.

Anytime you’ve spare cash, you can add an extra amount to your account.

Don’t worry about a bad month; withdrawals can be skipped when you need to keep the cash.

Every cent you save goes towards earning Long Game coins. Those coins are needed to play games within the Long Game app. 

Bonus coins can be earned from friend referrals, making deposits, and taking part in special offers. Daily offers and missions are other ways you can earn coins.

The deposit money earns interest while it remains in the linked bank account. Plus, you earn extra money by playing games. All winnings are then transferred directly to your linked bank account.

What Prizes Are Available On Long Game

You can win coins or cash when you play games on Long Game. Plus, each week, a lottery draw has a top prize of $1 million in cash.

Long Game review

You must be prepared to spend more coins to enter games with bigger cash prizes.

Cash Prizes

Within the Long Game app, you will see a Shield icon. Clicking this reveals your pending transactions, total balance, and available balance.

Cash prizes are automatically sent to your bank account, which can take a few days. Thanks to the Shield icon, you can easily keep track of your money.

Daily Games

Coins are the key to success in Long Game. That’s because you can’t play any of the games without them and boost your savings.

The good news is that you can log in to the app daily to earn bonus coins. The daily bonus is a lottery, so the number of coins you can earn will vary.

Direct Deposit

Setting up a direct deposit with your linked bank account is another way to earn Long Game coins. Those coins allow you to play even more games. That means more cash for you.

When your first direct deposit clears, you receive 500,000 coins. Plus, daily games award double the number of coins to users that have set up direct deposit.

What Games Can You Play On Long Game

Turning something into a game is one of the best ways to keep people interested. By turning saving money into a game, Long Game is hoping to inspire people to save more. To do this, Long Game has created a coin system. The more money you save, the more coins you earn.

Those coins can then be used to play games that offer prizes, including cash and more coins.

Your savings are kept separate and continue to grow thanks to interest. All the extra money you can win using your coins is a way to reward you for continuing to reach your savings goals.

What games can you play on Long Game review

Many games resemble classic gambling games like lottery scratchers or spin-to-win games.

Here are a few fun games you can play on Long Game.

Lucky Bounce

A ball bounces across the screen off pegs until it lands in a chest. Each chest contains a prize of cash or coins. Unless you get the empty chest!

Connect 3

To play Connect 3, you must draw a line connecting similar icons. Eventually, you’ll unlock a chest when you’ve connected enough icons. That chest will (hopefully) contain a prize.

Puzzles & Prizes

Puzzle fans will love swapping pieces in the game Puzzles & Prizes. Keep matching three or more pieces until you unlock your prize.

How Much Can You Earn On Long Game

Lots of things affect how much money you can earn on Long Game. How much money you can save, how many coins you earn to play more games, and if you win any prizes from the lottery draw. All these things affect your long-term earnings.

What’s awesome about saving money on Long Game is that you won’t lose any money. All the money you deposit goes into savings that earn interest.

Games are played using coins that you earn separately. Those coins are the currency needed to play games. Winnings are then automatically added to your savings. Play often, and your savings pot could grow fast.

How Does Long Game Make Money

The Long Game app is free to download and free to join. In fact, you don’t pay any fees to use Long Game.

In that case, you may wonder how Long Game makes money.

How Does Long Game Make Money

It’s simple. Long Game’s partner banks pay Long Game a fee for every user who opens an account. Players then get a share of that money from Long Game in the form of cash prizes.

Is Long Game Legit

Long Game is a legit app that keeps your personal information encrypted. Your banking information is not stored on Long Game at all. Instead, Long Game uses a service called Plaid to securely connect with your bank account.

Users have also given a Long Game review on both the App Store and Play Store. Long Game has been downloaded 100,000 times on the Play Store and has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from almost 2,000 reviews.

All this data helps you to have confidence that Long Game is legit.

Long Game Review – Is It Worth It

Do you want free money? Yes, then Long Game is for you. The app is free to use, helps you reach your savings goals, and you can win bonus cash to boost your savings.

The money you deposit into your savings is protected and grows thanks to interest.

You may already be a money-saving expert. That’s awesome, but Long Game can still be a game-changer for you. You can still get good value from Long Game as part of your savings portfolio thanks to how you can earn extra money without risking your savings.

The biggest downside of Long Game is that you must open a bank account with one of its banking partners. If you don’t want to, then it means you can’t use the Long Game app. You could use it as a second savings account and just deposit the minimum savings amount. That way, you can still earn coins for a chance to win that big $1 million prize.

You may feel like you live in a short-term world, but successfully saving money involves strategic thinking. Having a long-term savings strategy can mean lasting success.  Long Game is worth it for most people. If you want to be considered a savings role model and a long-term thinker, then Long Game is just what you need.


Is Long Game gambling?

No, Long Game is not gambling. Although many of the games you play are typical gambling games, you’re not risking your money to play. Winnings are on top of interest earned on your deposit. Thanks to the Long Game coin system, you don’t have to pay any cash to play the games.

Can I make extra deposits?

Yes, you can make a one-off deposit at any time.

Does Long Game cost anything?

Long Game is free to download and join.

Can you really save money with Long Game?

Long Game users can really save money. By creating a personal finance tool with a game element, Long Game helps keep users focused on hitting their savings goals. Why? Because it means you can win extra money along the way.

Will I get rich from Long Game?

You could be lucky enough to win the $1 million jackpot. However, the odds of winning the big prize are against you. Most users win small amounts of cash and not an overnight success. By saving consistently, you can reach your own financial goals even without winning. 

That means you can have a much richer future with a nice pot of savings to help you do whatever you want. Travel, home ownership, and becoming debt free are all easier to do when you have savings.

How does the interest work?

Long Game itself doesn’t pay interest. Instead, interest is paid based on your linked bank account.

Can I access my funds anytime?

Your funds are securely stored at all times in your linked bank account. The Long Game app allows you to see how much you have, but you can access your money anytime from your bank account.

I’m searching for Long Game, but can’t find it?

You can try Long Game Savings to narrow down the search when searching for Long Game. That’s because Long Game is a popular title. Authors including KJ Parker, Rachel Reid, Rush Doshi, Simon Rowell, and Tom Holt have used the title Long Game for their books.

Even an episode of Doctor Who written by Russell T Davies was titled Long Game. You may remember the episode featuring Hollywood star Simon Pegg and UK actor Bruno Langley. You’ll always find the right app or website by searching for Long Game Savings.

Who is Dorie Clark?

Dorie Clark is a best-selling author and Duke University professor of various books, including The Long Game and Entrepreneurial You. These books can help build a grand strategy for anyone seeking lasting success with their career or savings goals.

The Long Game and Entrepreneurial You are both published by The Harvard Review Press. Dorie Clark has numerous other titles that may be of value to a long-term thinker.

Long Game Review

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