Get Paid To Read Books For Amazon 

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Read books for Amazon 

The written word has the power to transport us to different realms, ignite our imaginations, and broaden our horizons.

Imagine getting paid to dive into the pages of captivating stories, exploring literary landscapes, and sharing your insights with fellow book enthusiasts. Welcome to the world of getting paid to read books for Amazon, where passion for literature meets the potential for income.

The advent of digital platforms and the rise of audiobooks have opened new avenues for readers and literary fans to not only indulge in their favorite books, but also contribute their voices to the storytelling experience. 

From becoming an audiobook narrator to writing compelling reviews that guide readers on their literary journeys, the possibilities are as diverse as the genres that grace Amazon’s virtual bookshelves.

In this post, you’ll learn about the exciting ways you can get paid to read books for Amazon.

Get Paid To Read Books For Amazon

Amazon doesn’t typically pay individuals just to read books. However, there are a few ways to get paid to read books.

  • You can become an Amazon Associate and earn commissions by promoting and selling books through their affiliate program
  • Become a beta reader
  • You could explore opportunities as a book reviewer or blogger, where you might receive free books or compensation for writing reviews
  • Make money reading books aloud as an audiobook narrator

How To Get Paid To Read Books For Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies. That means there are many ways you can get paid to read books for Amazon. Here’s a breakdown of the options you can start today if you want to combine your love of books with making extra money online.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle direct Publishing

If you’re interested in making money by reading books, you might want to explore other avenues, such as becoming a book reviewer, joining reading-related affiliate programs, or considering freelance writing opportunities.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a platform that allows authors to self-publish their books and make them available for sale on Amazon’s Kindle Store. 

Audible Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)

an image of a website called acx  that connects narrators with authors

The Audible Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) is a platform owned by Amazon that allows authors, publishers, and narrators to collaborate on creating and distributing audiobooks.

Authors can submit their books, and narrators can audition to produce the audiobook. If your goal is to narrate audiobooks and get paid for it, ACX could be a potential avenue to explore.

Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine Program is an invitation-only program that provides trusted and prolific reviewers with early access to new products, including books, electronics, and more. Participants, known as “Vine Voices,” receive these products for free in exchange for writing honest and unbiased reviews.

It’s not a direct way to get paid, but it allows individuals to receive products for free in exchange for their reviews.

Book Reviewing Tips

Here are some tips for writing effective and helpful book reviews:

  • Be honest
  • Include a brief book summary
  • Mention key characters and their development
  • Express your emotional response to the book
  • Comment on the author’s writing style
  • If the book explores certain themes or messages, discuss how effectively they were conveyed
  • Compare the book to others in its genre or by the same author
  • Evaluate how well the book appeals to its intended audience
  • Include specific quotes or passages to support your points
  • Be careful not to include any spoilers
  • If you have criticisms, express them constructively and suggest how the book could be improved
  • Provide a rating
  • Be concise
  • Check your review for grammar and spelling errors before posting

Becoming A Beta Reader

Becoming a beta reader can be a rewarding experience for both you and authors seeking feedback on their works before publication. Here’s how you can become a beta reader.

What Is A Beta Reader

Beta readers provide feedback on various aspects of a manuscript, including plot, characters, pacing, dialogue, and more. Your role is to offer constructive criticism to help the author improve their work.

Finding Opportunities

Look for authors or writing groups that are seeking beta readers. You can find such opportunities on writing forums, social media groups, or websites dedicated to connecting authors with beta readers.

Develop Relationships

Beta reading can lead to ongoing relationships with authors. If you provide valuable feedback, authors might approach you for future projects.

Audiobook Narration

Audiobook narration can be a way to turn your voice into income. Here’s a brief overview of how to get started with audiobook narration.

  • Practice reading aloud with your best book and refining your voice modulation, pacing, and clarity.
  • Consider taking voice acting or narration courses to improve your skills
  • Choose your niche
  • Put together a professional demo reel showcasing your narration skills
  • Set up a recording space
  • Familiarize yourself with the technical specifications for audiobook recording, such as sample rate, bit depth, and file format
  • Join platforms like ACX (Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange)
  • Audition for projects

If you follow these simple steps, then you can start getting paid for audiobook narration.

Tips For Developing Exceptional Voice Acting Skills

Not everyone can be a successful voice actor. Developing exceptional voice acting skills takes practice, dedication, and a commitment to honing your craft. Here are some tips to help you improve your voice acting abilities:

  • Practice regularly
  • Before recording or performing, warm up your vocal cords with gentle exercises, such as humming, lip trills, and scales
  • Study different voices
  • Pay close attention to how people speak in different situations
  • Practice conveying a wide range of emotions through your voice
  • When voicing characters, understand their personalities, motivations, and traits. This will help you create authentic and consistent voices
  • Read aloud regularly
  • Record yourself
  • Consider enrolling in acting classes to learn techniques for portraying emotions and characters effectively
  • Learn breathing techniques as proper breath control enhances your vocal delivery
  • Share your recordings with trusted friends or mentors who can provide constructive feedback on your voice acting
  • Learn to adjust your distance from the microphone for optimal audio quality and to prevent popping sounds

Setting Up A Home Recording Studio

Setting up a home recording studio can be a great way to pursue voice acting, podcasting, music production, and more. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  • Select a quiet and relatively soundproof room for your studio
  • Add acoustic treatment to minimize reflections and echoes. This can include foam panels, bass traps, diffusers, and acoustic panels
  • Purchase essential recording equipment, including a microphone, headphones, and mic stand
  • Set up a reliable computer with enough processing power and memory for recording and editing tasks
  • Install a DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) software like Audacity, Adobe Audition, or Pro Tools for recording and editing audio
  • Position your microphone correctly to capture your voice accurately
  • Test your equipment and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal sound quality
  • Learn proper microphone techniques, such as maintaining consistent distance and using the right angle to the microphone
  • Familiarize yourself with basic audio editing techniques to remove background noise, clicks, and pops
  • Regularly back up your recordings and project files to prevent data loss

Potential Earnings And Rewards

The potential earnings and rewards from uploading and monetizing audiobooks through platforms like ACX can vary widely based on factors such as the popularity of the book, the quality of the narration, the target audience, and the marketing efforts put into promoting the audiobook.

It’s important to note that while audiobook production can be a source of income, success isn’t guaranteed. Earnings can vary greatly, and many factors are beyond the control of authors and narrators.

Pros And Cons

Getting paid to read, whether through activities like audiobook narration, book reviewing, or other related endeavors, can be rewarding, but it also comes with its own set of pros and cons.

✅ Pros

  • If you’re passionate about reading, then this can be a way of earning money that is enjoyable
  • Learning new things including technical expertise that could be transferable to other careers
  • Reviewing or narrating books could lead to other revenue streams
  • Receiving free books to review or narrate is a bonus for any book lover

❌ Cons

  • The field can be competitive
  • Earnings can vary significantly, and there might be periods of inconsistent income, especially when starting out
  • You might encounter books that are outside your comfort zone or interest
  • Many paid reading opportunities are self-employed or freelance positions, which can involve managing taxes, invoices, and business-related tasks

Managing Time

Managing time effectively when getting paid to read is crucial to maintaining productivity, meeting deadlines, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Here are some tips to help you manage your time efficiently:

  • Define your goals for each reading task
  • Create a schedule
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Divide larger reading projects into smaller, manageable chunks
  • Allocate specific time blocks for reading
  • Minimize distractions during your reading sessions
  • Set reading goals
  • Focus on one reading task at a time
  • Take breaks
  • Set realistic expectations for the amount of reading you can accomplish in a given time frame
  • Regularly review your time management strategies
  • Use a digital calendar or planner to schedule reading sessions, set reminders for deadlines, and stay organized

Avoiding Biased Reviews

Writing unbiased reviews is essential to maintain credibility and provide fair evaluations of products, books, or services. Here’s how to avoid writing biased reviews:

  • If you have any personal connections or affiliations with the author, publisher, or product, disclose them at the beginning of the review
  • Base your review on objective criteria such as plot structure, character development, writing style, or product features
  • Clearly distinguish between your personal opinions and the factual aspects of the work
  • Address both positive and negative aspects of the work
  • Support your opinions with specific examples, quotes, or references from the work
  • Try to view the work from different angles
  • Stay neutral
  • Highlight factual information like the author’s background, the book’s genre, or product specifications
  • If you’re reviewing a product or book from a specific genre or category you’re not familiar with, do some research to understand its context better

Dealing With Criticism

Handling criticism effectively is important for personal growth and maintaining healthy relationships. Here’s how to navigate criticism in a constructive and positive manner:

  • Stay calm
  • Listen carefully
  • Don’t take criticism personally
  • Consider the source
  • Ask for clarification
  • Take time to reflect on the criticism
  • Acknowledge mistakes
  • Thank the person for their feedback
  • If you choose to respond, do so thoughtfully and respectfully
  • Avoid overreacting
  • Seek a second opinion
  • Use criticism as an opportunity for growth
  • Shift your focus from dwelling on the criticism to actively working on self-improvement

Getting Started

Whatever path you choose to take to get paid to read books for Amazon, there are some steps that you’ll need to consider.

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

Meeting eligibility requirements for getting paid to read, whether through audiobook narration, book reviewing, or other related activities, can vary depending on the specific platform or opportunity you’re interested in.

To be accepted for audiobook narration you may need specific equipment, previous experience, or to complete an audition.

Book review platforms may need you to have strong writing skills, literary knowledge, the ability to work to deadlines.

Applying For Relevant Programs

There are several relevant programs and platforms where you can get paid to read, whether through audiobook narration, book reviewing, or other related activities. Here are some popular options you might consider applying to.

Audiobook Narration

If you fancy trying audiobook narration, then these platforms can be a great place to start.

ACX (Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange)

an image of a website called acx  that connects narrators with authors

ACX connects narrators with authors and publishers looking to produce audiobooks. You can audition for available projects on the Audiobook Creative Exchange based on your narration skills.

Another Amazon-owned publisher, Brilliance Audio, also often hires narrators.

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices connects narrators with authors and publishers to create and distribute audiobooks.


LibriVox offers a volunteer-based platform where you can contribute to recording public-domain audiobooks. While not paid, it’s a way to build your portfolio and gain experience.

Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle is always looking for exciting new voice talent. Simply fill in the application form on the Voice Jungle website to start your voice acting career.

Mandy Voices

Mandy Voices is an online platform seeking fresh voice talent. You can join Mandy Voices for free and get access to hundreds of potential voice acting jobs. That includes audiobook narration.

Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters is a leading platform for voice actors from around the world. Join Voice Crafters for free today to register as a voice actor.

Book Reviewing

As the saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover. As a book reviewers, you’ll need to look beyond the book cover and provide a detailed review. These online platforms are fantastic for anyone who wants to get paid for reading and reviewing books online.


NetGalley provides access to digital advance review copies (ARCs) of books in exchange for honest reviews. Some publishers offer small stipends for reviews.

Online Bookstores and Blogs

Many online bookstores and book blogs offer opportunities for paid book reviews. Research and apply to reputable platforms in your niche.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media offers paid review services to authors and publishers. They have a specific program for freelance reviewers. A Kirkus review can be a significant boost for an author.

Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery allows reviewers to read indie books and earn extra money through tips from readers.

Writerful Books

Writerful Books asks for honest book reviews from readers. Whether your interests lie in chick-lit, contemporary fiction, debut novels, horror, crime, paranormal tales, romance, science fiction, thrilling suspense, young adult literature, or non fiction books, Writerful Books have something to cater to your preferences.

Moody Press

Moody Press, a nonprofit publisher specializing in Christian literature and Bible study materials, offers the Moody Press’ Blogger Review Program. By participating, you’ll receive complimentary copies of books published by Moody Press.

Similar to several other initiatives mentioned here, while compensation isn’t included, a free book is part of the package. Moody Press requests that you share your honest review within a 60-day timeframe after reading.

Freelance Writing

Another option to earn money from reading is to become a freelance writer.

Content Writing Platforms

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offer opportunities for freelance writers to create book summaries, articles, and other written content related to books.

Literary Magazines And Blogs

Many literary magazines and blogs pay for essays, articles, and reviews related to literature and books.

Paid Guest Blogging

Some websites and blogs in the book and literature niche offer payment for guest posts.

Tips For Standing Out

Standing out in the field of getting paid to read, whether through audiobook narration, book reviewing, or related activities, requires a combination of skills, dedication, and strategic efforts. Here are some tips to help you stand out.

Audiobook Narration

  • Develop your unique voice
  • Practice consistently
  • Craft a well-produced demo reel
  • Understand the material
  • Collaborate professionally

Book Reviewing

  • Provide in-depth and thoughtful reviews
  • Review a variety of genres, authors, and perspectives to showcase your versatility
  • Develop a unique style
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • If you’re reviewing on a platform or blog, engage with your readers through comments and discussions to build a community

Freelance Writing And Content Creation

  • Develop expertise in a specific niche
  • Emphasize well-researched, well-written content that provides value to your clients or readers
  • Pitch unique ideas
  • Deliver on time
  • Connect with authors, publishers, and other professionals in the industry to increase your visibility and access to opportunities
  • If you have a personal blog or website, showcase your work, share your expertise, and engage with your audience

Alternative Sites That Pay You To Read Books

There are several alternative websites and platforms that offer opportunities to get paid for reading books or writing reviews. Here are a few options you might consider.

Book Browse

Book Browse pays for reader reviews of newly published books. Their reviewers receive free books and a small honorarium.

Bethany House

Bethany House is a book publisher with a focus on Christian-themed literature. If your application is accepted to review books, then you will receive a free book to review.

There’s no mention of payment for reviewing books, but you do get the books from Bethany House for free.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club pays for book reviews. The payment amount varies based on the type of review and the book’s length.

The Online Book Club has a wide selection of subject books that cater to various interests. This means you’ll always find a book of interest to read and review.

Booklist Online

Booklist Online, also known as Booklist Publications, is run by the American Library Association and occasionally pays freelance writers for book reviews.

The US Review Of Books

The US Review of Books pays for book reviews of traditionally published and self-published books.

Womens Review Of Books

If you’re interested in reviewing books by and about women, then the Womens Review of Books offers paid opportunities.

Slice Magazine

Slice Magazine is a literary magazine that offers payment for book reviews and other literary content.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly occasionally accepts pitches for book reviews and related content.

Review Stream

Review Stream pays for book reviews and reviews of various products and services.

Remember to thoroughly research each platform, understand its requirements, and evaluate its reputation before getting involved. 

Keep in mind that payment structures, terms, and opportunities may vary. Also, ensure that the platforms align with your interests and expertise to make the most of your reading and reviewing endeavors.

Start Your Own Book Review Site

One final option to consider is to start your own book review site. You could write a blog, build a YouTube channel, or host a podcast. If you have the time, you could do all three.

Although you may not make money from your own site immediately, if your book review site becomes popular then you can monetize your platform to earn an income.

One of the most popular ways is by affiliate marketing. You place an affiliate link on your site. Anytime a viewer uses your affiliate link to make a purchase, you get paid a commission. Other ways to make money from your own site include:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling physical or digital products
  • Ads
  • Donations
  • Membership fees


Can I really get paid to read books?

Yes, there are various opportunities to get paid for reading books, including audiobook narration, book reviewing, freelance writing, and more.

How can I become an audiobook narrator?

To become an audiobook narrator, you need a clear and engaging voice, a well-equipped recording setup, narration skills, and the ability to collaborate with authors and publishers. Platforms like ACX and Findaway Voices offer opportunities for audiobook narration.

How can I get paid for writing book reviews?

You can get paid for writing book reviews by applying to platforms like NetGalley, Kirkus Reviews, Reedsy Discovery, and various online bookstores and blogs that offer paid review opportunities.

Do I need experience to get paid for reading?

Experience can be beneficial, but it’s not always a strict requirement. Some platforms welcome newcomers who demonstrate passion, skills, and a willingness to learn.

If you want to, you can use sites like New Pages to practice your book reviewing skills. New Pages don’t offer any payment for book reviews, but this can be a great way to get some practice.

How do I avoid biased reviews?

To avoid biased reviews, focus on objective criteria, provide evidence for your opinions, separate personal preferences from evaluations, and consider various perspectives.

How much can I earn from getting paid to read?

Earnings can vary widely based on factors such as the type of opportunity, your skills, the demand for your services, and the effort you put in. Some opportunities offer higher earnings than others.

How can I stand out in the field of getting paid to read?

To stand out, develop unique skills, create a strong portfolio, offer insightful and high-quality work, specialize in a niche, and maintain professionalism in your interactions.

Are there age restrictions for getting paid to read?

Age restrictions may vary based on the opportunity and the platform. Some opportunities might have age restrictions due to contractual agreements or legal considerations.

Do I need to be a professional writer to get paid for book reviews?

While strong writing skills are beneficial, you don’t necessarily need to be a professional writer. However, having the ability to communicate effectively and provide well-structured reviews is important.

Are there any legal considerations when getting paid to read?

Yes, there can be legal considerations related to contracts, copyright, and disclosing affiliations. Make sure to understand the legal aspects of the work you’re doing.

How do I manage my time when getting paid to read?

Effective time management involves setting goals, creating schedules, prioritizing tasks, minimizing distractions, and finding a balance between work and personal life.

Is getting paid to read a sustainable career?

Getting paid to read can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for those who are passionate about literature and have the necessary skills. However, it’s important to research opportunities, manage expectations, and continually improve your craft.

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