What are “lazy girl jobs” and where to find them

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What are “lazy girl jobs” ?

Have you ever dreamed of living a chill lifestyle with a simple job that offers plenty of free time while paying a decent amount? Well, Gen Z is making that a reality with “lazy girl jobs.” 

But what are these “lazy girl jobs” and where can you find them? We asked the experts. 

Lazy girl jobs explained

What are “lazy girl jobs” and where to find them

While what constitutes a chill lifestyle differs for everyone, Gen Z is using the term “lazy girl jobs” to define positions that offer flexible work hours and the option to work remotely minus the micromanagement and expectation of constant productivity in the typical 9-5 grind, says Bayu Prihandito, a certified psychology consultant and life coach at Life Architekture.

Despite what the name suggests, the jobs aren’t actually about being lazy. Gabrielle Judge, a TikTok creator, coined the term to satirically highlight that compared to the traditional hustle-culture mentality, a healthy work-life balance is often viewed as lazy, says Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner and founder of Good Financial Cents.

The popularity of “lazy girl jobs” is a response to this hustle culture which has led to rapidly rising burnout levels, Prihandito says. 

In a recent survey, a whopping 75% of respondents admitted to experiencing burnout. This isn’t limited to the US. In another survey, nearly 80% of respondents across 26 countries said they felt “at or beyond workload capacity.” 

Unsurprisingly, a McKinsey survey found more women leaders (43%) reported feeling burned out than men  (31%), showing why the “lazy girl jobs” conversation is going so explosively viral on social media. 

Why everyone wants “lazy girl jobs”

The pandemic had a huge role to play in this move towards a more holistic lifestyle. “The lockdowns triggered a shift in priorities for many workers, especially those who could work from home, discovering new passions and a slower pace of life,” Rose said. “The shift to remote work demonstrated that work flexibility was possible without compromising productivity.”

Many people who were laid off or worked remotely during the pandemic never rejoined the traditional in-office workforce. Some monetized their hobbies, some picked up gig work to pay the bills, and some found low-paying but easy jobs that gave them a better work-life balance. 

A Ringover survey of over 1,000 U.S. citizens found that nearly 80% would accept less money in exchange for lower stress and better work flexibility as long as they could pay their bills. Nearly everyone (92%) admitted they consider their mental health more important than a pay rise. 

“Employees are recognizing they don’t need to burn the candle at both ends to make a good living,” says Dr. Kyle Elliott, tech career coach and founder of Kyle Elliott Consulting. “Instead, they can do their assigned work, clock out, and have a life beyond their career.”

Where to find “lazy girl jobs”

There are no job boards for “lazy girl jobs” so experts suggest looking for roles that fit your ideal of a chill lifestyle. “Look beyond the traditional job titles and focus more on the company culture, image, and employee benefits that align with your personal needs and values,” Prihandito says. “Consider the company’s policies for work flexibility, mental health support, and employee autonomy when evaluating job opportunities.”

Dr. Elliott suggests turning to remote job boards as “companies that are remote-first or remote-friendly tend to also have cultures that are more flexible with how and when you complete your work.” 

He recommends using online communities like Blind, Built In, Glassdoor, and Reddit to get a better sense of what it’s like working at the company. When the company is evaluating you during a job interview, ask strategic questions to evaluate their culture and your individual boss’s management style, he adds. 

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