👉Once upon a time someone asked 'What Exactly Is The 30 Day Rule??' 🤔

💡Did you know, 88.6% of Americans have succumbed to the temptations of impulse shopping

Let's see what the 30 day rule is, and why you might need it!

There are many techniques used to help you reduce impulsive spending. One such technique is known as the “30-day rule”, which involves eliminating purchases that are made for reasons other than an essential need.

Avoid impulse purchases by telling yourself that you will only buy it for 30 days. If at the end of 30 days you still feel like you want to buy it, move forward with the purchase.

If you’ve forgotten about it or realize it was not that important, you’ll have saved that money.

Lets's explore 6 signs that may mean you are an impulse spender.


You crave instant gratification


You frequently return your impulse purchases


Buying things makes you forget your financial problems


You have the inner monologue that ‘you deserve it’


Shopping provides you with stress relief


You compare yourself to others

What Is The 30-Day Rule? (And How To Crush It Saving Money)