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As you may have heard, it is thought Adele’s recent incredible weightless is due to the Sirtfood Diet. But what exactly is the Sirtfood diet? Is it any good for you? Can you lose 7lb in 7 days? Can you really eat chocolate and drink red wine?

Today we will be looking at the Sirtfood diet and answering these important questions.

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The Sirtfood Diet

The Sirtfood diet has received a lot of press recently, especially with rumours that Adele’s recent weight loss was because of it.

Some experts have called the diet a ‘fad’ and once again push for a proven healthy approach to weight loss – namely a balanced diet and exercise.

However, Nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matte, the founders of the Sirtfood diet, claim good science is behind its development.

So-called ‘fad diets’ are not good for you, as they have low rates of sustainability and often exaggerated initial results. However, the Sirtfood diet promises a quick initial weightless followed by a continuation in weightloss maintenance. This is achieved with an integration of the diets core principles within a healthy and balanced diet.

The Science

So, firstly, what is a Sirtfood? A Sirtfood is a group of foods containing a chemical compound known as sirtuin activators. This protein is thought to have significant health benefits for age-related illnesses, as well as increasing the bodies ability to lose weight.

Foods rich in this protein, once ingested, will activate a special type of gene within the body called the SIRT1 gene (dubbed by the authors of the diet as the skinny gene).

By choosing these Sirtfood’s, the Sirtuin activators contained within will literally ‘switch on’ the bodies fat burning powers and turn them up ‘all the way to 11″.

The science is still relatively new and more studies are underway to discover the true powers of these ‘so-called’ wonder foods.

The 7 lbs in 7 days ‘claim’ is certainly feasible, and often the case with these sorts of diets. However, experts suggest that it is unlikely to be fat-loss on its own, and will include changes in glycogen stores from skeletal muscle and the liver

The Motivation

The authors do promote that studies suggest significant weight loss whilst maintaining muscle.

The motivation behind the diet as with all diets is to lose weight in a healthy way that is sustainable. Although the 1-week rapid weight loss may seem extreme, it can provide for enhanced motivation to continue.

Many of the foods on the Sirtfood diet list lend themselves to the Mediterranean diet (often cited as the healthiest way to eat). Therefore, it may be appropriate to start with the Sirtfood diet to give yourself a kickstart, and then transition to the more sustainable Mediterranean lifestyle.

Either way, in current times with widespread Coronavirus health concerns, being overweight is an issue that should be addressed.

‘Recent reports have suggested that obesity is one of the underlying health conditions that can cause a more severe reaction to COVID-19 infection’.

The Diet

The diet itself is divided into two stages, a more intense stage 1, followed by a more relaxed stage 2.

Stage 1

For the first 3 days, you must restrict calorific intake to 1000 calories. Each day will comprise of 3 Sirtfood-rich green juices, one meal and 2 squares of dark chocolate (for you sweet-toothed folk).

The remaining 4 days see a calorific intake increase to 1500, 2 green juices and 2 meals – all Sirtfood-rich.

Stage 1 also has an outright ban on alcohol consumption but allows water and tea.

Stage 2

Stage 2 no longer focuses on restricting calorific intake. Instead, every day allows 3 meals, 1 green juice and 2 optional snacks – again all Sirtfood-rich.

Stage 2 also always the consumption of red wine (whey hey), as well as water and tea.

Sirtfood-rich Foods

Sirtfood-rich Foods

Final Thoughts

As with any diet, you should conduct your own research and consult a medical professional before starting.

Striving to lose weight for health reasons is an essential part of overall wellbeing. I believe any diet that kickstarts your journey to a healthier lifestyle is admirable.

The key to success is a continuation of this lifestyle by making the right choices for months and years to come.

The Sirtfood diet may be a great way to give you the motivation needed to lose the initial weight. The Mediterranean diet may then be a better choice for long term prosperity.

If you have had any success with the Sirtfood diet please let me know and share…

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