SecondLife Free Money: Ultimate Guide

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SecondLife Free Money

Gaming has come a long way since the early days of shaky black-and-white graphics. Today we can play games in immersive virtual reality worlds. 

These virtual worlds combine many elements, including real money economies, a social network, and sims.

Second Life is one of the oldest Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games that’s still running today. Second Life players can enjoy endless fun hours in this finely crafted game.

A key element of Second Life is the game’s virtual currency, Linden dollars. Linden dollars can be used to trade in-game. You can also sell Linden dollars for real cash to use in the real world. With that in mind, here are all the ways to earn SecondLife free money.

What Is Second Life

What Is Second Life

Second Life was launched in 2003, promising players a virtual world that allows them to explore, create, and discover.

Since its launch, Second Life has enjoyed continued success. Millions of Second Life users have spent countless hours building a virtual space with a thriving Second Life economy. Billions of dollars of real money have been traded by Second Life users. That makes this virtual economy just as valuable as the real-world economy.

Who Created Second Life

Second Life was created by Linden Research, trading as Linden Lab, an American tech company. Linden Lab was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Linden Lab now boasts several offices across the United States in Boston, Seattle, Davis, and Charlottesville.

In 2019, Linden Lab launched Tilia pay. The Tilia pay platform has been designed as a payment platform for the metaverse. In other words, a virtual economy like Second Life can use Tilia pay to power real money transactions.

What Can You Do In Second Life

The Second Life game is a virtual land that allows you to do pretty much anything you can think of.

Every Second Life player can explore a virtual environment containing a huge range of diverse communities. Music, roleplaying, and cinema are a few of the many communities you can join in this virtual world.

Residents of Second Life can also take part in the Second Life Marketplace. The Second Life Marketplace is a virtual economy that allows players to trade real money for virtual goods. You can even create and sell your own virtual goods as a Second Life resident.

Another interesting Second Life feature is that it can be used to host virtual meetings. Instead of real-life meetings in stuffy offices or classrooms, a virtual event can be held on the Second Life website.

Does It Cost Anything To Join Second Life

Second Life is free to get started. To create your free Second Life player, you must provide basic personal information, choose an avatar, and accept the Second Life Terms and Conditions. 

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to download the Second Life viewer. Every Second Life resident uses the Second Life viewer. The Second Life viewer is the 3D software you need to explore, connect, and communicate in the Second Life virtual world.

The Second Life basic account is free forever. You can upgrade your membership to a paid account for additional benefits if you want to.

Second Life users can upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus membership. Premium membership costs $11.99 a month or $99 for a year. A Premium Plus membership costs $29.99 monthly or $249 a year.

Some of the benefits of a paid membership include the following:

  • Linden dollar bonuses
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Private homes
  • VIP access to Premium experiences and areas
  • Concierge support

What Is A Linden Dollar?

A Linden dollar is the virtual currency used in the Second Life game. Every Second Life resident uses Linden dollars to participate in the Second Life economy.

You can buy Linden dollars online or inworld, but you can only sell a Linden dollar using the Second Life website.

SecondLife Free Money

Players of the Second Life game use real money to buy the in-game virtual currency known as Linden dollars. You need this virtual currency if you want to buy virtual goods. Residents of Second Life can enhance their virtual space by buying a huge range of virtual goods from the Second Life Marketplace.

To save your own money, you can get SecondLife free money. Here’s how.

Mine Bitcoin

One way to get SecondLife free money is by mining Bitcoin. Any Bitcoin you mine can be used to fund purchases of Linden dollars. You will need to sell the crypto, get the dollars, then buy Linden using your real money.

To mine Bitcoin, you can join sites like Free Bitcoin. With hourly and weekly prize draws, you have the chance to win lots of free Bitcoin.

Listen To Music

In the Second Life virtual land, you can do everything you can in real life. That includes listening to music.

This gives you another fun way to earn Linden dollars. First, find a location in the Second Life virtual environment that lets you listen to music. Follow the instructions, such as registering with the service.

Most allow you to play the music in a separate window leaving you free to do other things. You earn free Linden dollars for as long as the music is playing.

Play Games

One of the most fun ways Second Life residents can earn free Linden dollars is by playing games. Here are a few suggestions to get started.


Goldtokens by SecondAds hosts offer new and experienced players the chance to earn free Second Life money. 

Goldtokens for Secondlife free money

One game you can play is called Noob Hunt. Players of Noob Hunt can be either masters or apprentices. Masters seek to recruit apprentices to the Goldtokens gaming network and, in return, earn a percentage of the apprentice’s earnings. You may start Noob Hunt as an apprentice, but once you achieve the master status, you can earn free rewards.

Other fun games from Goldtokens are Fish Hunt, Chess Hunt, Gold Hunt, and Snuffles.

Second Life residents that play any of these games can earn free Linden dollars.

Linden Realms

The Linden Realms was created by Second Life creators Linden Lab. You will find many places to explore when you visit the virtual environment. A key feature of the Linden Realms is games you can play that reward you with free money to spend in the Second Life economy.

Linden Realms - Secondlife free money

Money Tree

Sadly, in real life, money doesn’t grow on trees. In a virtual space like Second Life, there are no such restrictions. By wearing a special HUD, you can see every money tree that has been planted in sims all over the game. From each money tree, you can pick rewards, including free money.

The Second Farm

The Second Farm has created two awesome games for Second Life residents. Magic Crystals and Magic Fishing give players lots of fun and free Linden dollars.

Crystal Craze

Join Crystal Craze for fun exploring, collecting crystals, and turning them into free Lindens.

Paid Membership

One of the benefits of upgrading to a paid membership is free Lindens. Every Second Life player with a Premium or Premium Plus membership gets free Linden dollars each week.

Join An Online Community

E2L Network website

Popular games like Second Life attract a large real-world following. That means communities spring up, offering all kinds of rewards, including free Linden dollars.

E2L (Earn-to-Life) is an online community for Second Life residents. You can earn free Lindens by completing various tasks and engaging with the community. Here’s how you can earn Secondlife free money on E2L:

  • Visit Second Life locations, stay a few minutes, and earn free Lindens
  • Add picks to your Second Life profile and get paid if you keep them for at least 30 days
  • Take part in E2L contests

Get A Job

Getting a job may not sound fun, especially as you likely have a job in the real world. However, it’s one of the best ways to earn free Lindens. Jobs on Second Life are broken into two categories: Skilled or Unskilled.

Unskilled jobs include dancing, modeling, and shop assistants. These jobs tend to be low-paid but can give you a steady source of free Second Life money.

Skilled jobs usually make use of your real-world skills. Some examples of skilled jobs are making virtual goods such as clothing or a custom avatar, scripting, animations, and running music streams.

One of the best jobs on Second Life is that of a Land Baron. A Land Baron will buy pieces of virtual land to rent or sell to other players. Owning virtual land in Second Life can be an excellent source of steady income.

Anshe Chung is one person that has made a lucrative career out of virtual land. Anshe Chung was estimated to own virtual land worth over $1 million in real money by becoming a virtual real estate tycoon. Today, Anshe Chung continues to trade in a wide range of digital goods.

Anshe Chung SecondLife Millionaire

For a full breakdown of jobs available in Second Life, it’s worth visiting the Second Life wiki for more info.

Random Activities

Second Life hosts 3D user-generated content with almost no restrictions. Although Second Life content guidelines must be adhered to when creating user-generated content, there’s plenty of room to get creative in the Second Life terms and conditions.

That means all over the Second Life world; you can find random activities that reward you with free money. Look out for the following when exploring Second Life:

  • Skill games
  • Chatting
  • Lotteries
  • Camping
  • Area Camping

How To Make Real Money On Second Life

Second Life is a virtual reality game that is made up of user-generated content. In the game, you can use the virtual currency known as Linden dollars for trading virtual goods or services. You can sell those Linden dollars and convert them into real-world cash to make real money.

Following the steps above, you and your avatar can bank free Lindens to turn into real cash.

The Second Life metaverse is huge and features everything you can find in real life. Exploring the metaverse reveals banks, credit cards, a stock exchange, boutiques, and much more.

Setting up your virtual business in the Second Life social network is another great way to bring in an income that could later be turned into real money.


Is adult content allowed in Second Life?

Adult content can be found in Second Life, provided it doesn’t break its content guidelines. To access adult content, you must be 18 or older and allow the content in your viewing preferences.

It’s even possible to have virtual sex in Second Life. Virtual sex may use a combination of animations and chat. If you want to participate in virtual sex on Second Life, you must still adhere to Second Life’s Content Guidelines that form part of the Second Life terms and conditions.

Who was Ebbe Altberg?

In 2014, Ebbe Altberg became CEO of Linden Lab. Sadly in 2021, after a long battle with illness, Ebbe Altberg passed away.

What is Entropia Universe?

Entropia Universe is another MMO like Second Life. Players in Entropia Universe can enjoy a 3D world with a real cash economy.

Who is High Fidelity?

High Fidelity is a communications company that invested in Second Life owners Linden Research in 2022. By accepting investment from High Fidelity, Linden Research hopes to continue to grow the world of Second Life.

Who is Mark Kingdon?

Mark Kingdon is an American businessman that was once CEO of Linden Lab. Mark Kingdon was CEO of Linden Lab from 2008 – 2010. 

Can I visit New York in Second Life?

Yes, one of the many maps you can find on the Second Life website is of New York. You will find a mix of real-life New York locations that have been recreated for virtual reality and some fantasy stuff.

SecondLife Free Money

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