Right Hand Itching Lottery Winning Explained

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Right Hand Itching Lottery

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in fate? If so, you may have heard an itchy right-hand means you have a lottery win due. 

It’s quite common for humans to become superstitious or perform rituals to ensure a positive outcome in their life. With the world being built around energy it’s not hard to believe that positive thinking attracts positive events.

Therefore, believing the world is giving you a sign or a warning isn’t as crazy as some might think. In fact, most people will perform some kind of ritual in their daily lives without even realizing it. From avoiding walking under ladders or opening an umbrella indoors, to saluting magpies or touching wood. 

All cultures across the world have their own superstitions and rituals. These date back centuries to before there were so many technological advancements. They come from a time when people had to use their senses to know if danger was coming.

We would use our body’s intuitive guidance system to help us navigate, hunt, sense danger, and to know when to take risks. Over the years we have lost the use of some of these natural senses as we don’t need to rely on them. But, are we ignoring the signs our bodies or nature are giving us that something good, or bad, could be on the horizon? Keep reading to find out more about how a right-hand itching could be a sign of a lottery win

Right Hand Itching Lottery

There is an almost universal belief that itchy palms are a sign of something coming into, or going out of, your life. This could be fortune, friendship, wealth, or happiness. Almost all cultures believe an itchy right palm means something coming into your life. An itchy left palm is a sign of something leaving your life. Some cultures believe the right hand is linked to positive energy and the left hand is linked with negative energy. If you feel a sensation in your right palm then it is you releasing positive energy into your surroundings. An itchy left palm is you drawing in negative energy from your surroundings. 

It is said that you shouldn’t itch your right palm as you can rub the positive away, however you may stop the negative if you rub your left palm on the corner of a wooden table.

Commonly it is believed that an itching right palm is a sign of wealth coming in. Due to this belief, there are many who see the relationship between an itching right palm and a lottery win. This has been backed up by at least five different lottery winners coming forward to say they won their fortunes after noticing they had an itchy right palm. 

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean?

What Does Right Hand Itching Mean?

While the overwhelming belief is that your right-hand itching means something positive is coming your way, there are different variations of what that positive thing might be.

Some believe that an itchy right palm means you’re about to make a new friend or see someone that you haven’t seen for a while. This could be due to the fact we use the right palm to shake hands. Others believe the itchy palm means you are about to receive good news, perhaps in a letter. Again, it is commonly the right hand that we use to receive letters or handwritten news, even in today’s world we use our right hands to pick up our mobile phones. 

An itchy right palm is often linked to wealth coming into your life. However, there is a strong belief in some cultures that itchy palms mean something different depending on your gender. 

Right Hand Itching For Men

The standard belief for men is that an itchy right-hand means that wealth is coming in. It is a sign of positive fortune coming into your life.

If you are a man and your right palm is itching then this is an excellent time to play the lottery, take a new job offer, or sell some of your items. It is believed that the fortune coming your way will be positive so, take your itchy palm as a good sign and consider what areas of your life you may see some good fortune. If you are selling a house, it could be seen as a sign you are about to receive a good offer! You should try not to itch your palm as doing this could rub some of the fortunes away. 

An itchy left hand is a sign of wealth leaving. This means you should be more cautious with your decisions when it comes to finances. Perhaps it is not a good time to take financial risks. There is a belief that if you rub your left hand on some wood this will help to reduce the negativity that could be coming your way, so it could stop you from losing money. 

Right Hand Itching For Women 

Depending on your culture, a right-hand itching may mean the opposite in women. In India, it is believed that if a woman’s right hand is itching then this is a sign of something negative, or loss. This could be a spiritual loss or financial. 

It is believed that if a woman’s left palm is itching then she will receive something positive. This could be a lottery win or another positive outcome being drawn into her life. 

So, for women, you may need to pay a little more attention next time you have itchy palms. See what comes in or leaves your life. That way you may get a sense as to what belief is right! 

Lottery Winning And Right Hand Itching Relationship

Right Hand Itching Lottery Winning

Due to the fact many religions and cultures believe the right-hand itching symbolizes a positive exchange, it is only natural that this includes a link with winning the lottery. 

Over the years there have been many stories told about the relationship between itchy palms and lottery wins. These range from small wins across the world, to life-changing sums such as Marion Richardson who won 16.7 million pounds in the Euromillions lottery. There are also lots of stories of people who have bought lottery tickets and then had an itchy left palm and won! 

Myth vs Fact

There have been many jackpot winners that have come forward and said they won the lottery after feeling an itchy palm. 

  • A woman in Baltimore won $50,000 dollars on a Lottery scratch card after her three daughters all mentioned they had itchy palms. 
  • A man claims he had an itchy palm for three days and decided to buy a lottery ticket, he became $250,000 better off! 
  • Marion Richardson was sitting at home knitting and her right palm began to itch. She checked her lottery numbers and found she had won 16.7 million pounds. 
  • Mary Shammas was on a bus when her palm began to itch. The 73-year-old got off the bus and immediately bought a lottery ticket. She won $64 million. 

These stories have been shared all over the world and are undeniable. All of these people had an itchy palm right before they won the lottery. But, was the itchy palm really a sign the win was coming? or, was it just a coincidence?

While there are lots of stories like this, there are also many more stories of people who have felt an itchy palm and not won the lottery. So it is hard to say for sure that the itchy right palm is a true sign of a lottery win. 

One thing that Marion Richardson said was that she always left a little money for a lottery ticket. So perhaps, the small investment of one lottery ticket is worth the loss if you feel your palm is itching. 

Which Numbers Should You Pick?

Most people tend to choose numbers that mean something to them. This could be your children’s ages, your wedding anniversary, or your lucky numbers. 

If you believe in the good fortune sign of your palm itching, you should let fate decide and choose your numbers at random? 

There are also some websites that track the most common lottery numbers for your country. So it could be worth researching these. 

In China, the number 8 is seen as very lucky. Many countries see the number 7 as a lucky number. However, you choose to pick your lottery numbers after feeling your right-hand itch will probably be the right way for you to do it. Just choose what feels right in your gut! 

Should You Play The Lottery If Your Right Hand Itches?

In many countries and cultures, it is agreed that right-hand itching is a sign of good wealth coming into your life. If you believe in fate then this could be a good time to play the lottery. 

There are certainly many stories that back up the link between an itchy palm and a lottery win. Of course, there are also lots of people that have experienced an itchy right palm and have not won the lottery. 

When making a decision it’s important to ensure you can afford to lose the money you are spending on the lottery ticket. If you can carry on your week without it then it won’t hurt to play the lottery if your right-hand itches. If you are really struggling for money then you need to consider what will happen if you don’t win. Can you afford to set aside the money to play the lottery?

If you can afford it then go for it. What have you got to lose? 

Alternative Meanings Behind Right Hand Itching 

Alternative Meanings Behind Right Hand Itching 

Itching palms symbolize many different things. Often one is a sign of positive action and the other is a sign of negative. This could be as simple as the right hand bringing positive energy into your body and the left hand releasing negative energy. In some cultures, the itching on either left or right palm is linked to your health. 

Religious and Spiritual

Religion and spiritual links to your palms itching are very common. In Buddhism, if your right hand is itching then positive energy will be released from your body. This could be good for your surroundings and those that come into your life, such as your family and friends. If your left-hand itches then it is a sign you are attracting negative energy from your surroundings. This may be a sign you should distance yourself from the people you are with or the place you are. 

The right hand is usually of spiritual importance, regardless of your religion or culture. It is known as your receiving hand, therefore it is linked to overwhelmingly positive things. 

Your hands are also a very important part of the body and the energetic system. Spiritually it is believed they are part of the 7 chakras. Many believe that tingling in the hand is your body picking up on energies. These can be positive or negative signs. It is an energetic shift that can be felt as a tingling, itching, or a variation in heat. 

It is important to pay attention to what is going on in your life when you feel these sensations. Religious and spiritual beliefs linked to itchy palms are centered around your intuitive guidance system. Your fight or flight response is a more common sensation linked to this. 

Medical And Health

It is important to remember there could be some medical reasons for your hands and palms itching. So if you are regularly getting these types of sensations in your left or right palm, it is worth a visit to the GP. 

There are multiple health and medical reasons for itchy hands including eczema, diabetes, and allergic reactions. Listening to your body and ensuring you are not suffering from any condition is very important! 

Additional Lottery Superstitions 

There are lots of other lottery superstitions that could be useful to know if you are a strong believer in fate. These superstitions include number choosing, the way in which your lottery ticket is handled, and dreams you have experienced. 

Some say that you should pay close attention to how your lottery ticket is handed to you. For good luck, the ticket should be handed to you with the right hand. You should then take the ticket with your left. This is a symbol of wealth and fortune. 

If you have had a dream which included numbers, or if you keep seeing the same number during the day or a number jumps out at you as you are getting on with a daily task, you should write these down. Many believe that the universe is communicating with you and guiding you to a lottery win! 

There is a belief that stroking a black cat with your lottery ticket will give you good luck and encourage a win! 

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Is it lucky to have an itchy right hand?

Most cultures believe that having an itchy right hand is a sign of a positive action coming into your life. However, some cultures believe if you are a woman then the opposite is true. An itchy left hand would symbolize luck. 

What does an itch on your right hand mean?

An itch on your right hand can mean a number of things. It is most commonly believed that an itch on your right hand is a sign of wealth and fortune coming into your life. It could mean that you are about to receive a letter or some good news. It can also mean you are about to meet a new person that will have a positive influence on your life. There could be a health reason behind it so you should check if your hand itches for a prolonged period. 

Which hand itches that means money?

Universally we believe that itchy hands symbolize wealth and fortune. If your right hand is itching this means money coming in. The left-hand itching means money is leaving you. However, some believe that women are the opposite. A left-hand itch means money is coming your way, and a right-hand means you will lose money. 

Does an itchy hand guarantee a lottery win?

No. Having an itchy hand is not a guarantee of a lottery win. The lottery is a game of chance so there is no guaranteed way you can win it. However, many believe an itchy palm is your body picking up on positive energy which could lead to positive actions such as a lottery win.

Should you play the lottery?

If you have the money to spend on the lottery and you are doing it for fun, playing the lottery is fine. It is also a way of giving back to the local community. However, if you don’t have much money and you are looking at ways to help you pay the bills, you should seek some financial advice and save any spare money you have. 

Right Hand Itching Lottery

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