Lucktastic Review: Legit OR Scam?

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Lucktastic Review

Searching for how to make money online will reveal thousands of opportunities. You can make money in so many different ways it’s hard to know where to start.

One exciting way to make money online was the Lucktastic app. Lucktastic was an exciting free app offering instant wins including big cash prizes.

In this Lucktastic review, you’ll get answers to some big questions.

Was Lucktastic a scam?

Could you win real cash playing on Lucktastic?

How did the Lucktastic app work?

Plus, now that Lucktastic is no more I’ll reveal some epic Lucktastic alternatives. That way you can still find new ways to make money online.

What Is Lucktastic

Lucktastic was a free app that gave users the chance to win real cash prizes and other rewards. You could download the free Lucktastic app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Lucktastic review

To win a prize you would play digital scratch cards. Other ways to win included signing up for partner apps or completing other special offers.

What made Lucktastic popular is the fact games could be played in seconds. That made the Lucktastic app perfect as you could earn a prize any time you had a couple of spare minutes.

How Did You Make Money On Lucktastic

Digital scratch cards were the main way to make money on Lucktastic. You could also earn extra cash and tokens by playing games, trying partner apps, and entering contests. No Lucktastic app review is complete without a full breakdown of all the ways you could win amazing prizes.


Completing daily challenges was one awesome way to earn rewards on Lucktastic. Bonus tokens and extra entry to contests were amazing prizes given by completing simple challenges.

Logging in daily, completing specific tasks, and more were all ways to earn these amazing prizes.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were the main source of fun and rewards for Lucktastic members. Each scratch card game could be played in seconds. One scratch card game could be played so fast that in a few minutes you could play a lot of games.

These digital scratch cards were super easy to play. Each scratch card had 6 boxes to scratch off. Match 3 symbols and win the prize.

Prizes would be either real cash or tokens. Cash prizes could be as much as $1500. Tokens could be used to enter contests or redeem a gift card. To get the chance to play a $10,000 scratch card game you simply needed to play a minimum number of scratch cards each day.

Trying New Apps

Bonus tokens were easy to earn on Lucktastic. All you had to do was download recommended partner apps and complete any further steps.

Partner apps were wildly varied from shopping to gaming. For example, gaming apps asked you to reach a certain level to receive your reward.

You could even earn bonus cash from some of the top app offers. 

Tokens could be used to get free gift cards for lots of exciting retailers. You could even earn bonus cash from some of the top app offers. 

Lucktastic VIP

The Lucktastic VIP program was for those players that loved playing scratch cards. One of the biggest benefits of the VIP program was exclusive freebies including special scratch card offers.

Social Media

Social media is an awesome tool when used for the right things. Lucktastic asked users to share their successes on social media. In exchange you would receive bonus tokens. Social media friend referrals also bagged you an extra 1,000 tokens.

Lucktastic Ambassador Program

The Lucktastic Ambassador Program was one epic way for Lucktastic users to get extra stuff. The program focused on college students becoming ambassadors to recruit more users to Lucktastic.

Ambassadors got lots of cool Lucktastic gear including pens, stickers, and clothing. Referring new Lucktastic members was another way to earn yourself some free gift cards.

Lucktastic Rewards

Lucktastic offered some epic rewards that you could take as cash or free gift cards.

If you decided to claim a cash prize, you had the following options:

  • Claim a digital gift card for a value of $5 up to $14.99
  • Request a check for $15 or more
  • If you had a balance of $100 or more, you could request a Visa gift card

Gift card options included all the big retailers you would expect like an Amazon gift card or Gamestop. If you wanted cash, requesting a check was often the quickest option to take.

Lucktastic Rewards - Lucktastic review

It wasn’t just cash on offer on Lucktastic. Players could also win bonus tokens. Those tokens didn’t have a cash value, but could be used to redeem free gift cards. Once you’d earned at least 30,000 tokens, then you could claim bonus cards that had a value of at least $5.

Contests were another top way to earn rewards on Lucktastic. You could enter contests for free using some of your tokens. Prizes up for grabs included:

  • Gift cards
  • Bonus tokens
  • Cash
  • iPads
  • $500 towards your grocery bill

As you can see, Lucktastic was worth it for many players thanks to the wide choice of possible rewards.

What Happened To Lucktastic

On the 16th of March 2022, Lucktastic closed for good. The legit app was open for playing games right up until it’s final date. Players lucky enough to win an instant reward such as real money should have still been paid.

The reason for the closure hasn’t been made public. Was Lucktastic a legit app? Yes, Lucktastic was a legit app. The closure isn’t related to any bad behavior, but appears to be a simple business decision. 

Fans of Lucktastic were disappointed with the closure as the free app had been a great way to win extra money online.

Lucktastic Review – Scam Or Legit

The free Lucktastic app was launched in 2014 and quickly grew in popularity. Players could download the free app on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

With more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone it’s safe to say Lucktastic was popular.

The Lucktastic app wasn’t free from complaints. Some users were unhappy at how long it took to receive rewards. Lucktastic reviews can be found on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) including those from unhappy Lucktastic match players. 

Before closing down, Lucktastic did respond to some of those complaints confirming millions of dollars of rewards had been paid out.

No app is perfect, and most will have a few complaints. Lucktastic themselves made it clear the app wasn’t a way to get rich overnight.

Overall, the Lucktastic app was legit, and most users received their rewards fast.

Lucktastic Alternatives

Now that you can’t download Lucktastic, you are probably wondering how else you can earn cash. Don’t worry. These Lucktastic alternatives are all great places to start earning real money.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day - Lucktastic Alternative

Lucky Day is almost an identical app to Lucktastic. The free Lucky Day app is available to download on the Google Play Store and you can win a cash reward of up to $100,000.

To win a cash prize get a scratch ticket and you may win a real money prize.


Gamee - Lucktastic Alternative

Gamee gives you the chance to win hundreds of dollars every week. To win prizes you can play match games, arcade games, spin the wheel, and refer friends.

The more you play, the more tickets you earn. Those tickets can be used to enter prize draws including the chance to win a cash reward. 

Lucky Match

Lucky Match is another scratch game app like Lucktastic match. For the chance to win a cash prize of free gift cards you can play match games. Match 3 for the chance to win a cash reward.

There’s also the chance to win an instant reward using the spin to win wheel.

You can download the free Lucky Match app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Match To Win

Match To Win gives players the chance to win cash or gift cards. All you must do is play match games and get 3 to win. Or, play puzzle games for another chance to be a winner.

Log in every day for a daily reward.


Mistplay - Lucktastic Alternative

Mistplay is an Android app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the Mistplay app you can start playing games. Every time you play, you earn points. More points can be earned by completing challenges, playing longer, and making in-app purchases.

Points can be exchanged for lots of exciting rewards. An Amazon gift card, Starbucks, or Prepaid Mastercard are some of the top offers you can get.


Swagbucks - Lucktastic Alternative

Swagbucks is one of the top ways to earn cash online. You can join for free and start earning points right now.

To earn points on Swagbucks you can download and play free games. By completing challenges, you can boost your rewards. Extra points can be earned by doing any of the following:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Cashback
  • Shopping online
  • Web searches

When you’re ready to claim your reward you can request PayPal cash, an Amazon gift card, or free gift cards for other leading retailers.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars rewards members for completing a variety of online tasks. One way you can earn cash on Inbox Dollars is by playing games. Choose from a big library of games including arcade games and cash games like poker.

Extra money can be earned by completing the following easy tasks:

  • Surveys
  • Web searches
  • Watching videos
  • Completing special offers
  • Reading emails

You can choose to claim your Inbox Dollars rewards as PayPal cash or a gift card.

Other Side Hustle Ideas

Lucktastic and apps like it are great for making a few extra dollars. However, you won’t get rich and there’s no guarantee you’ll win anything at all.

You may have lots of fun playing games, but if you want to build a steady stream of extra money you should consider starting a side hustle.

Here’s a few quick suggestions to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a side hustle that anyone can start. The first step is to join an affiliate program. Once you’ve got your affiliate links you can start sharing them online.

Every time your affiliate link is used to make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing does require patience as it will take time to start earning. However, affiliate links can be shared using a blog, social media, email, or anywhere else you can post them online. That means you’ve got a massive potential customer base.

If you share your affiliate links with millions of people and it gets used by even 1%, then you could earn a decent bit of extra cash.


Blogging is a popular side hustle as anyone can do it. You just need to pick a topic that you are passionate about and start writing.

One reason blogging is a popular side hustle is that you can make money from a blog in more than one way. Top ways to monetize a blog include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling digital or physical products
  • Donations

If your blog became popular enough you could write books, start a YouTube channel, or create a podcast. All these ideas could mean additional money just from that one initial blog.

Bloggers don’t make money overnight. You must be prepared to do the hard work. However, if you can create quality content on a regular basis this can lead to a steady long-term side hustle.

Sell Stuff

One incredible way to make money online is by selling stuff. What makes this an incredible side hustle is the sheer number of things you can sell online to make extra money.

Selling Physical Stuff

You can sell almost anything online using either auction sites, dedicated reselling platforms, or social media. Take a look at this list of ideas:

  • eBay – sell any old stuff here 
  • Decluttr – old tech items and more can be sold on Decluttr
  • Poshmark – buy and sell clothes
  • Bookscouter – make money from old books, great for selling old textbooks
  • Facebook Marketplace – use Facebook for selling things locally

Selling Digital Stuff


The modern internet has opened doors allowing anyone to start a store. That doesn’t mean you’ll get rich. However, you can make a steady income selling digital products.

  • Foap – upload photos here to earn a passive income
  • Printify – sell all kinds of merch using Printify, all you must do is upload your designs
  • Etsy – create printables for sale on Etsy. Stickers, calendars, and planners are all popular ideas


Could you really win money on Lucktastic?

Yes, since its launch Lucktastic has paid out millions of dollars in cash and gift cards.

Was Lucktastic free?

The app was totally free to download and play. Showing ads before each game allowed Lucktastic to generate revenue to keep paying out awesome rewards.

Who is Tony Vartanian?

Tony Vartanian was one of the co-founders of Lucktastic.

How do you get your money from Lucktastic?

Lucktastic paid rewards in the form of cash or gift cards. You could request via check or PayPal. Gift cards could be requested from lots of retailers including Amazon.

Now that the Lucktastic app has shut down, any rewards you had are no longer available.

Lucktastic Review

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