How to Make 10K A Month: Ultimate Guide

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How to Make 10K A Month

How does earning 10k a month sound? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Will it be easy to make 10k a month

No, otherwise everyone would be doing it. However, even though it’s not easy, the good news is that earning 10k a month is entirely possible!

First, you need to know how to make 10k a month, then you can build a strategy that will get you to that magic number every month.

How Easy Is It to Make 10K a Month?

Making 10k a month is a big achievement. However, it won’t be easy. You must be ready to invest time, money, and effort. Or in other words, blood, sweat, and tears!

To get to 10k, it’s helpful to imagine how that figure is achieved.

Breaking it down into smaller goals makes the target feel less daunting. 10k a month breaks down to roughly $328.77 per day or $2,307.69 a week.

When you think of it that way, earning 10k a month seems much more realistic!

How to Make 10K a Month

The following methods listed can all make you 10k a month. It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight, but with a good plan and some hard work, you can earn 10k a month!


Blogging - How to Make 10K a Month

Top blogs can easily earn 10k a month and much more! It does take time though to build up enough traffic to earn that much. Many blogs don’t earn anything at all for the first 6 months or more.

To build a blog get started by picking a niche. Picking a niche with less competition could be a good way to build traffic faster.

It’s recommended to pick a niche you understand and enjoy. You will need to create quality content on a regular basis. Writing about a topic you enjoy makes the writing process much easier!

Once your blog starts getting traffic, then it’s time to monetize your site! There are loads of ways to earn money from a blog. Top ways to earn from a blog include:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling digital or physical products
  • Charging subscription fees for members

Building a blog these days is super easy. Platforms like WordPress, Siteground, Bluehost, and GoDaddy do all the hard work for you. That means you don’t have to worry about learning to code. You can build your site, write your content, and get blogging!

Start Your Own Blog

It’s a great way to make money online and to win back your financial freedom. It’s not easy, but then again, nothing good in life is! If you put in the work it can be extremely rewarding. So make sure you start your blog the right way, self-hosted, and on Siteground!

How to Make 10K A Month: Ultimate Guide

To take your blog to the next level you will need to learn more about SEO, marketing, and other ways to earn.

If you put the work in, then one day you could be earning 10k a month just from your blog!

To encourage aspiring bloggers, lots of bloggers happily share their income reports. A quick Google search for ‘blog income reports’ reveals hundreds of results from bloggers earning a few hundred dollars a month up to millions of dollars a month.

Don’t worry if your blog doesn’t earn you thousands of dollars a month. Anything you earn is more than you had. Plus, blog earnings help you build a passive income. By combining blogging with other strategies, you can still earn 10k a month in total.


Streaming - How to Make 10K a Month

Streaming is a phenomenon of the modern age and means thanks to the internet that anyone can become a star!

Arguably the most popular streaming topic focuses on video games. Yet creators can stream about any topic they like. Cooking, fashion, music, and vlogging are all ways that people earn cash from streaming.

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms out there. One of the top streamers on Twitch goes by the handle of Ninja and is estimated to earn $500,000 a month just from Twitch subscriptions. On top of that, he earns millions of dollars a year from additional sponsorships.

Most streamers don’t earn millions, but earning 10k a month or at least a few thousand dollars a month is perfectly doable.

Making money from Twitch or similar platforms will take time. You will need to grow a following first. Once you do you can earn from subscriptions, donations, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and by selling your own merch.

If the Twitch platform doesn’t work for you, then you could try OnlyFans or Reddit to earn money streaming. Please note that OnlyFans isn’t just for adult content. You can stream safe stuff too and make money from subscribers and donations.



YouTube is fantastic as anyone can start posting videos. If you regularly post quality content and start getting subscribers, then you can start earning that sweet sweet ad revenue.

Top YouTubers earn millions of dollars. In 2021, Mr. Beast A.K.A Jimmy Donaldson was the top-earning YouTuber with reported earnings of a colossal $54 million. Second to him was Jake Paul who earned a staggering $45 million!

What type of videos can you post? Popular YouTube channel ideas include:

  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Vlogging
  • Fitness
  • Comedy
  • How-To Guides
  • Personal Finance

These are just a few suggestions. You can make your channel about anything you like! 

Once you’ve got enough subscribers, then you can join the YouTube Partner Program to make money from ads on your videos.

Other ways to earn from your channel include sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling merch.


Become an Influencer

Influencers make money from advertising products to their followers. You can also earn extra cash from affiliate marketing and selling products via your social media platform.

Building a following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog can all lead to good earnings as an influencer.

You may think that you need millions of followers to earn 10k a month. Of course, if you had that many followers you will earn millions per post! However, there is a growing trend for brands to use influencers that are dedicated to a niche topic. 

These so-called micro-influencers may only have a few thousand or even hundreds of followers, but still, earn a decent income as an influencer. This is because they have picked a niche and built a following around it. These targeted posts will reach people more likely to buy the product as they already have an interest. This makes them valuable to brands both big and small.

Start your influencing career by choosing a niche. Next, post regular content that will engage with fans of that topic, and you will build a following. Once you have a following it’s time to partner with an influencer platform to start earning. Alternatively, contact relevant brands in your niche to offer your platform as a way to connect with fans.

It’s estimated the average influencer in the US earns over $52,000 per year. That’s approximately $4,000 a month. If you can combine this with other earnings, then you are well on your way to earning 10k a month!

Affiliate marketer

Become an Affiliate marketer

Already in this guide, we’ve mentioned affiliate marketing several times. That’s because it’s a great way to earn. Plus, affiliate links can be added anywhere online! 

What is affiliate marketing?

Start by joining an affiliate program. Each program gives you an affiliate link. When someone uses your link to make a purchase you get paid a commission. Easy!

Affiliate links can be placed almost anywhere online, popular ways to promote your affiliate links include:

  • Blog posts
  • YouTube or other video sharing sites
  • Social media posts
  • Email

Affiliate marketing does require a little strategy. After all, if it was easy to do, then everyone would be doing it!

However, once you’ve got to grips with the basics and start getting traffic to your preferred channel, then you can earn big money.

Data shows that the average affiliate marketer in the US earns more than $66,000 per year. By adding affiliate marketing to your strategy, you can hit your target of earning 10k a month!

Top affiliate programs to join include:


Become a writer

Freelance writing is a skill that is always in demand. It’s also a broad term that could mean writing blog posts, emails, press releases, articles, and more.

Specialist writing includes copywriting, technical writing, or content writing.

Writers get hired by businesses both big and small. Plus, many bloggers, website owners, and affiliate marketers will use freelance writers to create written content when needed.

The good news is that there is lots of demand for writers.

Like many freelance jobs, it takes time to build an online business that will earn you 10k a month online. At first, you may need to take low-paid work to get some experience and decide on a niche you will specialize in.

Once you’ve established yourself as a writer and an expert in a niche, then you can start charging rates that will net you 10k a month.

To get started as a freelance writer you can try freelance platforms including Upwork and Fiverr.

Another exciting way to earn 10k a month as a writer is by self-publishing your own books. Amazon has made the self-publishing industry accessible to all. You could write fiction or non-fiction books, but you will need to market them yourself.

A 2018 survey by the Authors Guild established self-published authors earned on average an annual salary of $154,000 per year. That works out at over 12k a month! 


Dropshipping business

Dropshipping has revolutionized the way people sell stuff online. It has also made selling online far more accessible to many more people around the world.

How so?

Most retail businesses either online or in the real world require you to store, pack, and ship physical products. This means investing upfront in stock and premises to safely store it.

The dropshipping business model means you don’t need to buy, store, or ship any stock at all! What magic is this you ask?

As a dropshipper, you start by deciding what products you want to sell and partnering with a manufacturer. You promote the products online, but the manufacturer handles packing, shipping, and returns.

It works like this. A customer places an order on your website. The order goes to the manufacturer who ships the item to the customer. All you need to do is sit back and collect your money!

You can build an online shop using platforms like Shopify or just by building your own website.

Marketing will be up to you so you will need to learn how to promote your products. Social media, blog posts, and email campaigns are all popular methods to get your storefront noticed. You could pay for Facebook Ads or use Google Adsense to boost sales as well.

Dropshipping is awesome as the cost to get started is minimal. You could have an online store operational in a couple of hours!

The big question now is how much can you earn from dropshipping?

According to Shopify successful dropshippers earn $100,000 or more each year. Get started now and you can too!

Selling digital products

Selling digital products

Selling digital products is big business. In 2022, the digital product market is anticipated to be worth a whopping $331 billion! That’s just for the US market. 

Creating and selling your own digital products can be highly profitable. That’s because you don’t need to buy physical stock or premises to make things. You could make them from the comfort of your own home!

There are hundreds of digital products you could sell online. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Templates
  • Printables
  • NFTs
  • Photos
  • Mobile games or apps

Once you’ve decided what to make, where should you sell them? A lot depends on what you are selling, but popular platforms for selling most digital products include Etsy, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Udemy

You could also sell via your own website or by building a storefront using a platform like Shopify.



Freelancing allows you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and decide who you want to work with.

How much could you earn?

There is no limit to your earning potential as a freelancer. Some industries do attract higher pay rates than others. However, if you work hard, you can have a successful freelance business earning 10k a month.

For example, the average freelance software developer in the US charges $42 per hour. Earlier we said you need to earn approximately $2,307 a week to hit 10k a month. At $42 an hour, you would need to work roughly 55 hours a week. That may sound like a lot, but remember most freelancers work from home so there is no time spent commuting. Plus, you can spread those 55 hours in whichever way works best for you over the week.

That’s just one of many examples. At first, you may have to take low-paid work until you’ve got a portfolio of work to attract higher-paying clients. Once you’ve built your brand, then you can start charging top dollar and hit that 10k a month!

Popular freelance careers include:

These are a few popular skills, but pretty much any skill can be turned into a freelance career.

Real estate

Real estate

Real estate can earn some people a lot of money. Right now, property prices are booming which means you could rake in the cash by investing in real estate or by working as a real estate agent.

A real estate agent typically helps with the sale, purchase, or rental of a property. If you live in an area with high property prices, then you could see some big commissions.


Create a real estate portfolio that’s built to last!

✅ Institutional-quality real estate
✅ Low-cost, diversified portfolio
✅ Flexible investment minimums
✅ No complicated paperwork


The average real estate agent in the US earns a reported $105,966 per year. That’s almost $9,000 a month. Add a couple of side hustles and you will easily hit 10k a month.

To become a real estate agent, you usually only need a high school diploma and to pass a background check. Each state has its own rules regarding licensing so make sure to check with your particular state.

If you don’t fancy becoming a real estate agent, there are other innovative ways to make money from real estate.

You could build a portfolio of rental properties. Although to do this you will need money to invest initially to buy the properties, if you have multiple rentals, you could exceed 10k a month.

Another real estate opportunity is to become a land or property flipper. Again, this requires an initial investment but can be highly profitable. 

Land flipping is when speculators buy empty plots of land and sell them when profitable. A property flipper will buy cheap properties, often run-down, make them habitable, and sell them for a profit. Both real estate methods can be extremely profitable.

For example, in the US, the average profit made on one property flip in 2021 was $67,000. At that rate, you only need to flip 2 properties a year to earn 10k a month!



Investing is risky, but can get you to 10k a month. Plus, other than depositing your money and monitoring your investment’s progress, there isn’t much other work to do. That makes investing a great passive income that can run alongside your other revenue streams.

Traditionally, most investors put their money into stocks and shares. Could this get you to 10k a month?

The amount you get back from your investment depends on the annual return rate and how much you’ve invested. Based on an annual return rate of 7% you would need to invest $1.72 million to get 10k a month back.

Anyone reading this that has that amount of money probably doesn’t need my advice!

Most of us need to invest small amounts at first. That’s OK. The goal is to build wealth over a period of time by investing what you can afford. By building an investment portfolio over a long period you will one day see those big returns as your portfolio grows thanks to compound interest.

If you have a high-risk tolerance your potential earnings could be significantly higher.

The stock market isn’t the only way to make money from investments. Alternative investment ideas include:

Building a diversified portfolio is recommended because if one investment performs poorly, the remaining investments will (hopefully) still pay a good return.

Remember that investing any money is risky. You could lose it all if things don’t go to plan. Always make sure to only invest what you can afford to lose. It’s worth getting professional advice or using a mutual fund rather than doing your own investments if you’re unsure. 

M1 Finance and Acorns are two investment platforms worth checking out.

Acorns Later Retirement

An easy, automated way to save for retirement. You can put your extra cash to work for as little as $5 at a time – straight into an IRA and portfolio that’s right for you

How to Make 10K A Month: Ultimate Guide

Retirement planning can also be linked with your investment strategy. If you put money into a Roth IRA, it might be worth getting professional advice to find out how these strategies can work together.

Start a side hustle 

Start a side hustle 

Side hustles are used by many people to supplement their income. That means most don’t pay 10k a month themselves but can contribute extra cash towards that magic number.

Having said that, depending on the side hustle you choose, earning 10k a month just from that side hustle isn’t impossible.

Pretty much anything you can think of could be turned into a side hustle. Popular online side hustle ideas to make money online include:

You could also turn to side hustles in the real world. Thanks to technology there are more opportunities than ever before to earn quick cash in your spare time. Offline side hustle ideas include:

You may choose to do one or more of these side hustles to build your income up to 10k a month. Think about your skillset, availability, and interests. Use this information to find a side hustle that would be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Create your own business

Create your own business

Starting your own small business is an idea you should give serious consideration to. Most don’t require qualifications which makes it an accessible idea for many people.

You may need initial capital to buy equipment and pay for advertising. These costs can be recouped quickly once you start building a regular customer base.

Now you just need to decide what your business will be. Here are a few top suggestions:

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to creating your own small business. Many of them will earn you over 10k a month once the business becomes established.

Other Ways to Make 10K a Month

To reach 10k a month you may need to try some alternative measures. Here are a couple of additional ways you can boost your income.

Switch careers

Your current career may be low-paid or have few chances for advancement.

Why not consider switching to a higher-paid career if it’s an option for you?

Trades are always in high demand. You can learn many trades fast and start earning.

Many industries can be self-taught. Coding is one example of this. Teach yourself enough coding online to start your software development career. To advance you may need certification, but you can always do these in the future when you’re earning 10k a month.

Ask for a raise

Many people don’t ask for a raise because they wrongly believe they will be awarded a raise automatically.

By simply asking for a raise, you could give your income a significant boost.

Make sure you know your worth and can justify why you deserve that raise. Although your boss may decline your request, many will agree!

Build websites

Businesses of all sizes need a website. Many business owners don’t have the time or the skills to make their own website.

The good news is that building a website is not as complicated as it once was. Depending on the platform you use, simple websites can be built in a few hours. 

If you don’t already know how to make websites, then the skills can easily be self-taught. Udemy and Skillshare offer lots of resources (some free) to get you started.

Glassdoor reports that the average web developer in the US earns a little over $70,000 per year. That would put you well on your way to 10k a month!

Making money by building websites can be handled in a couple of ways. You could charge a one-off fee for each project.

Alternatively, you charge an initial fee to build the website, then a monthly fee to maintain the site. This is increasingly a popular option as those monthly fees guarantee an income each month. Often for minimal work other than checking the site is up to date with the latest features.

Once you’ve got the skills, you can start taking on web development projects. Here are some places to get started:

As your reputation grows you may be able to attract clients directly via your own website. This has the added bonus of boosting your income as you keep all the money!

Tips for Making 10K a Month

Tips for Making 10K a Month

Earning 10k a month won’t happen overnight! It will take time, hard work, and patience. To help you with this, here are a few tips.

Build a strategy

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could log on to your computer, press a few buttons, and hey presto you earn 10k a month!

Sadly, there is no easy way to earn 10k a month.

Building a strategy to get to your 10k a month is essential. First, count your current income. If you already earn 4k a month, now you just need to find another 6k of extra income to hit 10k in total.

Many of the jobs listed above can earn 10k a month by themselves. However, not everyone will earn that much. Therefore, stacking jobs is a must as the extra money means in total you will earn 10k.

For example, you could start a blog. Once the blog starts getting regular traffic you could be earning $500-$1000 a month. Now you might add in affiliate marketing and a companion YouTube channel.

Alongside that, you could invest, complete side hustles, and create digital products for sale.

It sounds like a lot and at first, you will need to spend the time putting the work in. However, many of these are passive income opportunities. Once they start earning, they won’t take up as much of your time and you keep getting paid! That free time could then be used to start other ideas.

Be patient

Patience is a virtue according to some. When it comes to making 10k a month, you will certainly need patience.

Most projects take time before you start seeing any profit. Some things can take months or even years before you see anything close to 10k a month.

You will not get rich overnight no matter what you do. Instead, be patient and keep working hard, then one day those rewards will come!

Review your progress

Once you’ve started your business, it’s imperative you regularly review your progress. You must know what’s working and what isn’t so that you can adjust your approach accordingly.

For example, let’s say you start your own cleaning business and spend money on advertising. Perhaps you’ve tried a combination of leaflets, Facebook Ads, and email offers. You must check which channel nets you the most success. If no one is responding to your leaflets, then why keep spending money on them?

Reviewing every action you take, especially in the early days, will help you stay on track towards that monthly income of 10k a month. If you can save money, then it will help your business be more profitable!


Is 10k a month a lot?

Depending on the cost of living in your area 10k a month could allow you to live like a king or simply scrape by.

120,000 per year is more than double the average wage in the US. For most people, earning 10k a month is a lot!

What’s the fastest way to earn 10k a month?

Unfortunately earning 10k a month won’t happen overnight. However, if you are willing to work all the hours you can, there is no reason you couldn’t be making 10k a month within a year or sooner.

Can I make 10k a month from home?

All the ideas above make great work-from-home jobs. Most can be started with minimal investment which means more profit for you!

Could I get a job paying 10k a month?

Sure, lots of careers pay 10k a month or more. To get these jobs you will need relevant qualifications and possible experience.

Why not consider a career change as part of your long-term strategy to earn 10k a month?

How could I fund my business?

Most of these suggestions can be started with minimal or even no startup cash. Depending on what you want to do you may need startup money. If you haven’t got that, how could you fund your business idea?

Ideas include using a credit card, a lending club, or emptying your savings account. Make sure to check the interest rate for any money you borrow to make sure it’s worthwhile. Getting the best credit card will mean low-interest payments!

How to Make 10K A Month

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