How Many Jobs Are Available In EDP Services

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How Many Jobs Are Available In EDP Services

Do you have outstanding analytical skills, but aren’t sure what career would use them best?

Can you solve complex problems and work with large amounts of data?

If yes, then a career in EDP services could provide the perfect career for you.

In this career guide to EDP services, you’ll learn how many jobs are available in EDP Services. Plus, salary expectations, opportunities for career growth, and how to start your EDP services career.

What Are EDP Services?

data analysts working on laptops

EDP stands for Electronic Data Processing Services. The EDP services industry involves data collection from all devices connected to the internet. Mobile devices, computers, calculators, and any other device connected to the internet all provide data.

That data is collected using EDP equipment, but then needs to be analyzed and summarized in a form that humans can understand. The role of EDP services can be summed up like this: Data collection, analysis, and reporting.

The Best EDP Companies

There are some big names operating in the EDP industry.


Oracle is a big player in the data analytics industry. Banking, health care, communications, and many more industries all partner with Oracle for their data needs.


Amazon is involved in many of the world’s technology markets including EDP. One part of Amazon’s technology portfolio is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Clients can access a range of cloud services thanks to AWS. That includes resources for collecting, analyzing, storing, and reporting large volumes of data.


Microsoft is one of the biggest players in the software and programming world. That includes moves into the big data arena.

Various partnerships and acquisitions mean Microsoft is fast becoming one of the best employers in EDP services.


Google is constantly innovating to create new products and applications. One entry into EDP services from Google is Big Query

Big Query allows users to turn big data into business insights thanks to a cloud-based system.


IBM is a name known around the world. One area that IBM has a huge share of is data-related products and services.

A branch of EDP services offered by IBM is IBM Big Data Solutions. Here clients can access a range of features relating to the storage, collection, and reporting of big data.

Types of EDP Services Jobs

Most industries collect large amounts of data. That data may be used for developing new products or services. 

Communications, banking, government, civil service commission, healthcare, and retail are some of the prominent industries that collect data. A career in EDP services could mean working in one of these industries. 

EDP services job roles you can search for include:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Solutions Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Business Analyst
  • Information Systems Technician
  • Database Developer
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Project Manager

Skills Needed for EDP Services

two data scientists standing in front of server racks

To build a successful career in EDP services it’s important to develop some or all the following skills. Many of these skills are transferable across multiple job classifications. This is fantastic as you advance your career.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are essential for a career in EDP services. Every job role will involve working on a computer using a variety of hardware and software.

You’ll need advanced knowledge of software applications, using a computer system, data processing, and database management. 

Although some entry-level roles may not require formal education, you’ll likely need a degree in a related field for most EDP services careers.

Attention to Detail

EDP services involves working with large amounts of data. You must be able to pay attention to detail at a high level. That’s because the smallest error could mean an incorrect report.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Often projects in EDP services have tight deadlines. EDP professionals must be able to meet those deadlines whilst still maintaining accuracy.


There will be times when a problem arises with the data you’re working with. The ability to problem-solve those situations will be critical for your success in EDP services.

Pros and Cons of Working in EDP Services

Every industry has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of working in EDP services.

✅ Pros

Job Security

Technology and data are constantly in demand. With the growth of AI that demand is likely to keep increasing. 

The good news for anyone starting a career in EDP services is that job security is high and the opportunity for career advancement is too.

Cutting Edge Technology

Most EDP services companies work with the latest technology and software. As an EDP professional, you’ll be able to work with the most advanced tech. This will help keep your skills up to date.

Transferable Skills

Should you ever decide on a career change, you’ll have developed lots of transferable skills working in EDP services. Problem-solving, computer skills, and analytical skills are all vital for many industries.

❌ Cons

High Pressure

Many of the job roles in EDP services are highly pressurized. Tight deadlines and large workloads can be overwhelming at times. 

Make sure to develop safe ways to handle stress and protect your mental health.

Large Responsibility

Working with big data comes with a lot of responsibility. Confidentiality, security, and privacy are all essential in the EDP services industry. A data breach, like the one Yahoo suffered, could cause a company to lose millions of dollars. Not to mention reputational damage that could be irreparable.

Staying Up To Date

Working in EDP services means you must keep up to date with the latest systems, software development, and regulations. Many of these can be complex. A big part of working in EDP services is the need for continuous learning otherwise you’ll quickly fall behind.

Things to Know When Choosing EDP Services as a Career

a woman looking at a laptop, standing in front of server racks

Before starting a career in EDP services, you should know exactly what’s involved. These key elements are essential for a career in EDP services.

Technical Ability

Data analysis, database management, and computer skills are all vital for working in EDP services. You’ll need to gain relevant certifications for both starting a career in EDP services and advancing.

Continuous Learning

A big part of working in EDP services is the need for continuous learning. It’s important to keep up to date with new technology, changing industry practices, and government regulations.

Collaborative Working

Although you’ll need to be able to work independently, a big part of working in EDP services is collaborative work.

The ability to engage with other professionals across teams and departments is essential. That means you’ll need excellent communication skills.

Average Salary in the EDP Services Industries

The average salary for EDP services in the US is $87,000. This is well above the US national average salary of $55,640.

Like many jobs, the salary you might earn will be affected by your location, age, and previous experience.

Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services

To give you an idea of salary expectations in EDP services, here are some of the best-paying jobs.

Data Scientist

A data scientist works with large amounts of data to provide various reports. Those reports are essential for the business to make decisions to take the business forward.

In the US a data scientist can earn an average salary of $123,842.

Systems and Programming Analyst

Working as a systems and programming analyst means you must have excellent technical knowledge. The average salary for a systems and programming analyst in the US is $84,381.

Cyber Security Analyst

Big data is so important that hackers, hostile governments, and other individuals are always trying to find ways to steal it by infiltrating computer networks. Therefore, cyber security is becoming more important every year.

A cyber security analyst is a key role in the fight to keep data safe. In the US, a cyber security analyst can earn an average salary of $108,255.

Data Architect

Data Architects design database solutions according to the business’s specific needs. These can be highly sought-after roles, but often require a degree-level education.

A big data architect in the US can earn an average salary of $163,158.

Is the EDP Services Industry A Good Career Path?

A career in EDP services is an excellent choice for many reasons. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should consider starting a career in EDP services.

Earning Potential

Many of the job roles in EDP services pay above the national average salary of $55,640. This is especially true for specialized job roles that require a degree and other certifications.

Job Security

Companies in the EDP services offer many job opportunities. That means job security is high and the chance for career advancement is always possible.

Develop Skills

If you possess a natural talent for problem-solving, math, and analyzing large data sets, then a career in EDP services can help you grow those talents even further.

Plus, you’ll be putting your talents toward helping others develop exciting new products and services. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In EDP Services

a person pointing at code on a computer screen

In the US, there are thousands of jobs available in EDP services. These jobs range from entry-level to senior positions.

Data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2031 there will be 15% more jobs created in the technology sector. That’s equivalent to an additional 682,800 jobs. 

How to Find a Job in EDP Service Companies

Finding a job in EDP services can be easier than you think. These next steps will help you start your dream career. Depending on the role you apply for, you may need to complete some or all these steps.


First, do you have the skills? Entry-level roles may only require a high school diploma. For more advanced roles you may need a degree or other certification first.

An education in computer systems, data processing, and data analysis will all be helpful in securing employment in EDP services.


If you’re applying for an entry-level role, then previous experience isn’t usually required. However, for more advanced roles some experience is often desired.

If you have no experience, then consider searching for an internship. Although these are sometimes unpaid, they can help you get the experience you need.


Networking with industry professionals is a great way to build those connections to help you find your dream job in EDP services.

To build your network you could attend industry events, use social media platforms like LinkedIn, and connect with recruitment specialists for the industry.

Job Searches

Job hunting is the final part of the puzzle toward securing your dream EDP services role. To find job roles you can search online, contact companies directly, or ask a recruiter to search for you.

Remember to make sure your resume and cover letter are perfect. Always make sure your relevant skills and experience are prominent to make sure you secure that interview.

Where To Find Jobs In EDP Services

There are many ways you can find a job in EDP services. Whether you’re looking for your first role or to change roles, all these methods can help you find the job of your dreams.

Online Searches

The first stop for most job hunters these days is Google. You can do a Google search for jobs in your area or try specific websites like LinkedIn or Indeed.

Direct Applications

Every business has a website and most have a careers page. Check the careers pages of businesses in your area to apply for any available EDP job opening or work from home jobs.

If a business doesn’t have a careers page, then check their contact details. You could send a speculative application to see if any jobs are open now or in the near future.

Industry Bodies

Many industries have professional organizations that you can join. One benefit of becoming a member is the chance to view job listings for that industry.

In EDP services, you can join the International Association of Computer Science (IACSIT) or the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T).

Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment consultants or agencies are worth joining. They’ll do the hard work for you of finding suitable job roles. That leaves you more time to polish your interview skills.


There’s a famous saying ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’.

Networking with other industry professionals either in-person or online can lead to unexpected career opportunities. By building relationships you could open the door to getting offered jobs before they’re advertised or even created.

The Future of EDP Services

The future of EDP services is extremely bright thanks to increased EDP utilization. Job growth is expected and with the world becoming increasingly digitized, data services will be needed even more as they replace routine paperwork jobs.

New industries such as those using AI or Information Technology could mean even more jobs being created. That means there’s never been a better time to start a career in EDP services.

Now you know how many jobs are available in EDP services, what next?

First, get your resume and cover letter ready. Now you can search and apply for jobs.

Remember to focus on showcasing your relevant skills such as data processing and analysis. Before you know it, you’ll be starting your new career in EDP services. Good luck!

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