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Brain Battle Review

Imagine you could make money simply by playing a video game. Not only that, but you can combine the fun of playing a video game with your math skills.

Introducing Brain Battle.

Brain Battle is a free gaming app that gives you the chance to win real money prizes and test your mental mettle. Not only can this be good for your bank balance, but relaxing by playing fun fast activities is known by neuroscience researchers to be excellent for your mental health.

Find out everything you need to know about this exciting app in this Brain Battle Review.

What Is Brain Battle

Brain Battle is a free gaming app that rewards you with real money for playing games. There are also weekly prize draws offering the chance to win more cash prizes.

You can download the free Brain Battle app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Brain Battle is one of the many games developed by WINR Games inc. The mobile gaming developer has created many top titles including Solitaire, Krazy Kart, and Bubble Blast.

screenshot of the Brain Battle app - Brain Battle Review

To increase your chances of winning prizes, you can create one account that syncs with all WINR Games. That means whenever you earn tickets playing Brain Battle or another one of WINR Games inc mobile games, you boost your chances of winning.

Brain Battle offers free games thanks to revenue generated by ads. Part of that revenue is shared with lucky players like you in the form of cash prizes. That ad funding helps keep Brain Battle and other WINR Games free to play.

How Do You Play Brain Battle

To get started on Brain Battle you must download the free app from the Play Store or App Store. Once installed you can create your free account using your email address or Facebook login.

To win at Brain Battle you must answer math questions of varying difficulties fast. To be exact you get 20 seconds to answer the first question.  Every correct answer adds 2 seconds to the next question. However, that’s added to the remaining time.

For example, you have 20 seconds to answer question 1. It takes you 6 seconds to answer correctly. That leaves you 14 seconds. Your bonus 2 seconds get added to that meaning you have 16 seconds to answer the next question.

Simply keep answering questions correctly until you have no time left.

You score 1 point for each right answer, then at the end your score is added up and converted into tickets. All the ticket rewards you earn help you reach the prize balance faster.

Bonus Tickets

There are a few ways you can earn bonus tickets on Brain Battle including:

  • Watching videos
  • Friend referrals
  • Completing special offers
Earning Bonus Tickets on Brain Battle

Depending on the offer you could earn as many as 5000 bonus tickets. Remember those tickets can be used towards entering prize draws or claiming greater cash rewards. That makes earning bonus tickets worthwhile.

Special Offers

Bonus tickets can be earned by completing special offers. This might involve downloading one of WINR Games’ other games, watching a recommended ad, or another easy task.

To get your reward make sure to follow the instructions fully. Missing a step will mean you don’t get your bonus tickets. 

Friend Referrals

Friend referrals are often a great way to earn bonus rewards and Brain Battle is no different. Simply share your unique Brain Battle code with your friends. Make sure they enter your friend referral code when they sign-up to Brain Battle and you’ll get your rewards.

Brain Battle will reward you with 2500 tickets and $0.10 added to your cash balance for every successful friend referral.

That’s an easy way to boost your balance and get your rewards faster.

How Much Money Could You Earn Playing Brain Battle

It’s important you understand one thing about Brain Battle. You won’t get rich playing these games. Some people may earn nothing at all.

A Lot depends on how good at math you are. 

Every time you play you can earn tickets towards a cash prize. If you have a reasonable head of numbers, then chances are you’ll earn plenty of tickets.

To claim $0.10, you’d need to earn 10,000 tickets. That sounds a lot, but can be earned fast by completing challenges, earning bonus tickets, and from friend referrals.

There’s also weekly prize draws to look forward to. That could mean more cash for you!

Brain Battle Cash Out Options

Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold for a cash withdrawal you can request your cash be paid into your PayPal account.

Brain Battle Cash Out Options

You must earn at least $10 worth of tickets to convert them into cash. That means you’ll need a minimum of 1 million prize tickets. Remember, tickets can be earned across all games created by WINR Games. You could reach 1 million tickets faster than you might think.

Prize draws happen two or three times every week. These are another great way to win a frequent cash prize and more tickets. A winning ticket is selected randomly and can win the prize pot for that draw. If you are the lucky winner, the cash will be paid to your PayPal account.

Is Brain Battle Legit

There are hundreds of apps available all claiming to be legit ways to win cash. How can you be sure Brain Battle is legit?

The best way is to look at what other users are saying.

Android users have downloaded the free Brain Battle app from the Play Store over 1 million times. That’s encouraging that the app has so many users.

You can also see over 39,000 reviews from Brain Battle users. To date Brain Battle scores 4.2 out of 5 stars. That tells you most players are happy with the Brain Battle app. Getting paid, playing fun games, and the app working as it should often score highly.

The Apple App Store tells a similar story. Players have scored Brain Battle 4.7 out of 5 stars. More good evidence that the Brain Battle app is legit.

That doesn’t mean Brain Battle is perfect or that everyone enjoys it. However, most do, and you might too.

Brain Battle Review – Is Brain Battle Worth It

Brain Battle is awesome if you love math and want the chance to use your math skills to earn some extra cash. However, winning the prize draw or earning 1 million tickets for a cash withdrawal could take some players a long time.

It all depends on how much time you can play.

Brain Battle doesn’t cost you anything to join or play. You also won’t have to make in-app purchases. Brain Battle is completely free.

Plus, you can play Brain Battle anywhere using your mobile device during your free time. That makes the app worthwhile for most gamers that want to have fun and earn some prizes.

Brainiacs and casual players alike can both enjoy frequent opportunities to win cash playing this awesome game.


Does Brain Battle offer any customer support?

Brain Battle does have an in-app tutorial, but the app itself doesn’t offer any further support. Should you encounter any issues, then you must contact the developer WINR Games inc.

To contact WINR Games simply send an email to with your question.

Can anyone join Brain Battle?

Brain Battle is available in most countries for anyone aged 14 and over. Terms and Conditions may apply so read these when signing up.

Is Brain Battle mobile only?

Yes, Brain Battle is mobile only. You can download Brain Battle for both Android and iOS devices.

Can I play Brain Battle on the Nintendo Switch?

Brain Battle is not available for the Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo Switch users may enjoy playing Big Brain Academy instead. Use your Nintendo account if you want to download Big Brain Academy and find out your Big Brain Brawn score. Perhaps you’ll have the brawniest brain.

For extra brain bending activities play the Ghost Clash mode to put your skills against other mental marvels from around the world. You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online account to join a multiplayer brain battle. Enjoy 4 player matches in multiplayer mode. Highest score wins! 

How can I learn more about the neuroscience of gaming?

Neuroscience has conducted lots of research into the mental health benefits of video gaming. This isn’t a book review of neurotechnology, but a good place to start if you want to learn more is this article titled The Neuroscience of Gaming.

Brain Battle Review

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